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Hi friends I am back with an experience which I had when I was in school. You have read my earlier story with Pooja my classmate in Class mate ki cudai saloon baad.

I received lots of mail complementing me for the good story. (infact it was a true experience). Hope I will receive same response with this also.

I was a student of class X was not that good in studies due to that I have picked some bad companies. We usually discussed sex and only sex as we were in co education school and there were lots of girls in our school and we were always in completion of touching the girls. In our school each class were given a class prefect who use to be from a senior class. Our class prefect (cp) was a very sexy girl called Aradhna she was a student of class twelve then. She was very sexy and perfect figure with big boobs and she had a medium height and she looked like Madhuri Dixit we use to call her mam. Our school dress code was that we have to wear a tie. We friends always fight to stand first in queue as she used to led us out after the school and before the school she use to see whether we are in proper dress or not.

I found a way to get closure to her. One day I didn’t put my tie and while inspecting she asked Jai where your tie is. I said I don’t know how to tie a knot will you please tie it for me. She took my tie and started tying the knot and in doing so she came closer to me and her boobs were touching my chest. I was immediately aroused my dick was hard. From that day I made it my regular routine. After some days she under stood my intensions as my friends started making lewd remarks but she said nothing. In these days I have touched her boobs many times but she never said anything.

Meanwhile I got very low marks in math in our monthly exams and our principal appointed senior students for taking extra classes and I was luckiest as Aradhna was appointed for math’s class. These classes were held on Sundays in the school and I was lucky that now on Sundays also I will be meeting Aradhna. For next three Sundays she took the classes and then one day she said that she wont take anymore class on Sundays but will take classes after schools every day. So we began taking classes after school.

One day after school it started raining and extra classes were cancelled. We came out of school and were waiting for some conveyance to go home I saw Aradhna came out to go home I saw she was fully wet and her frock was sticking to her body and water dripping from her fleshy legs, I wanted to lick them dry. She came near me and stood there waiting for a auto when auto came I saw a girl already sitting inside so I said “mam pehle aap batiya” she sat down and I sat beside her it was very cold and our body were stacked to each other and my elbow was touching her boobs. Any ways we reached our destination and Aradhna searched her pockets for money but couldn’t find any so I paid her fair also. She said thanks and asked were do you stay I said from here I will get another auto to my place but no auto agreed as the street ahead was fully water logged. So she said “why don’t you come to my place until the roads get clear”. After some hesitation I agreed. We went to her house nearby and I was amazed to see she took out the keys to open the doors. I asked her “mam kya aapke ghar mai koi nahi hai” she said “sab shaadi mai gaye hain do din bad aayenge” “aapko akele daar nahi lagta” I asked. She just smiled I had till then no idea what will happen nor thought anything rubbish. We entered the house which was beautifully decorated we opened our shoes and shocks which were fully drenched as we were. She went in a room and I was standing there she came back with two towels and gave one to me and said dry yourself and she started rubbing her head I slowly rubbed my head and she went back in the room and closed the doors I thought she was changing cloths I was visualizing her changing cloths how she will open her frock and she will be in only in her under garment I got an instant hard on thinking of her. I was thinking and she came back and asked me something to which I didn’t respond as I was still visualizing her so she shock me by shoulder and said “kahan kho gaye” I said nothing she said its still raining hard why don’t you change your cloths and she gave me a bath robe she was also wearing one. I went inside a bathroom for changing and saw her bra and panties I felt like masturbating over them but didn’t and came out after changing my cloths.

She asked me “Jai will you have some tea” I said yes and she went in kitchen to prepare tea for both of us. I followed her in kitchen and asked if I can help she said no. While she was preparing tea we were talking about our family and here and there. We had the tea and it was almost dark outside and still raining very hard water level on the roads was also rising. I was getting tensed and was thinking how I will go home I told her that and we came to verandah to see the condition outside we saw that roads are empty and water logging every were so she said why don’t you call her home and tell them the situation and tell them you are in a friends house and nothing to worry about. On hearing this I was aroused as I was going to spend the night with her. I called my mom and told her the whole situation. My mom asked me to stay there and come home after the weather gets clear. I came back in verandah and told her what my mom said she said ok.

Meanwhile as I was watching the rain she went in kitchen to prepare the food I also went and helped her we prepare pokadas and tea we ate them and came into verandah to see the situation. As we stood there a loud thunder with a lightening came. Aradhna got so scared that she caught me tightly a sort of hug her boobs were pinching my chest and I had an instant hard on which was clearly visible. A minute passed and she moved apart and was feeling shy she saw a tent formed in the robe, which I was trying to cover with my hands. She came back in the room breathing heavily and sat on the bed and said “Jai tum dusre kamre mai so jao”. I went in the next room and lied on the bed and was trying to sleep but wasn’t able to sleep I was constantly thinking of Aradhna. Thunderstorm continued and I saw the room door opened and Aradhna came in and said “Jai mujko aaj bahut daar lag raha hai tum mer room mai hi so”. I said “darne ki koi baat nahi mai use room mai niche chaatai pai so jaunga aap upar so jana”.

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So we both went in the room and lied on our respective place. It was almost midnight. Lights were on as she was still afraid and I was thinking of her and rubbing my dick she got up and saw what I was doing I was embarrassed and then she said “Jai tum mere pass soa muje aabhi bhi dar lag raha hai”. So I went beside her and caught her hand and said “mam darne ki koi bat nahi hai chaliye aapne baat karte hain” she agreed and said on one condition that you wont say me mam and we both are friends now. We both started chatting we began with family and after a while our topics changed as she asked “tumhare koi girl friend nahi hai” I said “pehle to nahi thi abhi abhi ek bani hai”. She said “kaun”? I said “app aur kaun”. She said, “jab mai tumhari girl friend hun to yeh aap aap kya laga rakha hai tum muje aap kehna band karo nahi to mai tumse bat nahi karungi”. I said ok. We were talking and again a loud lightening came and she hurriedly caught my hand and I hugged her and I started caressing her back. She didn’t moved and I was rubbing my hand in her hairs and I could feel Aradhna’s breathe on my back and it was getting hotter and hotter.

I slowly kissed her neck and said Aradhna “kya hua” she said nothing and I kissed her neck again and then I slowly moved and caught her cute face in my palms and saw that her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily her lips were looking great. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and couldn’t control myself so I with all my courage as I couldn’t resist myself kissed her lips and waited for her reaction but there was none which boosted my courage and I caught her shoulders and pushed her little to make her lay on the bed and she lied immediately but her eyes still closed and heavy breathing continues with every breath her boobs were going up and down. I was half lying beside her and I bent over her and kissed her lips again and a sudden lightening roar came and again Aradhna caught me now I was over her and I waited for her to release me. Her big boobs were pinching me so I moved and lied beside her. She was lying on her back facing the ceiling and I was lying on my sides facing her. I moved my hand and kept it on her slim belly and tried to untied the knot of the robe she was wearing I did that. Aradhna’s eyes were still closed and I kissed her puffy chicks her breath was getting hotter and I thought she was horny. I said, “Aradhna darne ki koi bat nahi hai main hoon na” and pulled her towards me and hugged her. I put my hands slowly on her bulging boobs even then she didn’t moved and I pressed them wow! They were so tight and she moaned aaaaaahhhhh my dick was out of control now. She nor moved neither she opened her eyes. Then I tried to remove the robes, which were covering her boobs, but she felt it and caught my hands and opened her eyes and said “Jai hum aur aage nahi badh sakte yeh galat hai”. “Aradhna tum meri sadhna ho aur aab hum ruk nahi sakte” I said and kissed her lips with more force then before and our tongues met it was a very long and passionate kiss.

Now I was lying over her and was pressing her boobs I removed the robe from her boobs and got mad on seeing such gorgeous melons. Her boobs were fair and nipples were pinkish and were erect an inch high. I immediately took one of them in my mouth and started sucking another was in my finger and I was pinching them. Now Aradhna’s moaning started she was moaning “aaaaaaahhhhhh oooooouuuuufff eeeeeeee Jai bahut maja aa raha hai aur joor se chooso mai bahut din se tadap rahi hoon” “mai bhi to kab se aap ko chahata hoon” I said. “Mai janti hoon mai bhi tumko pasand karti hoon aur mujhe pata hai tumko tie bandhni aati hai”. I replied “haan mai janta hoon par who to sirf tumhare karaib aane ka bahana hai”. I was continuously pressing her boobs and she was moaning. I started rubbing my dick on her cunt my dick was never that hard before. I got up and opened my robe and asked Anuradha to get rid of her too. Now we both were completely naked before each other. Aradhna was feeling shy so I told her not to feel shy and to play with my dick. Aradhna was still feeling shy so I caught her hand and put it on my dick and she took it in her hand and said “Jai tumhara lund to bahut lamba aur mota hai yeh to meri choot ko faad dalega”. I said “darling daro mat mai bahut aaram se karunga tumko bahut maja aayega”. I got up and get a bottle of honey, which I saw in the kitchen and poured it on Aradhna’s boobs and started licking them I licked all the honey from her boobs.

Now I went down and licked her pussy and pour some honey on her pussy uuuuhhhhhhh she was really wet and smelling sweet Aradhna also pour some honey on my dick and licked it like a lolipop aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhh she was really enjoying this game we licked and licked for almost 15 – 20 minutes and she really enjoyed it and her juices started to flow. Now she took my lund in her mouth and I came within a few minutes. Then I entered my fingers into her pussy and started to play with her clit she was shouting loud and enjoying every bit of it within a few minutes she started to shiver. After licking her pussy I took my dick and pushed it in her pussy yes sssssssseeeeeee uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh what an experience I was really getting mad I gave her hard strokes and she was shouting like anything and uuuuuuuufffff ooooohh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss we were enjoying a lot. Aradhna started moaning “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Jai joor se chodo hai bahut maja aa raha hai bus chodte raho aur joor se haiiiiiii mai mar gayi”. After 20 minutes or so when I was about to come I took out my dick and she sucked my malai from my dick. We laid their kissing and rolling on the bed for some time. I was really very happy that she was completely satisfied. She said “Jai main chahati hu ki tum mujhe hardin aise hi pyar karte raho” then I told her “Aradhna main zindagi bhar tumhare jism ka ghulam banke rehna chahatahun” we got up took a bath together and then we slept kissing and hugging each other very passionately.

Now we were enjoying fucking regularly whenever we get chance till she was married. Now we have a share a good friendly relation. Please mail me how you liked my story. Any good looking girls or bhabhis in kolkata want to have a relation with me can contact me at [email protected].