Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam – Part II

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This is the part II please read the part I first:
Two days passed and madam did not face me or come out of her house on the third day. I took boss to office in the afternoon boss called me in his office and said that he had given madam a phone’s memory card,in which confidential documents of income tax and business were saved. Boss had forgotten to bring it in office and he needed it urgently then. So he said to me that to go to madam, in the house and ask for that chip and bring it fast in the office. 
Just by the thought that I’ll be meeting madam my dick flickered. I drove to boss’s residence and our kamwali bai and our maid opened the door and I smartly went to madam’s bedroom and without knocking I entered. Madam was sitting by the dressing table and by looking at me in the mirror and she litterally sprang up. She was wearing a thin transperent lemon colored saree and thin sleeveless blouse. It was a costly siffon saree.
She had applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. She said in a rude tone ‘what do you want? I asked for the chip and said boss wants it urgently at first I could not understand that as I asked for the chip madam’s face turned horrified and panic stricken and only murmoured oooh no! I aksed what happened madam? Madam said she was a bit busy and so does he needs the chip very urgently and I said yes madam I found madam’s cheeks turning red and her big eyes were full of shyness.
I enquired that was everything all right? She said that she has applied a costly mehendi to both her hands and it’s wet and so she cannot give it. I said that then I can take it and tell me where it is. I found madam’s eyes becoming wide in panic and she started sweating in air conditioned room. She said in a low voic no! I asked I cannot understand madam what you are saying please say clearly where is the chip. 
She again said that as I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands. I said fine and where is the chip? Madam with a trembling and shy voice said as your boss had said that the chip contained very confidential income tax datas so to keep it safe and secure it is in my and I asked where madam? She looked down at floor in shyness and in a very low voice she whisperred it is in my blouse, I stood stunned for a second there and I got a instant hard on by hearing it for a moment there was a complete silence in the room and madam couldnt look at me.
Then I broke the silence and said so what? Madam looked up at my eyes in astonishment and said that you dont understand and I have a very wet and costly Mehendi at both my hands and the saree is a very costly siffon saree too which if spoiled once will be difficult to recover. I said to madam,’so what Madam looked at me with her eyes full of questions. I said with a wicked smile that I can take it from there for you while you can retain your mehendi.
Madam said with panic what nonsense is this behave yourself and don’t forget your place you are a servant of mine! I said that then may I go to boss and say that madam is not giving the chip and is saying that she’ll give it later. Madam said no your boss will get very angry at me and shout at me. I said that then dont you think that this is the only option we have madam let me take it out for you. Madam panicly said no, never!
I said very casually ‘whats the problem and why you are shy. I have already seen everything of yours. Madam became terrified and shy and couldnt look at me. Just then boss called up in my cell and shouted not to be late and bring the chip quickly. I cut the phone and asked madam that what should I do.Madam with much hasitations and nervousness first looked down then closed her eyes tight,took deep audible breathe and then whispered that bai is working in the adjesent room please close the door.
My cock became full erect just by hearing it, I quickly went to the bedroom’s door to close it and found that bai was cleaning the floor of the next room our eyes met and I winked at her and closed the door at her face.I turned towards madam and saw that she was standing by looking down in shyness like a new bride. I went up close to madam and found she was taking deep breathes. I went further closer my cock started ozzing precums. I could smell her shampooed hair which was left loose.  
My hands were shaking I put them hesitantly over her left shoulder. The saree was pinned to her blouse. I said it is pinned and she by looking at the floor whispered removes it. I put two fingers inside blouse near her shoulder. That made me touches her intimate skin for the first time. She jerked upon my touch, involuntarily. I used both the hands and removed the pin smoothly. I slowly brought the palloo down as my heart began to beat faster out came her two footballs, hanging before me, waiting to be invaded.
Madam had a big full round bust,and as the blouse that she wore was very tight fitting and sleeveless,so more than half of her cleavage was already exposed and bulging from the top of her blouse and from the sides of her armpits. Her blouse clad tits were now in front of me, inches away. She was breathing heavily I see the sweat near her armpits and that part of the blouse was drenched. 
Her blouse was transparent enough to reveal that she was wearing a white bra inside. I to further tease her asked her mockingly that if it was ok to proceed. She just nodded shyly.I turned towards her and I asked which side is it? Left, I put my hand over her bosom. There was not much of a gap for my hand to enter in. I looked at her and said I can’t put my hand as there is no gap.She said shyly removes a button. 
I caught her blouse top with both hands my palms feeling madam’s tits for the first time and released the first hook of the blouse. Out came her cleavage into view and some fresh air for her tits without asking I removed another and I came to know she had a mole on her left tit and her cleavage was shinning as I found that she was sweating all inside with a smirk on my face inserted my dark rough hand inside from the top of her blouse fingers first, over her left one. 
My hand was over madam’s tit now. I gently grasped her tit to assess the size and shape. It was firm and round like a ripe watermillon. She said the chip is in a small purse that is in the bra. I looked at her and she turned away in shyness. I now inserted my hand and kept it now inside the bra. I entered heaven. My dick was tearing my underwear by now. I touched her nipple with my finger tip and it became erect. 
She arched her back and thrust her tit further towards me and moaned ssshhhhh and her tit was crushed in my hand now. It felt very soft and warm. I could feel a small purse on one end but I didnt go there immediately. I delayed my movements there.I was searching on the other end of her tit and feeling her boob fully. I was tweaking nipples with my finger tip movements from side to side. Her nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly. I could see her nipples poking out from over her blouse.
Madam kept her eyes closed tightly and was breathing very heavily.Her boobs were constantly moving up and down. I bet her pussy juices were flowing by now. She whispered stammeringly the purse is on the other end oooh, I see. I now moved my hand and felt a small purse while trying to grasp the purse I grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze oosss and she let out a sound and showed lust in her eyes and looked up at my eyes for the first time.
Oh no, this housewife was fully aroused by now by seeing that I intentionally placed my palm directly on her nipple and started rubbing them by pressing and asked casually ‘is this the chip madam? Madam closed her eyes rolled her head to one side and started gasping no please no shhh as I went on rubbing she was gasping and arching up and down. I said madam your boobs are so big that it’s difficult to locate the purse I need to open the blouse (Madam apki mamhe itni badi hae ke mere unglihi nehi ghus raha hae)
Madam with panic stricken eyes looked to me and whisperred please no, I took out my fingers and started opening her remaining two hooks of her blouse without waiting for her consent as I unhooked them, I smoothly opened her blouse wide and saw her two huge melons tightly held by a thin skimpy total transperent bra. I started cumming inside my pants just by looking t them on the left side of her melons near her nipple was a small purse.
I inserted my long fingers and pulled out the purse containing the chip while doing so I again brushed her nipple intentionally for the final time ooohh my! Now it was rock hard as I stood there holding the purse her face was red now. I stood there staring at her tits. She whispered by looking down cover me up now and leave from here. I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her palloo as well. 
I said in evil tone Thanks madam it was great and she blushed red and by looking down she said ‘now go from here driver. I left and started my shagging while driving in the car to office to give the chip to boss.While driving I could still smell the strong aroma of madam’s body on my fingers and nails. That night I masterbrated so many times that whole night I was awake and my cock was paining by dawn.
The very next day I drove boss to office and was shagging by the thoughts of madam in office’s parking in the car and what happened next was unbelievable for about a month after all the incidences with madam and she had stopped coming out of her house or talking to me and didnt face me and just as I was wanking my phone rang and it was madam. I took up the phone and she said to bring the car as she needed to go for some shopping.
I quickly drove to house Madam came out by wearing a beautiful heavy orange saree  and a matching thread blouse, big diamond necklace earrings her back was open and she looked stunning.  Minu madam had done her hair loose and she looked stunning with hair flowing loose and she smelled really good and her big breasts were pointing straight from her new orange blouse. I could see the shape of her breasts to be described as perfect 10 inches round and big as her saree pallu,.
I was covering only one left breast and exposing the other half of the blouse was right side breast. I went up and opened the door for her and she sat in the car. I drove madam to a costly mall.In the gate of the mall madam said me to join her in her shopping. I asked with shock Madam me with you madam that too in such costly a mall? Madam said ‘dont worry, I’ll be bored shopping alone so I would prefer you being with me,yes only open your uniform’s hat before coming with me or else people will think you as my driver.
I was shocked to see such behavioral change of madam and she was no more rude to me,she was behaving very pleasantly with me.I parked the car and we both went in the mall. I had never walked so close to madam.So all the while I was watching madam walking and her exposed midriff. Ohh my god! Her bums jiggle like anything and her boobs also jumps by her each steps. Her sex appeals and beauty are far higher than any slut or models. I found many head turning towards madam from teenagaes to oldages.
I was indeed feeling very proud walking with her inside the mall madam asked that will I like to drink anything. I said no its fine.She said dont be shy then she paused and said in a low voice that yesterday you destroyed all my shyness so today how can I allow seeing you shy. My jaws dropped by such kinds of words from madam’s mouth. We went to a clod drinks shop and madam ordered for only one bottle of pepsi. I asked will you not have madam.
She said ofcoarse and I’ll share it with you and I was dumbstruck. She took the bottle threw the straw away and started drinking directly from her mouth after she had drank some gulps and she gave the bottle to me.I with a pause started drinking with my mouth. Just by thought that my madam had drank by touching mouth on the bottle and I was also drinking from the same place gave me a feeling that I was smooching her and I was getting hardon.
I also after some gulp and gave the bottle to madam and she drank it with lusts in her eyes and like this we shared the bottle. Then we entered a shoe store as madam needed to get some sandals as madam sat down and I found her huge busts bulging out and dangling. So I kept standing infront of her to enjoy the good view as madam tried on a couple of pairs my eyes widened by watching her fahion of sitting. She was sitting with both her legs apart.
Her pillars like fat thighs were a view to look at even from above her saree which was thin and a clear impression of her crotch was visible to me. She was trying each sandal and as she was bending down her milky busts would bulge out. My dick hardened by looking at this fucking tease. Then we went to a dipartmental store and where ladies and gents undergarments were being sold. My dick was pulsating as I was standing in between undergarments and half nude dolls with madam.
Madam said to me ‘driver please chooses a bra and panty for me and my dick became tight. I asked what size Madam said with a shy smile 38 D I surfed through few and selected one very revealing pair. Madam said wow they are great while giving it to madam. I caught her soft palms and said that I wanted to see them how it fitted. Madam did not reply me anything and shyly took the garments from my hand and went towards the trial room by sexily swaying her hips.
I waited in front of the trial room with my heart beat speeding up.Withing three two four minutes and I heard madam opened the lock of the door and called me in.I went in and oohhhh my! Madam was only in that skimpy bra and thong like panty and her saree and entire dresses were on floor. Madam was fairer than milk and on it tight black colored bra and panty were actually making her look like sex goddess.
The way she looked at me and made my dick fly and she was biting her lips and she was full with shyness and tried to avoid my eye contact.
The room was a very small trial room and so we were standing so close to eachother that her nipples of her huge busts were almost touching my chest. I said ‘madam you are a very hot item. She smiled by looking down and said am I that much beautiful my husband always says that I’m fat. I replied oooooh madam you look like goddess to me and you are not fat.
You are sexy,hot sexy and such sexy figures must not be wasted with wimp like husbands,it must be put to good use it must be manhandled by animals like me,I must use this body like a dustbin and make you dirty be my slave for one night and it will be a life long memory for you madam as I kept on saying these I found madam was getting very aroused as her breathing was becoming heavy.