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Hi Friends,
I am Spandana from Kolkata submitting you the story  how i seduced my cousin Ravi(My Dad’s brother’s son).
Coming to the story, ours is a typical south Indian family settled in Kolkata from last 10 years. Once we have been Visit to our native place in south India after a very long period of 5 years.
When we reahed the station i was expecting my brother to pick us up but he was not there, he sent us his car with a driver to drop us to the guest house. After we reached the guest house we got freshed up and called our uncle, he said that he and his son are at their construction site and they will meet us in the evening and told us to take rest till then.
so we finished our lunch and took a small nap. in the evening my mobile rang and it was my brother Ravi, i immediately picked up the phone and sain hi anna. he said to just come out of the room and i went out hurriedly to see him as from past 5 years i did not see him at all.
He was standing near the car parking beside his car and i was really stunned to see him. He was around 6 ft tall, handsome. Not fair but his skin tone is good and he is in a very decent dress.
so we wished each other and he brought sweets for us so we started to meet my parents in the guest house. So me, my mom and dad with Ravi went to Ravi’s house. He is an excellent driver and his car driving was  really awesome which i had never seen from anybody which impressed me a lot.
After reaching his house, we had a small chat with Ravi’s family and we wished to go to the beach but my parents dont want to come as they are meeting my uncle and aunt after a very long time so they want to talk about many things.
so me and Ravi started to beach. On the way i told him that his driving is very good. He told me that he started driving when he was 8 years so he has quite experience on it. I asked him whether he can drive fast, then he showed me his driving skills like screeching, drifting, doing 180 degree turns etc etc. I asked him to teach me them. he said he will. so after reaching the beach we were walking in the shore and saw many couples there in whom many are kissing smooching etc etc which is a common thing in the beaches.
I did not had any bad thought or any other negative thought, i just had a feeling that he is my brother earlier. so i asked him about his college, work et etc. He said that he is not that much studious so he got only 60{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} o he settled in business in which he is having a lot of knowledge.
while walking it was quite dark in the beach and we found that a guy i sucking boobs of a girl and looking at it we jut moved away from them. i think Ravi liked it because he turned and kept on staring on them. Looking at him i asked him about his girlfriend, he said whenever had any because he is not much talkative with girls. so i said that i will teach him how to impress a girl if he teaches me how to drive the car. Then he said ok deal and we reached back at his home and had dinner and left to guest house again.
In the morning at 6 he called me again and asked me to come out as he is going to tech me car driving. then i went with him. i was in a capry and tank-top, looking at me i that dress he just raised his eyebrows.
so while teaching me steering control and gear shifting, accidentally his hands used to touch my boobs and stomach and waist and my hands used o touch his waist and sometimes cock.
on the second day also while teaching driving , i was in a mini skirt and a tank top without a bra. while he was teaching me his hands were rubbing against my boobs sometimes which was a very strong feeling and my nipples got erected. and i was unable to concentrate on the driving and send him we should stop for today. so he said ok and dropped me to the guest house. i said him to take me to a movie as i am feeling bre. so he bought tickets for inox and went to a Hindi movie JAB WE MET.
in that movie there will be smooch scene between hero and heroine at the last, so looking at it my nipple got erected and i was in a sexual mood.
we went to Ravi’s house after movie and finished diner there and Ravi’s parents told me to stay with them for night. so i decided to stay. thinking about the smooch scene my sexual feelings had rised again and i started to finger myself and pinch my nipples on the bed.
uncle and aunt r in one room, Ravi in one and me in another room which is beside Ravi’s room. so in the night i felt thirst and went to get water from fridge, i found that ravi’s balcony door was open, so through my room i went into Ravi;s balcony and while entering i saw that he was masturbating naked on the bed closing his eyes. i first thought of leaving but due to the sexual feeling i kept staring at him for some time and later i came and hold his hand. He got scared and asked “what are you doing in my room” then i said that “i am feeling thirsty so came here” he said if u r thirst then go to kitchen for water why r u in y room, then i said that i am in thirst for a cock and hold his. he said that it is wrong as we are brother and sister and we shouldnt do this, then i just kissed his cock, he pushed me away and covered himself with bedsheet. then i said that u r need of sex and me too, so let us do it, then he said it is not correct between us as we are brother and sister. i said that the feelings doesn’t care about relationships and i opened my top and revealed my bra covered breasts, looking at them he turned his face other side , then i removed my bra, shirt and panty and went to him and hold his cock through his bedsheet and he looked at me. seeing me naked his cock got to erect again, then he asked me to leave as some strange feeling is going through him, then i said that i will leave later i satisfy him and just threw the bedsheet away and started sucking his cock. 
It was my first time but i saw many Blue Films with friends in Kolkata. While sucking he just closed his eyes and later on he hold my head started to shake it up and down his shaft. i hope he is liking it. he said i am going to cum so i took the while load in my mouth. it was a strange salty taste which i never tasted earlier i did not gulp the whole and spit some on the floor. then i took his hands and kept them on my boobs, he was feeling them and i was becoming horny as this is the first time any hands are placed on my boobs. i started to kiss and suck his lips and he started to respond after few minutes, so after sometime his cock had become hard again. then i sat above im and started to guide hi cock to my pussy, as soon as his cock touched my pussy my body shivered and i slowly began to go through and through to is cock. it was first time for both of us so we are doing it slow. as soon as is cock entered an inch i had a very great pain and i fallen on him. he then pushed his cock completely inside and broke my semen which made me bleed. after few secs my pain just relieved i began to ride his cock like how he used to ride his cock. it was an awesome feeling and he also started enjoying it.
after 15mins of riding i was about to cum and he also cummed with me.
in the night we has further 2 encounters in different positions.
in the morning he brought me an i-pill to avoid pregnancy by which i felt very happy.
the next days of our vacation, we used to fuck life rabbits. i used to tell my parents that i am going for car ride but i used to ride his cock.
in those 10 days we fucked around 15times and we left back to Kolkata.
After a month i got my Master Degree seat at my brothers place so i came to Ravi’s house and staying with them from last 2 years.
i can expect what u might be thinking about what i did on my study days, i used to be like my brothers wife when no one was there and like a sister when someone was there.
we are having a great joy till now and continuing our strong relationship.