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Hi everyone, I am Anthony from Kerala. I currently work in Bangalore. This is my first time writing on this site so please excuse me if there are any mistakes. Firstly let me describe myself, am 25 years old, 5 foot 8 inch and average in shape. My dick is big enough to satisfy any woman on this planet.

Coming to the story, One Friday evening after a hectic week, I was getting off from office. I was so frustrated that I wanted to bang someone right away. Controlling my anger I decided to go to a bar have a drink and chill off. Accidentally I bumped into a friend of mine who was going for a party and seeing my situation he invited me along, I badly wanted to drink that night so didn’t resist.

Once we entered the pub, I realized he was having an office party there. So I was again feeling lonely, and couldn’t enjoy at all. This made me even more frustrated, the party went on until 1 AM. By then everyone was drunk and most of them were leaving, and since I didn’t like the atmosphere I just had a pint of beer in the beginning. And being a weekend and in Bangalore, there was going to be huge police checking, so my friend being drunk couldn’t take the car, hence I hesitantly took up the duty of driving. But this turned out to be the best decision ever made. We had to drop two more colleagues of his too. One was Bharghav (name changed)26 years and other his live-in partner, Teena (name changed)25 years, OMG! she was a real fuck. But being impatient and irritated I initially didn’t bother to look at her. As our house was nearby, I dropped my friend home and went to drop them. Bharghav was completely drunk and Teena was guiding me through the roads. Finally, we reached their flat.

Bharghav was not in a position to get up on his own and walk, so he obviously needed help, of course, Teena couldn’t manage him alone. So to get rid of them quick I offered Tanya some help and took Bharghav to his room. God, now there was proper lighting, and now is when I saw Teena properly, I got an instant booner. She was just in the shape of an hour glass, 34-28-32. Damn, she was stunning in her blue dress revealing her long legs and with those long hairs. After seeing her I didn’t want to go back, actually, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She asked me if I wanted something to drink, I don’t know why I couldn’t answer back anything and just kept staring at her assets. She understood why I was dumbstruck, just give a wicked smile and went to the kitchen. I didn’t know what to do next or how to proceed. But I wanted to release all my frustrations here, but I didn’t know how. Suddenly she came with two glasses and a bottle of MC. I was shocked.

T: don’t you drink much?
M: Yes, I do drink, but not too much, why?
T: oh! nothing at the pub I saw you sitting as though you didn’t belong there.
M: That was because I didn’t know anyone and I was very frustrated with my work load at the office.
The conversation went on for some time and we both had finished 3 pegs, by now she was getting high and I was going crazy looking at her. I don’t know if it was the booze or what made me say, out of nowhere I screamed: “I WANNA FUCK SOMEONE TONIGHT”. To which she became silent first, then the conversation went like this,
T: What?? are you serious!?
M: Oops, am sorry, it was a mistake, I was really irritated and mood off, I guess the drinks are working on me
T: hmmm,
M: what hmm? what do you mean?
T: nothing, tell about yourself, how many times a week you hook up?
M:what? NO! I have just had it like 3 times before. That’s it.
T: Oh! that’s bad, I don’t have a count.

Saying this she was preparing another drink while I was dumbstruck. But this time she did something daring, She brought the glass near me and licked it and gave me. I was shocked, I started to say your boyfriend, she jumped forward and put her lips on mine. A sudden shock ran through my body, and I couldn’t control anymore. Hugged her tightly and we had a passionate lip lock for 5mins. Then she broke the kiss and asked me to follow her but keep quiet. We entered the other bedroom, they had a beautiful bed lamp which was like in the shaolins. The orange light and scent in the room made me go wild and I just grabbed her from behind, she signaled me to be quiet, as I might wake her boyfriend. And then she started stripping me and soon went down, and in no time took my took my thick hard shaft in her mouth, and sucking it like a lollipop then she inserted a finger into my ass crack, I was seventh heaven, this went on for some time, till I felt the pressure on my shaft, then I lifted her and smooched her passionately and slowly unzipped her dress with my mouth, damn she was in a Pink strapless bra and a matching pink panty.

Then I started teasing her by licking her from her toe till her pussy, I licked along the panty and circled around her pussy over her panty and moved to her navel and then pulled off her bra. Damn! those melons, they were stiff and soft.I couldn’t take my eyes of that white gorgeous tits, I kept bitting and sucking one nipple and pinching the other, she started to scream Aaaaaa,Tony slowly, but I was in no mood to listen. Then I slowly went down and removed her pant using my mouth. My weekend was perfect when I saw her clean shaved pink pussy, It was not tight though but It was like a dream for me. She was making sounds which made me go even crazy. By now she lost her control, she was pleading me to not tease her and fuck her, but I wasn’t done, I slowly inserted one finger and started fingering and then and three, still, she started screaming and asking me to stop. Now was the time for a tongue tornado, I slowly inserted my tongue in and started making circles inside her pussy, to which she responded very well, she was making sexy noises mmmmmm, aaaaaaaaa goo deeper baby, harder, fuck me you are a beast am all yours tonight. With the lighting and sound and aroma, I was very hard and ready to go, she opened her legs wide open for me but I had a better plan, I turned her around, I wanted to fuck her ass first.

She was shocked and said she hadn’t done it before, please no need. But I didn’t heed that, I finger fucked her ass and was kissing and licking her ass cheeks. By now liquid was dripping from her vagina, I took her cum and applied it to her ass crack and licked it, It tasted Yummm, this made her hornier, she started getting wild “Tony get in all my holes, fill me with your fluid, come on baby, fuck me fuck me hard”. This was enough for me to go wild too. With a hard push, I got half in her, but she was in pain, as she was never fucked in her ass It was really tight. In another couple of strokes, I had it completely in, I kept fucking her ass with my shaft and pussy with my fingers for ten minutes and I cummed in her ass and she too had an orgasm. Now she got up and took my shaft in her hand and said it just has begun baby, and started blowing me again, and got me hard, we did two more times that night, one in the normal missionary position and then we tried 69 also.

By 5:30 AM we went for a shower and had a quick session in the shower too. And before her boyfriend to wake up I left the apartment, while leaving near the main entrance to finish off the amazing night she gave me a really good smooth blowjob and hugged me. We exchanged numbers and kept meeting in future, she introduced me to two of her friends too, about which I will explain next time.

Hope you all enjoyed my experience. Any girls/aunties from Chennai, Bangalore, and Kerala, interested to have secret sex or massage or sex chatting, Please mail me [email protected] Drop in your comments too.

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