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Hi, am Ashok and back again with a sensual fucking experience with my Marwari landlord’s STD IX virgin but cunning and hot school girl who lost her virginity to me and we both enjoyed the sensual sex and after which she became obsessed for sex with me. I had freshly completed my engineering and joined a civil construction company and was immediately posted for my training to a small township, Roha in Madhya Pradesh (Jharkhand) where my company had a contract for a 50 km highway construction. 
I moved into Roha and temporarily I stayed in the make shift camp but then I got a two room on a rental basis in the out skirts of Roha. The landlord was a Marwari by the name Kejriwal who had a grocery shop and he had rented me the first floor two rooms and a bathroom. The landlord’s family comprised of husband and wife and the landlords ailing old mother and a school going daughter. I moved in and Mr. Mohan introduced me to his family and his wife was aged but his daughter caught my eyes. 
She was short but well built and had a pair of good big boobs and a nice rounded ass and her name was Savita and she was called as Savi and I came to know that she is in STD IX but was over aged as she was 18 years and she had failed twice and that she was just studying to pass out her board and then get married. The moment I got introduced to her she gave a lusty wicked smile which tickled me and as days passed by I started to lust for her and started to masturbate thinking of screwing her. 
Savita used to always wear a frock or a maxi and I could figure out her big boobs and her ass and was really mad. I was very hungry for sex as I had not fucked anyone for the past two months. I used to fuck my friends hot bhabhi in my town till I got posted here so I was missing wild sex and was horny gradually I felt that Savita was also attracted to me as whenever she used to see me go to work she would smile and talk. Sometimes I even saw her scratching her anus over her frock which I could feel was intentional.
I used get an erection and masturbate in my room as I was an engineer so the family respected me and soon after a few days Mr. Mohan requested me to help Savita in English and Maths so that she can pass STD IX and I gladly accepted it and told that whenever she has any difficult in her studies she can come to me. His wife was an illiterate so she had no problems soon Savita started coming to my room on some excuse or the other and whenever she used to come she used to wear a skirt.
A tight shirt which had the top buttons open and I could clearly see most part of her melons when she used to sit next to me and I used to get hot and desperate but I had to control it as it was a small town and if she creates a ruckus then I will lose my job. I could feel that she also wanted me but I wanted to be careful. One day I got a chance and Savita gave her virginity to me and then on she just wanted my Lund. It was July and peak of rainy season and one Friday Mr. Mohan came to my room. 
Told me that he and his wife have to urgently go to their village as there was floods and they would be away for a few days so I should keep a tab on Savita and his mother and I was excited and I immediately told him not to worry as I also don’t have much of site work due to rains. They left on Saturday early morning and I woke up at 10 am and freshened up got freshened up and changed my lungi as I had masturbated and wore a vest and sat down to drink tea as it was raining heavily and the atmosphere was cold. 
Soon I heard a knock and I opened the door I was surprised as I saw Savita standing with her maths book and she was smiling in a sexy way. She was wearing a black skirt and a yellow shirt and her four buttons were open and I could see that she did not wear a bra as her black tits were clearly visible as two black patches on her shirt. I was excited and decided that if she makes advances then I will taste her body today as no one was there and her grandmother is too old to come to the first floor.
I smiled and asked sab chale gaye she giggled and said haan and stared at me and I smiled. She said mujhe maths mein doubt hai and I smiled and said aao dekhta hoon she giggled and sat down on the study chair and I sat down next to her. I was excited as when she sat down and bent to read the book I could clearly see her two sexy boobs and her nipple which was black and was flat. I decided to probe further and so I said aaj tujhe bahut garam lag rahi hai kya? 
She smiled and looked at me and said aap aisa kyon bole and I said tumhara shirt bahut khulla hai she giggled and said button bandh kar doon and I giggled and said nahin aisa accha hai she smiled and said aapko kya accha laga and I knew that now she is hinting towards her boobs and I also could understand that she has come for fun. I said tumhara bada apple and I was shocked when she replied yeh apple aap ke liye and I giggled and said yeh apple pakkad ke dekhne dogi she giggled and whispered yeh aapka ke liye hai
Aap isko kuch bhi karo and she smiled in a sexy way and I placed my hand on her thighs and she smiled. I immediately inserted my hand s into her shirt and started to caress her firm boobs and she gasped and put her head on my shoulder  and I immediately took her thin lips in mouth and started to suck it and she was breathing heavily and after  a while I asked kaisa lag raha hai she giggled and said mast.
I opened my vest and embraced her and said tum mast maal ho tumhara shirt khol do she smiled and removed her shirt and now she was topless and her boobs were naked and I was mad and started to squeeze her boobs hard and was kissing her neck and lips and she was hissing by now my Lund was fully erect and was peeping out of my lungi and was throbbing after a while of kissing I moved down and kissed her black nipples and then started to suck it and she moaned and said sir, mast lag raha hai.
I said maaza aa raha hai she smiled and kissed my cheek and said bahut maaza aa raha hai” and after a while of sucking her nipples I moved my hand up her thighs and she giggled and held my hand and pushed it up to her panties and she parted  her legs wide and giggled and I also smiled and started to caress her choot over her panties and I found that it was wet and as I caressed her choot she was gasping and I said panty ke ander kya hai.
She smiled and dug her head in my chest and kissed it and whispered choot I said mujhe dekhne dogi she giggled and she lifted her frock and I pulled down her panties and she smiled and I saw her choot had a small patch of dense black  hairs and it was wet and I placed my finger on her crack and whispered bahut paani nikal raha hai she smiled and said sir aapka dekhne do and I asked kya she gazed down at my lungi and saw my lund peeping.
She giggled and held it and said aapka lauda and then she kissed me and whispered sir,chodenge. I was surprised and asked tum kabhi chudai ki ho she smiled and said nahin and I was very excited as she was a virgin and I will be deflowering her and I then asked “tumko sex kaisa maloom she said meri saheli ek ladka se chudwati hai, woh boli ki chudai mein bahut maaza aata hai pehele dard hota hai phir mast lagta ha and I increased my speed of fingering.
I asked woh aur kya boli she said who boli ki chudai mein lund choosne main maaza aata hai aur uska boyfriend uska choot choosta hai and I asked tum bhi karogi she said aap sikha do. I said chalo bed pe tumko masti deta hoon she giggled ad stood up and I took her to my bedroom and opened her frock and made her naked and made her lie down on the bed and I also became naked and came upon her and embraced her and started to kiss her and suck her boobs and she was hissing. 
The atmosphere was erotic as it was raining heavily and it was cool and I had a virgin girl under me after a while she said sir, aapka lund meri choot mein ghusa do na” I said mera lund choosna hai na she smiled and said tho lao na choos deti hoo and I raised my self and told her to sit and then I pulled my foreskin down and told her to suck and she lowered her head and took my oozing red head into her warm mouth.
I held her head pressed it deeper onto my lund and as her warm mouth clasped my throbbing lund I gasped  and moaned and she groaned because of the size of my lund deep into her mout . I asked mera lund choosne mein kaisa lag raha hai” she took out her mouth and whispered accha lag raha hai, khushboo accha hai” and she sniffed my Lund and kissed it. I held her head and made it bob on my lund and soon.
She started it do it on her own and I was in pleasure experiencing a virgin village girl sucking my huge tool as she was doggy and sucking me so I moved my hand to her gaand and started to move my finger on her anal crack and I sniffed it and it had a strong pungent odor which I liked it and I whispered tera gaand ka khushboo mast hai” she smiled and stared at me and said aapko accha laga and I said haan mast hai, tera gaand marne mein maaza aayega she smiled and said maar lena after a while.
I pushed her and made her lie down and pushed a pillow under her bums and said ab main tera choot choosunga” she giggled and said saaf karne do, main abhi susu ki hoon” I said nahin, tera choot ka mast baas hai she giggled and spread her legs wide and I dug my head in between her thighs and started to sniff her wet virgin choot and I could get the pungent smell of her urine and I was hot. I started to move my tongue on her virgin crack and her love juices tasted a bit salty.
I liked it and she was gasping and moaning and after sucking her clit for a while I could feel her breathing heavily and she groaned sir, bahut maaza aa raha hai, I love you” and I knew she is getting her first orgasm and I started to nibble her clit fast and she quivered and pressed her thighs and clasped my head and groaned Loud “sir, aap mast ho soon she calmed down and I moved my mouth and asked kaisa laga she smiled and said mast.
I then said la tera gaand chatne de she giggled and said sex kab karoge I said tera gaand chatne ka baad. I made her doggy and spread her bums wide and I kissed her anal hole and felt a pungent smell hit my nostrils and was mad and started to lick her anal hole. I like licking the anal hole of females as it makes me hot and erotic as I was licking her anal hole she was moaning and she whispered “sir, aapko mera gaand accha lag raha hai.
I said tera gaand mast hai and I applied some saliva on my finger and I shoved my forefinger into her virgin anus and she groaned and I shoved it deeper and she moaned sir, lag raha hai and I said mujhe aacha lag raha hai and I took out my finger and sniffed it and I was mad with the fragrance and I again started to lick her anal hole and at the same time I was massaging her choot and she was moaning and soon she was gasping and she groaned and threw her head up.
She got her second orgasm. I was enjoying playing with this virgin girl and I made her lie down and she smiled and I said ab tera choot pel ke tera seal todunga, lekin tu chup rehna’ she smiled and said dheere pelna sir and I mounted her and started to rub my red head on her virgin crack and as we both were oozing so my red head was slipping nicely on her crack after a while she whimpered and held my shoulders and whispered ab kar do na sir please and I pressed my red head and is it entered she groaned ma laga sir, dheere.
I said bas ab aur thoda hai and I told her to part her legs wider and then I gave a massive push and my huge lung entered her virgin choot with a phat sound and she clasped her mouth with her hand and he was staring at me with wide eyes and  was wriggling to get out of my arms but I had held her tightly and soon I pressed harder and my lund was deep into her tight choot. I whispered darling, ab ho gaya tera choot phat gaya, thoda pelunga tho accha lagega
She was shaking her head and was gasping and after a while I removed her hand from her mouth and smiled and kissed her and said “tera choot mast hai” she groaned “sir, bas ho gaya bahut dard ho raha hai, aapka lauda nikal lo” I said “thoda chodke phir nikal deta hoon” she whispered “please jaldi chodke nikal do and I started to slowly pound her and she was gasping and I started to increase my speed and soon I was pounding her and she was moaning and soon she embraced me and was hissing and I asked darling accha lag raha hai.
She kissed my chest and said haan and I started to pound her hard and now we were sucking each other tongue and she was lapping my saliva and I was mad. She whispered “sir, aapke saath mast lag raha hai and I then raised myself and put a hand under her one leg and started to ram her hard and she threw her head on one side and was moaning and after a good pounding I could feel the pressure building up and I increased my speed and she was groaning and I could not hold for long and soon.
I started to spray my hot cream inside her virgin choot and she moaned in pleasure and I was still pounding her till my pressure reduced and I pressed my lund deep and embraced her and dug my head in her neck and she also embraced me we lay still.
We both were gasping and we were silent and there was only the sound of heavy rains after while my lund slipped out and she gasped and I looked at her and she smiled and we kissed each other and I got up and she also got up.
She looked down and she was staring at the white cream flowing out of her bleeding choot and there was big dab of her virgin blood on the bed sheet and she smiled and looked at me and said sir, aap mera choot phad diya and I was lying down and the fore skin of lund was still down and so I told her mera lund aur thoda choos lo and she smiled and bent down and applied her saliva and sucked it and after a while I told her to pull my foreskin up and she smiled and did it.
I made her lie down and cleaned her choot with my lungi and I saw blood on my lungi and I kissed her choot and said “tu mast maal hai, chodne mein bahut maaza aaya” she giggled and said mera jaan nikal gaya, ab baccha ho jayega tho and I kissed her and embraced her and said “dava de doonga” she kissed my chest and said “ab tho raat mein bhi karenge and I said “kaise. She said that she will keep the door open and I can quietly come in at night and as her grandmother is in the room behind the kitchen.
She will not know and we can sleep together at night and I was excited but I was still not finished as I want to ram her virgin anus so I said ab aur chodenge” she smiled and said haan aur karenge” I said tera mast gaand maroonga” she smiled and asked in sexy way gaand mein bhi pehli baar lagegi and I said haan thoda dard hoga phir maaza aayega she kissed my lund and said baap re phir dard hoga and I said lekin maaza bhi aayega. 
She said jab mein aapko dekhi tho mujhe pyar ho gaya and I said mujhe bhi tu acchi lagti hai. We were lying down and talking dirty and in between we used to caress out private parts and she was enjoying and after while I started to get erection and thought to do some dirty things with her and I brought out the oil bottle and she gazed at it and asked tel se kya karoge. I said tera gaand maroonga she giggled and said wah, tel se gaand maroge and I said nahin tho tera tight gaand mein mera lauda nahi ghoosega.
I pulled her and we took the 69 position and I told her mera lauda mein thuk aur choos aur muth maar, main tera gaand ready karta hoon. She giggled and started to suck my half erect lund and I started to apply oil in her anal hole and lubricate it and as I was lubricating her anus the pungent smell of her anus with the oil was erotic and was liking it and after quite while my lauda was erect and I passed on the oil to her and told her to apply it on my lund.
She smiled and poured lot of oil on my tool and stared to massage it and I told her to massage it with her spit and she did it and soon we were ready for her anal defloration. I got up and made her doggy and placed my lund on her virgin anal hole and gave a hard push and my lund entered till a quarter of its length and she groaned baap re sir mera gaand phat gaya and she wanted to pull herself out but I held her hips tight and cajoled her  bas aur thoda ander jayega tho mast lagega she said na baba bahut lag raha hai.
I said “please thoda aur” she agreed and I gain gave a hard push and this time my lund went deeper and I did not stop and gave another push immediately and my lund was deep into her anus. She groaned and clasped the bed sheet tightly and whimpered sir, nikal do nahin hoga bahut Dard ho raha hai I said ho Gaya, aur nahin pelunga and I was still after a while her groaning stopped and she was gasping and I slowly started to pound her and she was groaning sir ho gaya na nikal do.
I said ruk ja mera paani nikal jayega and I started to now pound her deep and she was grunting and soon her moans were of pleasure and she hissed ‘sir, ab gaand mein accha lag raha hai’ I said “tho maaza le” and I was pounding her like mad and after a while she whimpered “sir, aur mat karo, mera latrine nikal jayega. I knew she was unable to control her shit and I like females taking out their shit while having anal as it gives a nice feeling and also the odour makes me hot. 
I was excited and hissed gaand Marne ka maaza tho tera latrine ke saath Marne mein hai. She giggled and said “saach, latrine ke saath aapko accha lagta hai I said haan” she smiled and said tho main latrine ko nahin rokti” I smiled and said aaram se gaand marane ka maaza le and soon I could feel her warm shit getting smeared on my lund as a thick paste and it started to give out a pungent musky odor and I was mad. I hissed tera latrine nikal raha hai she giggled and said haan main chod di.
I said kaisa lag raha hai” she said mast and I was hot and started to mad started to pound her hard and a good amount of her shit was coming out and she was groaning in pleasure. Her shit and her groaning was intoxicating and could not control and soon I groaned and started to spray my hot juices inside her anus and she also groaned and asked kya aapka nikal gaya and I gasped and said haan tera gaand mera paani nikal diya” she smiled and said aapka lauda tho mera latrine nikal diya.
I said maaza aaya na she giggled bahut mast laga and I pressed had pressed my Lund deep into her gaand and a dirty thought came to me to pis inside her gaand as I used to do with my friends bhabhi and she used to crave for it. So I asked her “era gaand ke ander susu karoon” she giggled and said “karo na” and I put force and passed a small quantity of urine inside her gaand and she giggled “bap re aapka susu tho garam hai, aur thoda karo and I again put force and pissed some more inside her gaand.
I could feel it flowing out and she was giggling and she whispered “aah mast lag raha hai after a while mu lund slipped out and she groaned and as soon as my lund came out there was a bhaar sound from her anus and I knew she farted and there was gush of my urine and juices and she giggled and said aap mera gaand susu se bhar diya” and she lay down on her stomach and whispered aapka susu and malai mere ander rakhti hoon.
I went to the toiled and started to clean m lund and after a while she also came and I and stared at me and giggled and said “aap tho mujhe aurat bana diya” I said “mera saath maaza aaya na” she smiled and kissed my cheek and said “ab bhi mera pyaas bujha nahi, aur sex chahiye” I said “mera lauda khada kar de aur phir chudwa le” she held my limp lund and said “isko tho main khada kar doongi and she squatted down and started to clean her anus and choot and as she put water she groaned “hai ma bahut jal raha hai.
I said thoda jalega phir thik ho jayega and she cleaned herself with difficulty as her anus and choot were burning due to the massive pounding. She then wore her clothes and said “main ghar se dekh ke aati hoon” and she went to check her grandmother and I lay down and was lost in the thought of the enjoyment in having sex with a village virgin and soon was feeling satisfied after a while savi came and she sat down next to me and put her head on my chest and I embraced her and she hissed “sir, aap bahut mast ho.
I said “mera lund lene mein maaza aaya” she smiled and started at me and held my lund and kissed it and said “mast , hai, mera choot ka bharta bana diya” I smiled and asked her “aur chahiye” she giggled and got up and became naked and came upon me and lay down and kissed my lips and whispered “mujhe aapka lauda aur chahiye” I embraced her and said “lauda choos ke khad kar” and she immediately slipped down and started to suck  my lund and after a while it got erect.
I said tu upar aake mujhe chod” and she came upon me and we again had sex but when I was about to come I told her to suck and drink my semen and she smiled and masturbated me and drank my cum. That night we had hot sex and I ravished her choot and gaand for the whole night and next day early morning I slipped into my room and had a good sleep and when I got up in the afternoon to go to site I saw her limping and holding the walls and walking.
I knew that her choot and gaand are aching but still I asked her “kya hua” and she embraced me and said “bap re mera gaand aur choot bahut dard ho raha hai” and I got hot and I said “chal ek baar jaldi kar lete hai” she hissed “na baba aur nahin, thoda aaram karne do phir” but I was hot so I made her sit on the steps and unzipped my pants and took out my lund and told her to suck and she sucked it and drank my cum. 
I again tasted her body that night and she was mad for me. We used to do kinky things like sucking each other after pissing and I used screw her anus after she had shit and she used to like me screwing her anus with her shit. We continued to have sex regularly and I even screwed her during her period and she liked it and we continued our fucking for two years and she was unable to pass out and finally she got married and we had sex even after her marriage.