How to Becoming A Call Boy

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Hi N8story readers I am Raj back with my first true experience. I’m regular reader of N8story proffesionally I am a call boy in Pune now but your eagerly wants to know how I become a call boy? So this is my true story for you. My earlier stories are and my house owner’s sexy daughter, fucking Guajarati house wife, call boy at your service.

My dick size is 8”long 4 inches wide stamina 2 hours good looking average body and I was in Pune that time living with my friend’s flat. His flat located in very good and hify society. We are living at 10th floor. There are no bachelors allowed in that society. But we managed it. I am working in Software Company. There are so many smart and sexy aunties. I was totally mad when I am looking to them but not directly.
My first incident was happened with my building aunty. I was come from office and waiting for lift one beautiful aunty come from outside and also waiting for lift. Lift came and we both go into that lift was very small at least only for 4 peoples. I don’t have daring to see her. Lift was going up. Lift stop at 10th floor. She move outside first then when she open her flat’s door she just looks at me I am also look to her.
We both smiles and go into our flat this was my first incident. I imagine this aunty in my dreams and masturbate so many times. Next day again this situation was happened this time also I didn’t see her and again I’m masturbating when I am entered in my flat 3 days was gone like that I don’t know my dreams comes very soon one fine day.  As usual I’m waiting for lift and she was also come at that time. We enter in lift and lift goes up. 
She asks me about me I told her about me everything I asks about her. She say, Name as Pooja. From Punjab and living with husband here 10th floor come and we left the lift. Then this is become a routine for us every day we go into lift and asking more and more information about each other.  Her husband is doing job in company with different shift. After him she is alone at home. We become good friends. She is wearing every day’s different dress. 
Sometimes sari sometimes Panjabi dresses and her figure is 38-34-36 around 28 years old very fair very gorgeous I fuck her in my dreams only. One fine day she was wearing red colour sari with deep low cut. I’m continually looking her boobs she noticed that and smile to me she know. I like her and she like me too but we don’t know how to start. One good day she told me to come shopping with her in evening because she was alone.  
Her hubby was gone to company and will return in night. I agreed and gone with her. She took lots of dresses and she was busy to see dresses and I was busy to see statues red color nighty its little transparent can easily see the bra and panty. She told me tht wht r u looking? It’s very cute and beautiful nighty then take it, she replied but to whom? I don’t have girlfriend not married? 
We both smiles and gone to back to home she invite me to take coffee with her in her flat. I agreed and gone to her flat it’s 8pm. I sit on sofa and she gone to kitchen for preparing coffee and her flat is too beautiful.She came with coffee and sit in front of me. Her pallu was just slightly open. I can see her cleavage and she notice and just drop pallu slightly again wow! It’s too big boobs my dick is getting harder, we chat some time.
I leave her flat after some time one day she called me at 11am and told to go to her flat for some help. I did help to keep some items in her flat perfectly it’s too simple job but she wants to me come there and she invite me for dinner in night at 8pm. I gone to her flat she wear pink colour transparent sari half sleeve blouse deep low cut from front she was looking very gorgeous I ask about her hubby she told tht he gone to company in and coming in the morning.
She was alone whole night today I though it’s a time to get her, we took dinner together chat smiles but most of the time I’m looking her boobs and she was noticed that and we finished dinner, its 9.30 pm. I take leave from her flat because how I stay in her flat. I’m afraid I think about her and I want to fuck her. I’ m going to mad suddenly she call me at 10.30 pm and ask tht wht I doing now? I said nothing then can we take coffee? 
Because she was felling lonely immediately I wake up from my bed and gone to her flat. I was in shorts and t-shirt she open the door, wow! And she is in still pink sari, we smiles and  I came inside she lock the door and she told me to sit on sofa and she gone to kitchen and came with coffee wht happened? I asked I’m feeling very lonely and getting bored also my hobby is also not here, that’s why I am afraid I told her don’t worry.
I’m with you any time you can call me any time I will be here for you that why I called you Raj to come here it’s 11pm in night she told me that if I don’t’ hurry to go home can she take bath? No problem I said she gone for bath for refreshment I still in hall at sofa suddenly I can here her voice Raj please come here, I forgot to take my dress in almari can you take it and give to me? 
I m excited I was gone to her bedroom and open almari take 1 packed dress in carry bag and she opene batroom door and and took her nad outside for taking bag and gone to hall and sit my dick is too hard now and want to fuck her. It’s 11.30 pm I was reading magazine and she came into hall and asked me whether I was bored? I moved my head up and just watching her ohhhh I see? 
Pooja standing in front of me she was wearing red nighty she came directly from bath her hairs are open and wet wow! She was looking very hot nighty was very short from lower it’s came up to her knee and from upside wow! This nighty is transparent. I can see her red bra and red panty her boobs are very big. I can see her cleavage through nighty I’m going mad my dick wants to come outside of my shorts.
Then I remembered it’s tht nighty which I seen when we gone for shopping ohhhh my god and she take this one your looking very gorgeous Pooja anuty please don’t called me aunty. I just called me Pooja ummm I know today will happen some thing my dreams will come true. Really your looking very smart and sexy so your hurry to go home or we chat some more time? She asked me, I’m not stupid to miss this chance.
I told her that I will not go home whenever she will not told me and she gives naughty smiles, we chat some more time. It’s 11.45 pm and she took my hand and told to come with her, we gone to her bedroom she told to me sit on bed she locked the bed room door and switch of normal light what happened? I asked she switch on red and blue combination lights wow! It’s amazing she was looking very hot now.
She start AC also at very low temperature I don’t have any word to described her beautiful and she come to me. I stand up she told me to removed your t-shirt and short. I removed I am only in my lower white colour’s ’ jockey’ inner and she gone to dressing table and switch on the music palyer the song is started Jenifer Lopez’s waiting for tonight (Dear friends my request are that to you please ready this story now with listening this song and imagine with slow motion. 
I defiantly tell you will in heaven of sex) she was showing me her back and she placed her hands at her shoulders and her nighty’s knots from shoulders nighty fall down, now she is in red bra and red panty and she placed her hands her back and open her bra my dick is too hard now then she place her hands on her big boobs and turned toward me wow! She covers up only her nipples with her hand because her boobs are too big.
I can’t cover whole boobs she coming towards me my dick is coming out of my inner she came to me very closed I asked her what is this Pooja? You don’t understand Raj? With saying this she removed her hands from her boobs and place over my shoulders and closed to me and take kiss to my lips ummm her big boobs are touching my chest wow! I placed my hand back to her and forcedly pulled towards me kissing hardly ohhhhh! 
I pressing her boobs my right hand ohhhhh smooching lips her pink nipples are get hard. I took her hard nipples in my mouth she was moaning mmmmm then I go further down up to her belly and kissed at belly ssssss ohhhhhh I place my hands her panty and removed it wow! Her pink pussy is clean shaved wow! I wide her legs and takes my mouth at her pussy licking her pussy with my tongue ummmm then 
I moved to her lips agains and kissing her and then she go down at my inner she removed my inner my 8 inches dick was open in air wow! Your have very big dick Raj with saying this and she place her hand over my dick and just doing massage ahhhh suddenly she took my dick into her mouth uuum ohhhhh and she licking my dick then she stand up and kissing my lips and then she told me to laid on bed.
She came over to me and took my penis and wear a condom trying to insert into her pussy and her pussy is small and my dick is big that’s why it’s too much paining with both please slow. I told her because it’s my first time finally I inserted my dick into her pussy ohhhhh and she was taking slowing strokes and she took my hands and place over her boobs. I’m pressing her big tight boobs suddenly she started fastly stroking ohh ahhhm.
I’m pressing her boobs very hard she was scratching my chest with her hands nails ohhh ahhhh ummm and she stroking fastly more fastly ahhh ohhhh finally my cum was came oppsssssss she laid down on my body and her lips was touching to my lips ahhhh. We both are tired then we chat some times and start our sex session one more time this time I fuck her from back and we done sex  6 times in whole night after that 
We slept in morning 6 am she woke me and give my clothes for wearing because her hobby will come at 7 am. I wear clothes kissed her and gone to my flat when ever her hubby in shift I’m gone to her flat after 1 week she called me at 8 pm. I think she was called me for sex. I gone to her flat one of her friend was already there and she introduce me to her name was Monica  
She is around 25 years old looking very gorgeous slim fit body shape in boobs size is normal and she wear pink sari which shown her sexy body. Then Pooja go to another room in hall just me and Monica she asks about me and tell about her. I don’t understand why Pooja introduced me to her? After some time I leave her flat and thinking about this session now the time is 9.30 pm.
Pooja called me and tel me to come at her flat at 10 pm I go to her flat at 10.30 pm. I ring the bell door was opened upppsss, What I seen? Monica is there and she wear black nighty her boobs are easily visible I asked her, where is Pooja? She told me that Pooja was gone to her native place for some urgency she told me to come inside I don’t understand wht will happened? I sit at sofa she lock the door and tell me can you apply oil on my body? 
I surprised? But I agreed she told me to come in bedroom she gave me oil and told to me removed all cloths and wear only towel for oil massaging and she gone to bathroom I removed my all clothes and wear only towel bathroom door was opened Monica was wear only towel her hair are wet and towel cover only nipples from upside and bottom side upto her thinghs she laid down on bed I apply oil on first her legs. Then her thinghs after her back then she removed her towel and my too, 
We both nacked now and I think, we did more than 8 times sex next morning Pooja woke me, I’m surprise and she told me that she came early in the morning Monica is ready to go I also took my clothes and go to my flat. Next day Pooja called me again she introduce me 1 more her friend I understand whts going on? She was enjoying her friends from me. I told her that I will do anything for her and but now I will charge for that and she said ok then after word and she introduce me more n more friends and she spread my cell her friends list. This is my story.