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Maya Varma had her higher education in Bangalore, since her parents were there. She was working in Bangalore and joined our company in September 2005 as the senior administrator in our division. Let me first tell you about her. I can’t forget the first day I met her in our office when she came to take the charge. She smiled beautifully at me and her sexy lips looked so luscious that I felt pressure down there. I introduced myself to her and she seemed very friendly. Gm told me to take her to the staff to introduce and she came and sat next to me. Her hairs were a little short of her waist and she had set them loose and that made her look even sexier. She possessed heavy breasts and they looked huge in respect of her very slim figure. Those perfect shaped mounds were just jutting down in her tight blouse and were pointing straight outwards. When she used to wear light color sari her deep navel looked so erotic through the layers. Wow! She was looking damn sexy with her nice small waist and beautiful buttocks.

Really while watching for the first time I felt as sex oozing out from each and every part of her voluptuous body. She had a beautiful figure and being tall her buxom body rippled and oozed of raw sex, beneath her dress. Her beautiful face was luminescent like a full moon, which I felt like caressing and holding in my palms. She had a long supple neck cascading down to perfectly shaped breasts, which enticed me tremendously. Her belly was narrow with a deep navel like a miniature cunt, followed by flaring perfect hips beneath. I knew that somewhere between her plump thighs and wide hips, hiding within her dress, was the sweet cunt, which had brought me into a fantasy world and now which was the destination I wanted to arrive at aristocratically. Friends, I believe that we all somewhere sometime does behave like a sex starved slave and we are keeping many wild fantasies in our mind. The young woman was charming and endowed with an equally beautiful and voluptuous figure to match. God created each and every inch of her body sexily with dangerous curves and the feminine smell that oozes from her body was wonderful. Her lips were very pouting. She had an attractive, appealing and inviting figure, and could easily termed, as very sexy figure and it resembled shilpa, my favorite Hindi actress she was just like the identical twin sister of shilpa shetty, the sexy Indian actress. Really I always fantasized about shilpa after watching her so many movies.

She was aged 27 and surprisingly single. Every body had a crush on her since she is very sexy. But we reserved comments since she is our senior and in charge of department. Maya dressed very nicely always and sexy dresses kept me hard always. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautiful globes that keep giggling with her footstep. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her boobs or her thighs or her beautiful navel. When she is in sari I used to get beautiful glimpse of that deep navel. She had taken total hold of my dreams and I forgot that she is my senior. I kept on fantasizing about the aroma of Maya’s sex, whether she had trained her vaginal muscles to grip a hard cock, the precise texture of her pubic hair, the quantity of her natural lubrication, and the warmth my prick would feel in her sheath. I wanted to lick her earlobes, to feel her twin assets against mine. After she had already taken all the juice my glands could produce I wanted to rub my flaccid cock against Maya’s thigh and feel it spring into alertness, ready to penetrate her again. When orgasm took away her self control, did she moan low and throatily from her chest, whisper in baby talk, yell obscene commands at her lover, or did she bite her lip in a vain attempt to stay silent? The questions were endless and obsessive.

Slowly she become very friendly with me since I am also coming from kerala and used to share me her thoughts, views etc. We had found that we have a lot more in common than we had thought like traveling, to walk in rain, literature etc. Both of us loved greenery of kerala of us were very fond of the rain. Maya, in many ways communicated her attraction to me and I by caressing her back, and at times, while crossing a road, keeping my hand on her perfect buttocks to lead her across the road. I was in heaven when I gave small squeezes to her ass – firm and round, yet soooo soft to touch. Although I was attracted to her immensely and wanted desperately to fondle her beautiful boobs, kiss her passionately, caress her long shapely legs and get into her panties as soon as possible, noting her inhibitions, I decided to take it slow. I thought that Maya might be romantically interested in me but, because I did not want to wreck it, I didn’t take any actions to confirm my opinion.

Otherwise too, sex and love, to me are emotions which are best satisfied if both the participants are equally involved. As you know in India sex before marriage is a taboo and still a rare incident in rural areas. Luckily I had my first sexual experience as I fantasized at the age of 18. And I lost myself to a famous celebrity of south Indian cinema and it continued for almost 3 years till she got settled. Thus luckily I got enough experience at a very young age and she made a man in every aspect. Still I am cherishing that wonderful period. In India it is very rare to have such experiences at a young age. But after that I have not got any chances. So I had made up my mind that I would not miss any chance to inject and implant my cock inside her perfect belly through her hungry pussy. I kept finding myself thinking about how it would feel to kiss her, to suck her nipples into my mouth and pinch them between my teeth, to feel her warm hands on my cock as she slowly bathed it with her tongue and licked her lips at the taste of my pre-come, to slide my throbbing rod into her warm mouth, and to quench my desire by spattering my hot seed in her wet snugness. I tried to keep my mind in control, but it was futile.

Opportunity presented itself in form of participation in an it show in Dubai, where, our gm told us, the company had booked a stand in watch and it had to be managed by me and Maya. Finally the day dawned and we were on way to Dubai. I kept one bottle of vodka, orange juice and lime cordial also in my bag just to relax in the evening. The journey was uneventful, except for the exhilaration both of us felt of being away from prying eyes and our hands were free to touch each other with implied intimacy, though over our clothes. Maya was in an excellent mood, this being a rare occasion when she left the environs of her city. That time we got reservation in a star hotel next to the watch in two adjacent rooms and both rooms were connected through a door inside. From the 12th floor we got a nice view of city.

We went to the stand and arranged everything for the show to starting after one day. Then we decided to go to jumeira beach since next day was a holiday. I changed into a t-shirt and shorts. She also changed the dress and came to my room. She was wearing a figure-hugging outfit. The skirt, it’s waistband below the navel, molded with her curves and the white top was so low cut in front, I swear that when she bent down, it revealed her large cleavage.

There wasn’t anything more arousing on earth than that scene. Her erotic navel was visible since her top ended before that. She was standing there with her natural naughty smile and the killing look of her deep eyes. My dick aroused instantly after watching her most perfect body with the beautiful curves. I couldn’t think anything but how hot she was! We went to jumeira beach and while taking her photos in my digital cameras I have taken many photos of her in that mind blowing dress.

We spent about two hours there. She was a competent conversationalist and we discussed about everything under sky talking about each other, our families, our problems and slowly it moved into sex related matters also. Then while talking I got a hint that she is still a virgin. She had her school education in kerala .then had her higher education in Bangalore. Really she confessed me later on she had immense sexual urge but controlled since she is afraid of entering into a relation ship gents due to several reasons. So she used to engage in lesbian relation with her cousin [her hostel mate] to satisfy them. On return to the hotel, I still couldn’t stop thinking about the picture she made in that outfit with the top clinging to her generous breasts, her thin waist, and round soft buttocks. Her breasts were oozing out from the tight constricted bra restraining her shapely breasts.

We brought the food, fruits, ice cream etc to take later. We reached back hotel around 7.30 pm she was feeling thirsty and I offered her a drink, knowing that she was averse to the smell of alcohol; I made a screwdriver for her – vodka and orange juice for the right amount of masking of the bitter taste. Surprisingly she accepted it. She was feeling thirsty and not knowing the effects of alcohol, gulped down both the drink within a short time. I had my drink with lime cordial. It was a full moon day. Cool breeze, full moon and vodka within us made the mood too romantic. We decided to take a round around the watch. While walking we flirted as we talked. Now that we were away from all the people we knew in our place, Maya flirted with me outrageously. We moved together and I kept my hands around the waist and she reciprocated in the same manner. We took more than 1 hour to complete the round and before completing the full round suddenly rain started we decided to enjoy the rain since both of us loved to get drenched in rain. Especially rain is a rare thing in gulf countries. While reaching hotel both of us were fully drenched in rain. Her white top had clung to her sexy body. The material was so thin and it had become transparent and revealed her sexy body fully except the laced cups of bra. Her fully wet silky bra was not able to cover her perfect boobs. Her buttocks and thighs were also clearly visible. I could not take my eyes off from her rain soaked sexy body but some how I controlled myself. Since she was fully wet we decided to take the way via underground parking to escape from the eye of others. Luckily nobody was there as well as in lift too.

When she reached the room while trying to take the swipe card for the lock with a shriek she lost her balance. She fell towards me, but I couldn’t grab her since I never expected it, so I tried to block her fall with my body. I stepped into her way. She grabbed my shoulder with one hand. Her other hand grabbed top of my shorts and pushed it into my stiff cock. She had to know I was hard. Her left hand rested above my penis as she pulled herself up. My cock was hard again, and she had to feel it with her hand where it was. She brushed her right breast against my left arm while getting up. I was getting even more aroused than I had been all day. “Whew, that was a close one,” she said. “Thanks for being there.” We moved inside and I said, “It was nothing, chechi.” And winced at the almost adolescent break in my voice. She seemed dazed for a moment and then brightened and smiled at me. She took her hand off my belt buckle. She kneeled down and picked up the bag which had fallen when she almost did. Maya popped up before me and said, “it wasn’t anything, raj. It was very nice of you. You kept me from falling down. I think you deserve a kiss for that.” my cock throbbed. My god, I never expected such a move from her. May be the vodka made the difference.

Maya kissed me on the lips. My body seemed magnetically attached to hers. My arms were wrapped around her back, and my hands caressed her smooth buttocks. Her arms were around my neck, and she pressed against me, her body surging against my booming, blood-engorged member. At the very moment both of us realized that we reached the end of no return. Maya kissed me back as her tongue danced into my mouth. It was a whole body kiss, vibrant with a promise of future passion, more intimate than sex. Maya and I held each other tightly, tongues and lips working with a fury of passion to mine and expose the deepest secrets we had. I shifted my hand from her buttocks to her waist, and of its own mind it slid up towards her breast. We stepped apart and our eyes opened. She looked at me like a deer startled by headlights and shook her head. “We can’t go on, raj.” she said. I spoke in a monotone, all my emotions stuck inside. “We’re ready for it. We have to take the next step, Maya.” No!” she said. “We can’t just have sex. We have a working relationship. We work with each other.” Had I mistaken her looks of passion, the delicate touch of her hand against my penis, her smiles and innuendo from nothing? Was I losing it? Why was she lying like this? Was I going crazy? She started talking back and forth and waving her arms as she continued.” No raj I am still a virgin. I never had any relation with gents except with my friend jaya. I want to go. Let me change the dress.” Her words were become feeble and not at all strong.

However being tired and as it was after ten thirty, I excused her and went to my room through the door inside. I fell on the bed to sleep to get out of the sexy thoughts. But unable to sleep immediately by thinking about her, I connected the digital camera to the laptop and unloaded all the photos. While watching her sexy photos my penis awoke from its deep slumber and quickly attained its 8 inches might. The photos forced me to increase the pace of piston like movement of my hand over my cock. Just at that moment the door opened and Maya walked into the room. I was stunned to say the least. We looked at each other’s face, me lying on a bed with my cock in my hand and masturbating, and she, watching in an awkward position. I felt like a fool and I also saw a hint of amusement on Maya’s face. I immediately covered me with bed sheet. A smile broke at first and then both of started laughing. “You are a very naughty boy, watching my photos and masturbating on top of that,” she said. “You are even naughtier watching me in such a desperate condition” I replied. Maya told hesitantly. “I want to loose my virginity to you. I always wanted to enjoy sex but many things stopped me. But now I think you are the right guy. I still a virgin.” I kept quite, wondering where this kind of conversation was leading. We were both becoming more aroused by the moment.

It was a dream comes true for me. I had sex many times before. But getting Maya was only a dream for me like any other guy. I have never thought of being so much lucky. In fact, I was the luckiest person on earth, to get a virgin again and too Maya. While kissing me, she was gently rubbing her palms over the hair on my chest. For several minutes she lightly rubbed me, at times spending some extra moments lightly brushing against my nipples. I reached out to touch her, but she gently took my hands and placed back on her back. Maya then hugged me around my waist and kissed me on my navel. I held her head and asked her. “Are you sure you want to make love with me?” Without waiting for my reply she removed my shorts completely to expose my cock, which was fully erect and was throbbing furiously. Her soft little hands were playing with my cock. She gripped my cock and I was about to cum right then. But she stopped playing with my cock and got rid of my shorts, making me fully naked.

Her juicy lips parted and our tongues met in a long and extremely erotic kiss. She sucked my lips very hard to her mouth and it felt really nice to me. As I written in my first chapter I always had a craze for aged ladies than me since I had my first experience from the famous celebrity. Thinking about Maya’s naked body, immediately made my cock stand up and cry for his need. She noticed it at once and was clever enough to understand the reason for the rise of the cock. “If what I am thinking is right, you are being a very bad boy, lusting for me at first meeting and you should be punished severely for It.” she announced. “I plead guilty your highness and would love to be punished by you.” I replied fully enveloped in lust and fell down on my knees. She was unable to take her eyes off from my manhood. Her next command was that if I want her to remove her dress, I would have to lick her pretty legs in a doggy style. Blinded by lust I immediately fell on all four. I started licking her legs from her beautifully painted toes and while reaching the softness of her inner thighs she lost control.

The next step was of course removal of her gown. My god. What a terrific body. She had a creamy body complexion and her perfect breasts were threatening to jump out of the tight prison of satin bra, which appeared to be one size too short. Once again calling me a bad boy, she started toying with my cock. After few thrusts she withdrew and to my utter horror struck my bottoms with all her force. “Beg for a peek of my cunt you naughty boy. And call me Maya.” Surprisingly she said in a totally different tone. Definitely vodka started to work in full force and she turned very horny. I decided to enjoy the situation and started begging like a roadside beggar. “Maya. Please show me your fabulous cunt to me. I want to suck it. I want to take the nectar stored inside it to my stomach.” she gave a last quick squeeze to my cock and I turned around and had a look at Maya. She was standing now only clad in a black bra and matching panty. “You are a copy of shilpa.”I exclaimed. “No, you are wrong, shilpa is a copy and I am the original. I will show you what I am. Really I was craving for you since the first meeting my boy.” Now everything is clear to me. Unable to fight my desire any more I leapt on her and tore off her bra. Her big, ripe, milky, perfect shaped breasts jumped out of bra. She had coffee-brown nipples. As I started sucking her boobs like a maniac, Maya heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh raj, it’s been so long since my boobs were pumped and sucked by anybody.” I kept interchanging my attention between her two breasts, kissing, sucking licking, biting and chewing them. She moaned with delight, grabbed my hair and pulled down my head in the direction of her pussy, which was by now eagerly waiting for my mouth and tongue. “My boy eats me and don’t stop till I say!” was her next order. I licked her whole belly with special attention to her beautiful navel. She was getting more and more hot. I reached down and unfastened her gown. Tugging downward, she helped me pull them down past her knees. Her panties tugged along with them.

Now I further lowered more and more and just have a smell of her natural scents of her pussy. It really made me mad. Maya answered my movements by spreading her legs wide enough to allow me easy access to her hot pussy. The pink lips of her sex opened like a blossoming rose inviting me to continue my quest to taste that honey nectar. I leaned over her thighs and tenderly planted a kiss; right over her treasure island. It was arousing for her, the way the kiss was made as she moaned very softly. “Once more” she urged me. I was very happy to oblige you my sweet Maya.” Resting my face against her trembling mound of love I pressed my mouth against her pussy and applied a string of kisses. I was lost in my own world and remained rooted between her thighs. O god!!! Maya’s body is boiling. With my face firmly lodged between her thighs, I started a new trick using my fingertips to spread her pussy lips; I started exploring the sensitive folds of her love nest. Moving my tongue very slowly back and forth in the channel beside her clit, I gradually inched closer to inflamed clit. When her contractions and low moans signaled that she could no longer stand her clit being teases, my tongue slid up to her clit-bud and kissed her clit repeatedly. Flicking rapidly across her clit and then circling it slowly with sudden upward darts, my tongue elevated her to the heights of erotic passion. In an equal smooth pace my tongue started darting in and out of her already wet creamy interior. Licking gently with some long, flat strokes across the length of her tight pussy, I served her like a little boy licking an ice cream cone. “I can eat it with my tongue itself. A beautiful pussy! Maya. “I whispered, my head still hidden between her thighs. Eating her clit hungrily between my lips I rolled my tongue around and around her soft pussy making her tickles and moan loudly. Kutta, mone. I am coming, please. Oh, your tongue is making magic inside me. You are killing me.” Her body was moving upwards and her hands were pulling my head towards her hot love pot. I started sucking her clit hard and rolling my tongue even more hard and with more paces. And within seconds she just stroked her love juice over my face and I just got as deep as I could to drink and lick her each and every single drop of her tasty juices. I concentrated inside her love pot all my attentions till her breathing was rapid and her moans turned to wild and loud screams, then I buried my tongue and mouth in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit wildly and tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue inched her slowly to the terrific and fantastic climax she desperately needed. I slowly licked her pink slit continuously until she couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands were pressing my head very hard and I nibbled, bitten that and sucked love mount very hard. She then shivered in immense pleasure and instantly she had a very perfect multiple orgasms, which she never had before.

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“My sweet boy, I am not through as yet. It is just the beginning. I want you to fuck me the whole night long. Ah raj I only heard about the power of cock. But I never thought that this is this much big and entertaining. I got a chance very soon. You know my boy. I always had lesbian relation to get satisfied till today. I want to enjoy everything today. Tomorrow is a holiday. So no needs to worry about the time my sweet boy fuck me as much as you can. Eat me as much you can.” Hearing her dirty talk, my cock once again started to gain momentum. This time I started with gentle kisses on her voluptuous lips. Her hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect nipples were thrust into my hairy chest. I took her tongue in my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the gesture.

Her consciousness was so overwhelmed with her own lust that it took several seconds for her to realize that I was about to squeeze my enormous cock into her vagina. Alarmed, she momentarily cried, “Please, wait, you’re too big. You’ll tear me up inside.” “No I won’t, sweetheart,” I said. “I promise you, you are in for a treat — when I get this thing inside you, baby, and you’re going to feel things you’ve never felt before.” with that, I pressed the large bulbous head against her slit and edged forward. I felt immense to her right from the beginning, and she panicked slightly. “Oh my god,” she said wincing. “No. Please. It is too big.” I paused, holding my legs up, protecting the ground I had already gained. “Relax,” I whispered. “Be patient. I won’t hurt you.” she was breathing hard, wanting me, but fearful of my enormous size. “Do you really think it will fit?” she asked with genuine sincerity. “Oh my sweet Maya, I’m going to make it fit,” I replied with a wicked grin. It needed some lubrication to have an entry to my big cock. “Do you have some oil darling?” I asked. “Ya sure. I got one bottle of amla oil and one bottle honey. I am keeping both with me always.” She replied and took off towards her room. When she returned she had both in her hands. “What do you wish to do with this?” she inquired. “Just wait and see…” then I started spreading it in the area surrounding her pussy. Putting a little more around my finger, I inserted it in her opening. Proper lubrication ensured smooth entry and I splashed some on the inner walls of her cunt as well. All through this activity, she was moaning with pleasure. When I thought she was ready, I pressed, stretching her even further, and sliding just another inch or so inside. Now the moaning coming out from her made me really mad. My bulging cock was eagerly waiting to have a perfect entry her pussy. Instinctively she threw her legs around my hips and clenched them hard. I started moving my shaft powerfully into her cunt like a piston rod. “Oooh, it feels so good!’ she groaned. She started to scream with wanton lust and her body bucked and bucked! She grabbed my shoulders and held on as I pummeled my monster deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy! “Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn,” I heard her moan as I continued to press. I continued to press into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her. I heard the air rush out of her and she screamed, “ah aaahh aaaahhhh aaahh ente ullilekku thulucchu kayareda kutta. Come fast inside me, my sweet boy.] I started first slowly then increased the speed gradually and she was enjoying it immensely. A huge cry came out from her throat, “oh.raj, ente chakkara kutta, you are killing me!” without bothering for her cry I continued my piston like motion and soon my big cock started functioning inside her hot cunt smoothly. Her sexy moaning made me quicken my pace. There was tremendous heat in her the inner walls crushing against my cock. Her cunt lips were peeled wide open and she massaged her clit with my cock, getting both of us more excited by the second. She moved her legs wider apart to try to accommodate me.

Slowly but steadily I continued to exert pressure against her. She was tighter than anything and I felt her body give way a little and felt the head of my cock become enveloped. She started talking dirty to me. I started fucking her harder and she fell on her hands. As I thrust my pole into her tight pussy, she moved her buttocks upwards so she could take all of me inside her on each stroke. I pumped my cock to that sweet pussy over and over again, making her squeal in sheer delight. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like waves on the ocean as I fucked her with long strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving it back into her again. It didn’t take long for both of them to go over the edge. She thrust her hips upwards again and again, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her steamy cunt. With each stroke my cock came almost all the way out and then slammed back into her, again and again. We were both moaning and gasping, driven beyond words to the highest level of pure and perfect happiness. It was as though she was fucking or even raping her young lover and I loved the lewd sensation.

She was throwing her legs and was tossing her body in the state of stimulation, thrill and vibrancy. With a groan of lust, she pulled my head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her boobs again and again while my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her buttocks shook under the impact of my big cock. She suddenly screamed, grabbing me tightly and pressing my hard body against her soft one. I rammed deeper and harder as I continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around my steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod. Her tight, satisfied cunt was giving me extreme satisfaction. She begged me to be gentle as she was not used to a cock and that too big. But while telling that surprisingly she was thrusting her hips wildly up and down and soon had a good pace going and the pressure in his balls was building as I moaned and groaned, moving my hips in time to my violent thrusts.”Oh, my raj, fuck fast, my boy.” She was feeling my fullness inside her and had another orgasm, but I kept the prick absolutely still inside and continued the violent motion. She was in throes of a perfect orgasm and her moaning was completely incoherent. I cried loudly as I came, violently slamming my cock into and loaded all my cum deeply into her belly. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she ground her pussy against me as her orgasm washed over her. “Aaah aaahh aaahh aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Ente kutta.” her body was still rocking from the force of my thrusts and after getting discharged and after a violent cry I just lowered my head to her and buried my face to those perfect pairs. They felt much better than any pillow. She just pressed my head to those pairs and she started to caress me by just running her hands her right through my hair. For many minutes I enjoyed the sweet softness of her boobs.

Suddenly she got up and while keeping her naked body on the head rest, she pulled me her lap and given those breasts to my mouth just like a mother feeding her baby. She had hard and straight looking boobs. It never slanted even a bit. May due to yoga she is doing regularly. They stood like two sandalwood hills in her chest as her precious assets. She cuddled me and murmured in a sexy voice. “Ente mathram chakkara kutta.nee vallatha kshinichille. Ithile palu muzhuvanum valichu kudicho. My sweet boy, I know that you are tired very much. Please drink all the milk stored inside.”] Her invitation was much for me and the erected nipples on those perfect milky boobs were too much for me. Turning slightly, she directed her left nipple down into my hungry mouth, my lips grabbed it and began to suck, the nipple growing and hardening in my mouth until my both hands gripped her tits as I wetly sucked her swollen flesh. She fed me her right breast; back and forth I went from one to the other, rolling the stiff nipples in my hot mouth. I sucked both breasts like a baby who has been depraved of feed for days. Her erected coffee colored nipples looking like a flower bud started getting rising and hard. Soon I buried my face in her tits. Then I began to kiss them reverently. I told her.” I am going to eat these up. I will chew and suck until there is nothing left. I will crush it with my hands. I am going to nurse like a baby until you make milk for me. I will cover these two pairs with full of dental and nail marks.” My dirty talks made her madder. She told “don’t talk. Do it. Ente kutta, paranju nilkkathe chaiyada kutta.” By telling that I again took one of her erected nipples to my mouth and sucked noisily. My hand pulled more of her tit-flesh toward my face, covering my mouth and chin with her silky tits. My other hand busied itself with the opposite nipple. Both her nipples were now wet, erect and become reddish in color. Now she holds her left breast with her hand and is asking me to put both the nipples in my mouth. I take both the breasts one each in my hand and hold them from down in such a way that both her breasts become tighter and nipples become more pointed standing out erect. Ignoring her request I continued my violent manipulations and just attacked both tit and sucked it so hard that she moaned a lot in pain. Sucking her right nipple made it even harder and it started growing more in my mouth. Gently sucking it, my right hand pinched her left nipple and pressed it hard. My movements made her pain so much that she cried loudly. “Kutta!!! Melle ente ponnu kutta. Please.” Just then I stopped sucking her nipple and squeezed both of them firmly and hard. She threw her head back and moaned. I started rolling my tongue around her nipples and her areolas. Her entire breasts were now turned red but it was really amazing since she was enjoying each and every bit of my violent movements.

She said,” raj, my boy, my pussy is still hungry and waiting again for your dick.” “So far I have been making all the hectic activity, now it is your turn to return some favors”. I told her. “Of course my sweet boy. But I want it in a different way.” She told me to lie down on my back. I did so. The only vertical thing was my honeyed cock. She moved on top of me and slid the eager tool in her thirsty vagina. As soon as the entire length of my cock disappeared in her pussy, chechi closed her eyes with pleasure.”Ooooh! It is so gooood darling. My sweet boy, why you have not come to me before. Why we have not met before.” she said. My god. I was hearing the same words which I heard years before from my first woman. She was fucking me hard now, riding up the entire length of my penis then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against mine then riding up again. After long time while I was going to come she told me to change position to prolong the violent fucking. Now it was the more regulation style with me on top of her. My thrusts varied from deep penetrating long ones to quick in outs, our moans being stifled by our glued together lips. My thrusts now became more violent and her natural reaction was to wrap her lovely thighs around my waist her while nails digging into my back and her teeth on my shoulders. Her arms wrapped around my back and our movements together become more violent with each thrust. My thrusting became harder and deeper. She started to moan louder and louder. My thrusting was much faster and I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping my cock like a tight vice, her wetness allowing me to penetrate her deeply. Her yelps of pleasure were getting louder with each thrust of my hips. I felt her heavy breath on my ear she kept repeating one thing over and over fuck me fuck me fuck me. I really began to pound her pussy. Her pussy is no longer tight ever stretching. With each animal passion thrust I banged my cock against her pussy with all my force. She was enjoying it like anything. I bit again one of her nipples and she cried with pain but didn’t say anything as the pleasure of getting a grand cock inside her pussy after was really too great. A great fuck was too much than her expectations and she was eager to enjoy each and every fraction of it. I rammed her till she came like a fucking whore all around my penis. It was too much for me as well. I came violently slamming my cock into her while I pumped my semen deeply into the deepness of her. She also shuddered in pleasure and instantly had a perfect orgasm, which she told as the best one in her life till that day and lesbian relation is nothing in front of this. Then she dragged me to bathroom and we rested in bathtub for at least one hour by seeing and feeling each and every part of our body.

After reaching back she has taken a bottle of honey in her hands. She smiled, opened the bottle of honey and dropped into my semi erected dick. “Raj, now I want to taste your cock and I don’t want to miss a single bit of your glorious cock.” she told and slowly ran her hand over every inch of its surface, feeling its bumps and ridges with great interest. “I want to know how your cock tastes along with honey.”A couple of hearty sucks by her were all my cock needed to bring it back to life. It soon started exploring depths of her throat. Taking my cock she began licking up and down the sides of my cock eagerly. Coming to the tip of my cock-knob her tongue circled its outline, skimmed across the velvet prick skin and darted to my tiny cum-slit. Her lips and tongue flew over the head and shaft of my cock, leaving a trail of saliva wherever they roamed. Suddenly she took the head in her mouth and swallowed every inch of my throbbing prick. I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn’t thinking about anything else but sucking my cock. She gripped my cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me. I looked down, watching she suck on my hard meat. I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft. I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. “Maya! I’m going to come!!” I cried. “Let it come my baby. I want to taste it.” She moaned. I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk. She moved her hand from my back, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails

Digging into the skin as she took hold. “uuughhhh.” was all I could say as my sticky white cum shot out the tip of my cock into her waiting mouth and little blasted and fallen to her breasts. I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she felt like she was on fire. My condition was not different. I didn’t go limp at all. Moreover, I was hotter. My cock went harder and warmer. It was always her fantasy that to taste my cum. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my throbbing cock with both hands as I rocked my body in orgasm, “ohhhhhh… That’s it! What a perfect one my sweet girl.” I

Cried out. She enjoyed the whole content like enjoying a tasty desert. As she kissed me she darted her tongue, wet with my come and her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good.

I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. While showering me with hot kisses she whispered me” raj. I have a fantasy raj. Can you decorate me with ice cream eat me again. I have seen it in one film.” I was very happy to oblige her. I told her to close her eyes until my next order. She happily obeyed me. I went to the fridge and taken ice cream and topped her breasts as well as deep navel with ice cream and decorated around erected nipples with grapes and then started slowly to take it with my tongue and mouth. My god. While reaching her navel she lost my control and asked me shamelessly to do the things fast? I buried my mouth hungrily between my thighs started to eat the ice cream. She really enjoyed my crazy movements and pulled my face more into her wet pussy with all my force. As passion continued to fill her hot zone and I knew very well what to do with a woman. While fighting in her love pot a sweet sensation began to feel my orgasm build within her. I thought she was going to explode as I took in all of what she had to offer.

Her body was quivering and instinctively started to buck. Wave upon wave of exotic ecstasy went through her body as she wrapped my legs around my face and pulled me deeper into her. I licked her slick cunt lips from bottom to top and back down again, before I began to gently nibble the creamy folds of flesh. She moaned and her hips moved upwards, grinding her steamy crotch to my face .my tongue slid in between her labia and I did my best to dive as deeply inside her as I could. My nose was resting against her clit and she began to bob her hips in time with my own thrusting tongue, causing an increase in the already substantial juice that dripped from her hole and it mixed with the ice-cream. As her panting and moaning became more frequent, I let my tongue wander up to her clit, which I sucked into my mouth. I held it firmly between my lips and lashed my tongue across it as she began to approach her orgasm. Suddenly that deep husky voice began to call my name and beg me to take her over the edge. “Oh, raaaj, oh my god! Oooohhhh, yesssssss! Ooohhh, that’s so good! Make me cum, kutta! Make my pussy cummm! Don’t stop, raj, don’t stop! Lick me, kutta, lick me good! Make me cummmmmm!” as she reached her peak, the cries continued but she no longer spoke in words. She moaned, she groaned, she gasped, she whined and I thought maybe I heard her meow. Her hands came down to squeeze my face to her cunt and she shook with delight as she humped my face.

She then turned around and lay on her chest. She was breathing heavily. But I was watching her beautiful buttocks. As she was trembling in pleasure, her buttocks cheeks were shivering. It was quite a sight! My cock grew full erected by then. I put my hands on her ass and my fingers were trying to define her pussy hole from back. I started to lick her pussy from the back by opening it with my both hands, she was enjoying very much, after sucking a lot on her buttocks and pussy from the back, I inserted my first finger in her and she cried, “Aaaahhh. Aaah”. Then I inserted my second finger also and she cried with pain and my fingers were moving in and out of her pussy. Now I was also very excited and my cock was fully erected and was ready to fuck her from back. She told “Anna, oru kalakkoottane pole ente ullilekku vaa. Vegam come inside me like a wild bull. fast.” Then she went into doggy position. I went back. I put my both palms on her shoulders and started pressing them slowly then massage her hands slowly then brought my hand on back and moved down till waist, I repeated the process many times. I spread my both palms and started massaging sensationally. This time I cross her waist and make rounds on her ass cheeks. Then I moved my hand to her thighs and carried on this same rhythm. She started moaning softly. I slipped my hands under her shoulders and managed to touch her boobs with my fingers then moved toward the hips, squeezed them badly and moved my hand to her ass crack, then towards her sweet pussy. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. Then it was the turn of my cock.

I spread the muscular cheeks wide, as the tip of my cock pried at the well-moistened opening. She groaned and tried to slide forward, away from the increasing pressure. I held her firm, whispering encouragement, and pressed harder. Her moan took on an anxious, rising note, as I pressed deeper, millimeter-by-millimeter. The pussy lips transformed into a tight, hot ring around my cock shaft as I slide full length into her hot, burning, love pot. She shook her head, whimpering noises rising to an almost wail, as I began to fuck her from back like a wild animal, struggling to keep it slow and shallow.

Her moaning wail was slowly replaced by more animal like grunts, and I began to determine words, as she chanted between her gasping breaths, each timed to my thrusting cock. “Fuck. My boy. Come to me from back. Fuck me like wild animal. I love it fast fast.” by now I had rolled her fully onto her front, humping her raised ass with an increasing tempo. Reaching under her, I filled my hand with her beautiful tits, and panted my own mindless noises into the hair at the back of her neck, until with a harsh growl I pumped my second load of semen into her willing body. My cock, jammed deep in her pussy, spurting cum while I moaned into her ear was enough to send her over the top. Wailing and bucking like a wild horse she joined me in an orgasmic explosion.

We lay for a long time, my weight on her back. After a few minutes, she rolled and lay on her back by moving me. Both of us were fully wet with sweat due to the exotic and erotic lovemaking. I dropped my head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges of my sharp teeth. We don’t know how long we were lying there, wrapped with each other. Then we don’t know the time since we never bothered about the time. It was divine to be in holding her in my hands, while hearing her sexy voice telling me how fantastic it was. Drained and exhausted by our efforts we lay in a tight embrace savoring the sweet sensations of erotic intimacy. Slowly I crawled into the rich valley her fabulous breasts buried my face between her rich melons

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