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I study in Stracey and Moti (name changed) was my fantasy, I wanted to fuck her no matter what happened. She was a sex bomb waiting to be fucked. This is a true story which I am sharing with you… It was about 9:30 a.m. And my first class had just finished…. I was feeling sick so I dashed to the sick room to find that no one was there except Moti.

She was sitting there alone, dressed in her tight shalwar kamiz as usual. As usual my dick started to grow when I saw her… Whose wouldn’t! She was such a sexy fuck that even a blind man’s dick would suddenly rise. I went and sat down next to her and began staring at her beautiful breasts. She was a bit tan… and her figure was incredible for her age… She had a good bust an ass. As I quietly stared at her body my penis wanted to rush out of my trousers. My bulge was evident through my trousers. She turned towards me and saw it…she was shocked, she looked into my eyes and gave me a seducing look. By Now I was very embarrassed because I guess she found out that my erection was due to looking at her…She got up and locked the sick room. I was shocked! What was she up to… then she quietly came in front of me and said” So you wanna fuck me hero! “I was amazed and I said” Yes… Well” She quickly put her hand on my trousers and began to rub it… I got such an amazing sensation that I felt that I would probably come in 2 seconds.

This was a dream cum true!” She said” well handsome if u wanna fuck me first you’ve got to watch me and masturbate your dick without jacking off “. I was left speechless. She got up and laid herself on the sick room bed and began massaging her body through her shalwar kameez and began to rub her fingers over her pussy area through her shalwar. She was taking out her saliva and massaging it over herself. By now my dick was in my hand and I felt as the luckiest man in the world. My hand was stroking my dick up and down. Then she said “Come ova here. I went to the bed and she started taking off her shalwar. I could by now clearly see her wet panties. Oh how I wanted to lick her pussy for as long as I could! She began to rub her saliva all over her pussy and was siding her panties. I opened my mouth and pulled her panties below to her leg… They tasted so sweet and fine that I imagined that her pussy must be the best thing to eat out!!I wanted to eat those cotton panties but I knew that better deserts were waiting for me. I began to suck on her pussy and she removed her hand and put it on my head, pushing me into her love spot. I wanted to feel what’s inside; I kept on licking her pussy and wished that time would stop here.

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Then suddenly someone began knocking on the door! Moti hurriedly put on her shalwar without her panties, she told me to put her panties somewhere… I licked them a bit and she told me to stop and hurry… I put them under my underwear! Moti was fully wet from the front but her kameez hid the view. I was having such a hard on as her sweet scent filled my mouth and below my dick was leaking due to the feel of her panties and her thoughts raced in my mind. As we walked out of the sick room she told me” so you still wanna fuck me? ” I replied” yes yes “. She said follow me… She took me upstairs on the roof… Through out the way I was teasing her by touching her ass and putting my finger inside from behind and sometimes putting it on her pussy over her shalwar. She took me to a classroom and locked the door behind her… Moti said” Darling, no one will come here. Now we can fuck and suck each other till home time” She hurriedly took off her shalwar and she bent down and opened my trouser hook and pulled it down with my underwear. Now I knew that she also wanted to get fucked…and she was getting excited! We both grasped each other… And held tight. Fortunately for us there was a table there…I pushed her ass on the table…and there took off her kameez as she began to kiss me on my penis….I took her kameez off… and began to kiss and caress her all over her body… I pushed all her clothes aside…and began to suck her nipples. They were so succulent…

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While I sucked them I was fingering her pussy as her juices were wetting my hand. I wanted to drink all of her pussy juices…We began to French kiss each other…Our tongues went in and out of each other… I had never been so aroused in my life… I kept on sucking on her nipples through her bra. Then I took her bra off. And put it aside… And began kissing her all over.

Then I told her that I want to fuck her ass…She first objected to the idea but then she agreed…and I put my dick up her ass and she screamed first and said ” nahiiiin aaaah ” but then she began to have fun and said Harder!!, push it in harder… I wanted to fuck Asma hard…All her clothes were lying on the ground and we were fucking like animals…!! Then Moti suddenly said” baby I want to make u cum all over me…But I said that I wanted to fuck her first then cum… But she said” No! I want to suck your cock now!”… I immediately took my cock out from her ass and sat on the table…she bend down in front of me as I played with her titties. She first spat on my cock and began sucking it wildly. “Your cock!” Moti replied, laughing and licking her lips. “But I couldn’t wait, baby. Every Wednesday afternoon I get so horny thinking about your prick. She kept on sucking. Her tongue and lips had done their work well and now the teacher’s hips were again thrusting forward to meet her as she plunged her mouth down my throbbing shaft. The huge knob pushed its way into her throat, stretching it even more than men with much larger cocks did. Moti could hardly wait to feel the hot, sweet jets of my come spurting into her belly. “Ohhh! Miss.

Oh my God! Moteeeeeeeee, Ooooh! This is madness! Anyone could come!” Especially us, thought Moti to herself as with a final burst of suction she brought me to a tremendous climax. He moaned and clutched her head, pulling her against him, finally giving way to my passion as his come poured into her mouth. Moti held my spurting cock prisoner within the velvet trap of her mouth and gulped down every drop of that wonderful liquid. She continued sucking gently even after it was all gone, feeling his once proud prick shrink between her lips. Finally she let the limp organ slip out of her mouth. I quickly stuffed it back into my pants. My dreams had come true… and I had enjoyed every second of it…I dressed up but Moti was still naked, I took her panties and put them in my pocket and said I will take this to remember you. She cried for them… But I promised her I would give them back to her when we fucked again. I put my hands on her boobs and kissed them one last time before leaving and thanked her for the fuck. Moti’s pussy was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted and wanted more of it even now. I would smell the sweet scent of her panties all the time.

She told me that she also loved the taste of my sperm and next time she would let me put my dick into her pussy and make full love to her…This excited me very much and I went and hugged her and kissed her and said ” I want to make love to you too, stranger… “.. Then I went away… till next time! Moti watched me hurry away, smiling with amusement. It was always like this, but she didn’t feel offended. She had got what she wanted from me. Her pussy still itched but she had the delicious taste of sperm in her mouth to savor until she could find someone to poke his prick between her legs. That wouldn’t take long, she knew; it never did. I used to masturbate and stroke my cock everyday thinking of Moti and how good a fuck she is. And the tenderness of our beautiful breasts and the sweetness of her pussy.

She did a lot for me later…and my friends too. I always liked to fuck her at public places because she likes to show off her body and people to see her private parts and to feel her wetness. She loved people to see her getting fucked and wanted to get fucked all the time. She is just a whore.