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I am a 17 year girl. My name is Sapna. I have fair and slim body and height of 5 feet 4 inch, long curly black hair. My body structure 30-26-30. I have 30 B size breasts. I am studying in a school and its my real true story of first time sex. I had sex with a classmate boy, Rajiv. He is tall 5 feet 9 inch, handsome and has 7 inch cock.

It happened like this… We used to have group tuition. We are 6 students in a batch – 3 boys and 3 girls. Alternate days we used to have tuition and it happens at Rajiv’s home. We had tuition in the afternoon between 2:00 to 4:00 pm. As usual, we reached the tuition and after 15 minutes our Sir phoned at Rajiv’s home that he is not coming. We sat there and started packing our books back in the bag and return home. Their Rajiv spoke, “Hey, let’s play some game, so what you tell guys?” Other members replied, “No, some other time, we have to study.” And they leaved his home. Now me and Rajiv were alone at his home. His parents had gone out. I had some difficulty in one subject and Rajiv was going to solve it. As others gone, he closed the door, “Hey! Sapna let’s go in my room. We will listen to some music and study.” We gone in his room and I took out all the books and put on his desk. I was wearing red short skirt and white sleeveless shirt. My bra was visible from the shirt and my skirt just covered half of my thighs. We sat side by side and he started teaching me.

Me and Rajiv often talk frankly and sometimes when we girls used to have some naughty smiles he used to tease us by telling us lesbians, which we were not. While teaching, he saw my thigh. It was shining, as I used to remove hair from it regularly and massage it with oil. He saw it, “Hey you have shining thighs and looks silky” telling this he touched it and moved his hand from knee to thigh. I looked at him, “Rajiv, don’t touch me. Please no naughty things.” He looked in my eyes and rubbed his hand again on my thigh, “Seems you like it.” I got angry, “Rajiv, I am warning you. Don’t you dare?” But he didn’t took his hands up and smiled at me, “You like it, tell me frankly.” I said, “enough, if you have dare go beyond.” He moved slowly looking at my eyes and my skirt got lifted and my panty revealed. He still looking at me and me in his eyes. His eyes had lust. He looked at my panty. I was wearing white string panty and it was wet, “Oh you are wet.” I tried to lift my skirt back to its position. Rajiv stopped my hands and came near to my face and kissed me. I tried to push him but he was strong and slowly I too started sucking his tongue.

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He lifted my skirt up, widen my legs and touched my pussy over the panty. I moan and said, “Rajiv, no, we shouldn’t be doing it.” He didn’t spoke anything, just go on rubbing my pussy and press my boobs. We stood and he put me on bed. I said, “Rajiv, no, stop.” But I have no power to stop him. He came over me and again we kissed and he was sucking my tongue and I was sucking his tongue – passionately. He simultaneously squeezing my boobs one by one. He started kissing my neck and opened my shirt button and pressing my boobs from over the bra. I was moaning, “Aahhhhhh, aaahhhhhhh, Rajiv.” He was squeezing my boobs and going down, licking my bevel and moved down. He opened my skirt and removed it, along with it removed my panty. I was nude from bottom. He kissed at my love point and spread my legs. It was shaved pussy and he got excited. He spread my legs more and open my pussy lips, and soft moan come from my mouth, “aaahhhhh, aaahhhhh, Rajiv, its good, don’t stop….go on.” Rajiv looked at me, I was smiling and he inserted his tongue in my pussy. I moaned, “aaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhhh uuuuuuummmmmm……go on” He started licking my pussy and I was moaning, “Oooohhhh yessssssss deeeppperrrrrrr, more deeeeper…ohhh yesss” He was tongue fucking me and lift his face, “Sapna speak dirty, it will give you more pleasure.” I smiled and he again poured his tongue in my pussy, “ohhhhhh rajiv fuck me yesss fuck me…..oooohhhhhhh yesssssss.” As he inserted one more time, I climaxed and juice flowed from my pussy and he drank all and came over and kissed me. My own juice I was sucking on his tongue, aroused me more.

He removed his cloths and I removed my top. He came over me and placed his dick on my pussy entrance. I was playing my fingers on her chest. He smiled, “I am going to break your cherry, Sapna, ready for it?” I smiled and he pushed his dick slightly, I moaned. He reached my hymen point and stayed, “Sapna, now its going to break, get ready for the ride of lifetime.” And he pushed with force. I cried loud. He came on me and kissed me to calm down me. Remained still there for a time and again pushed and all his dick came in me. We were kissing passionately. He started pumping slowly, “aahhhhhh yes rajiv aaahhhh” I was moaning, “Sapna, I will give you life time ride today” He started pumping me hard, “oh yesss rajiv, fuck me harder, more faster…” He was going fast and my hips too were responding to get him inside me more deeper, oooo rajiv oooooo uuuuuuuummmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssssss” He increased his speed and there he shooted his cum in my pussy and I hold him tight. We kissed again and slept nude.

I woke up, it was almost 4:00. Got dressed and rajiv too woke up and we kissed. He said wait, its time. He got dressed and made coffee for both. We sat and started talking, he looked in my eyes, and “Hey you seem upset, something wrong?” I said, “Yes, actually I am having lots of problems with my sister, Urvashi. She is 15, and doesn’t listens to me and sometimes even talks in rude way.” Rajiv came closer to me, “Don’t worry, bring her here sometime, I will make her understand, ok.” We kissed and I leaved.