My Girlfriend’s Mommy

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Hello friends, this is Rocky Dias writing my first story on which happens to be a true incident. This story is about how I screwed my girlfriend’s Mom after breaking up with my Girlfriend. My age is 27 years and my girlfriend is 25 and her name is Smita. We were in relationship from about three years and we broke up due to some misunderstanding between us. 
I use to visit her house regularly and was quite comfortable with her Mom and brother. Whenever I went to her house, I use to scan her mom’s body. Sangeeta-her mom, was fair with bulky ass and her boobs were great to watch. Her ass use to swing left-right whenever she walked and her melons use to bounce. I did not miss out a single chance to watch her cleavage when she bent down lot of times.
I use to fantasize her and masturbate thinking of fucking her and I was waiting for a chance to fuck her but I knew it wasn’t possible till smita was around around 1 year back, I and Smita had a big fight and decided to breakoff. Then she decided to pursue degree course from outside India and left for studies. Now this left her Mom and brother alone in the house with her father being always out of town for business purpose. 
One day Sangeeta called me up and asked about our breakoff. She invited me over to her house to discuss about what happened between Smita and me. I reached her house at 2 pm in the afternoon. There was no one at home except her and she was wearing silver shining gown which housewife’s always do while at home. We started discussing and our discussion got so emotional that she felt bad for me and hugged me tightly. 
That was the first time when her boobs pressed against my chest and the feeling was sensational. She kissed my forehead and rubbed my cheeks. This was arousing me and my cock was already making a tent in my boxers. She then went to the kitchen to prepare tea. I followed her from behind and was watching her sexy figure from backwards while she was cooking. I had always dreamt of fucking her and though today was the right time and mood was on. 
I gathered some confidence and hugged her tightly from behind. She thought that it was a generous hug. My hands touched her belly and partly her boobs while hugging. Then I slowly started to press her boobs to which she was angry and asked me to leave the kitchen. Making a sad face I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed. She then came in and asked me what was I trying do? 
I told her about how I use to fantasize about her and always dream of fucking her. She said that it would be wrong since I was her daughter’s boyfriend. I reminded her that she was no longer my girlfriend and that nothing would matter to her. But still she resisted. I thought that there was no chance now and I started to wind up to go home. While I was about to leave, I heard Sangeeta calling me into the bedroom when I opened the door.
I saw her sitting on the bed and crying. I asked her the reason and she told me that nobody ever had asked her for fuck and her husband was always too tired for sex. He use to ask her masturbates him and leave sangeeta thirsty for sex. I felt bad and hugged her and kissed her forehead. Then I slowly rubbed her back and moved my lips to her earlobes. I started licking her earlobes while rubbing her back. 
She started moaning slightly. Then I moved one of my hands to her boobs and my lips were locked with hers. We kissed and exchanged our saliva for about 10 minutes. Then I slowly lifted her gown up to her chest and started pressing her boobs over the bra. I removed her gown and there she was only in White bra and black colored panty. The she removed my pants and then boxers and saw my 7 inches dick come out. 
She smiled and told that she has never seen such a big cock and immediately started stroking it with her mouth. She mouth fucked my dick for about 15 minutes and her strokes were becoming more vigorous. I could not control and cum in her mouth. She tasted and drank all semen without letting any drop go out. Then it was my turn tand I suck her boobs hard. I bite her nipples and she moaned in pleasure. 
Then I removed her panty and started licking her cunt. Her juices were tasty and salty. I started licking her cunt hard and she kept saying beta mere choot ki pyaas bhuja de mera chut bohot saalon se pyaasi hai. I increased my speed and she came all over my mouth and I enjoyed her cum. She then said beta main aur nahi rook sakti apna lund meri choot main daal do aur mere chut ko tumhare juice se bhar do. 
I pushed my dick hard into her cunt and she moaned loudly. I started stroking hard and she kept making strange noises. I kept fucking her for about 15 minutes and then came inside her. Then we both slept naked over each other for 2 hours while leaving she thanked me asked me to come over for more such sessions. Next, I had anal sex with her even when she resisted. This will come in my next story.