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My Mother, My Best Friend
this story is about my mother and me and very importantly something that changed our lives completely. This happened about 6 months ago. To describe my mother she is 52 yrs old with a typical voluptuous Punjabi figure and her stats are 40D-30-38. My father passed away more than 25 years ago and since then it has been only mom and me. I am 34 yrs old divorced about 10 yrs back. I am sure mom had choices in her life to get settled but she did not take them to get settled again with someone else. I have already experienced how lonely it can get sometimes and especially after you have tasted sex even that could make life miserable especially when alone again. I don’t know how she managed but I went mad and finally made some No-Strings-Attached sex friends with whom I regularly fuck around to satisfy myself.
I knew mom was a tigress in bed because at the time that dad was around I could hear more of her screaming than moaning every night. My bed room was attached to theirs with one common bathroom in between and I never missed a chance to peep in and watch the action inside because they always did it with the lights on. While I did not know that all that action I saw was basically having sex but I loved to see both of them stark naked and humping each other in various positions. This used to be at least a 1hr affair every night after which they would both go to sl**p in each other’s arms. After I got into high school I understood what they had been upto. Enough of background and let’s get to the interesting part.
Both me and mom have been very close and more like best friends. She very regularly kept me updated on who ever came home that day and whatever transpired etc. since I had been reading stories on this site for a while now I was suspicious that she might have been upto something with someone while I am away because almost all the people visiting were males and mostly dads friends or ex-colleagues and had been visiting for a long time now quite regularly. I did my bit of investigation and was surprised to see that there was no hanky panky stuff happening. In fact mom was dressed very decently. If she would have been in bed with any or most of them even then I would not mind because I know how it feels like to be deprived of sex. I would have been very happy instead. But this was one topic that I did not have the courage to discuss with mom because I was dead scared about how she would react or respond.
So every weekend we usually spend together at home by ordering some good food from outside and both of us generally settled down watching movies and chatting with mom drinking cold drinks or fruit juices and me my usual scotch or rum. As far as I know mom has never till date touched alcohol. This particular weekend while both of us were having a very good time watching some English movie which was also on the same lines like mom’s life, I observed her and she was very engrossed in the movie. Today she was not wearing her usual salwar kameez but already into her nightie. I still had great memories of having seen her naked and even till date regularly masturbated thinking about it. I knew the movie had a lot of bold sex scenes including the fucking part and wanted to see her reaction. As luck would have had it the first one came up very soon where the lead actress was dreaming about her ex-husband and masturbating herself with very audible moaning.
I looked at mom and her eyes were glued to the tv and she very keenly watched the entire episode. Her glass was empty now since she had been gulping it down while engrossed in the scene. She was sitting a few inches away from me on the same 3seater sofa with her legs resting on the table opposite. Her nightie which extends to her ankles was slightly above her knees at this point and her other hand was holding the tv remote resting exactly above her crotch area. She gave me her glass and said “pour me a small peg of what you are drinking” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and asked her “mom I am drinking scotch, are you sure you want me to pour you scotch or just fruit juice?” she looked at me with a big smile and said “pour me scotch and mix it with whatever you feel makes it taste less bitter”. I immediately poured her a small peg mixed with sprite and ice and gave it to her.
She was glued to the TV back again and within no time emptied her glass and turned to me asking for a refill. I was surprised at what was happening but at the same time I was not in any mood to object or complain and I simply made another one and gave it to her. Now the movie had progressed and the second erotic scene was beginning where the wife now loses her control to her ex-husbands friend and the scene heats up leading to some more action. Mom again in no time emptied her glass again and again asked me for another drink. I asked her if she was ok because she was drinking it too fast and I had barely reached half of my first one. She looked at me in the eyes and said “son I am fine and just having a great time after god knows how many years, so no more questions just do as I tell you”. I did not bother to argue at all and just nodded my head and proceeded to get another drink.
I came back and gave her the drink and saw that now she had only her left leg resting on the center table and her right leg was over the armrest of the sofa basically her legs were spread wide open and her nightie was now just covering her crotch and her milk white fleshy thighs were on display. I sat down back on my seat next to her and she was still deeply engrossed in the movie. She had the drink in her left hand resting it on her thigh and her right hand was resting almost over her right breast. Mom has sizeable nipples to complement her huge breasts and now they were standing erect poking through her nightie. After the erotic love making scene was over she said softly “how lucky these people are to get what they want and whenever they want it” I replied saying I didn’t understand what she meant or what she was referring to. She replied “look at them having sex. How lucky they are and look at us Indians…”. I replied that this was mainly because foreigners are not tied down to sex only with the partner they love but with anyone mainly because sex is not a ritual for them but just another form of enjoyment and when they get into the mood they just do it.
She replied “how I wished we Indians could also be like them life would have been so much fun…”. I could see that her voice was a little coarse now which meant she was surely getting high. Then she gave me another crazy surprise when she turned to me and asked “do you have some cigarettes with you right now?” I was shocked and scared at the same time because in the past she had kicked my butt big time whenever she found me carrying cigarettes or stinking after smoking one, so I flatly refused saying nope I didn’t have any and asked her why was she asking this now? Her reply shook the ground under my feet when she said “can you go out and buy some because I want to smoke right now…” I laughed saying “you got to be k**ding me mom” she immediately cut me short and said “I am serious and if you don’t mind then can you please get pack with a lighter right away? And you are going to teach me how to do it” this was too much for me and I just downed my glass bottoms up to come back to my senses and went to my room to get my wallet. When I came out of my room and was walking towards the door she called me and asked me in what quantity and packing did they come in, I replied saying 10s and 20s in a pack and 10 packs in a carton. I also told her that they came in mild, normal and strong varieties.
She asked me which one was I used to smoking and I told her that I had quit a while ago but even at that time it was the strong one and since she was going to do it the first time I would buy the mild one for her. She told me to buy two cartons one mild and one strong. I looked at her very shocked myself asking her why did she want 2 cartons right now? She replied “don’t waste time and simply do as I say and make it fast” I went quickly to the shop which was just a few feet from my house and asked him for a carton of ultra-mild and one of classic regular with a lighter. The shopkeeper was very well known to us since so many years and he casually asked me what was I going to do with so many or was a throwing a party? I replied yes and came back immediately because I did not want to keep mom waiting for too long.
I had left the door unlocked and just walked right in without making any noise and was shocked to see mom with her nightie up to her neck with her head turned backwards resting on the sofa with eyes tightly shut and with her left hand she was stroking a big carrot into her pussy and with the other hand she was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was completely unaware that I was standing right there. Within a few more seconds she squealed and had her orgasm. I just silently walked off leaving the two cartons on the table picking up both her and my empty glasses and went to refill them. When I came back to the living room I pretended normal and kept both the glasses on the table and sat down in my earlier seat right next to her. Now she had lowered her nightie to her hips only barely covering her crotch with her thunder thighs completely visible and still in the same position.
She bent forward picking up the glass and looked at me and said “I am sorry son, I just couldn’t control myself and desperately needed a release”. I told her that I understand and it’s ok and no big deal and everyone needs it. I don’t know how I said it but I did it. She seemed to relax down a bit and said “please don’t tell anyone about it”. I replied saying “relax mom this is not something to be told to anyone and will remain between us. But I fail to understand how have you been managing so many years?” she paused the movie and said “see son when your father was around everything was great” I added right in saying “I know mom, I was in the room next to yours and have heard you every night while you both were doing it” she blushed saying “naughty boy, you were not supposed to be spying on us. It’s bad manners.” I replied “I couldn’t help it because you were so loud. Actually I have seen you both do it also through the key hole in your bedroom door because of curiosity.”
I was like shit what did I say but her response again surprised me, she was smiling and she said “so you saw all the action too… you were a k** then what did you understand?” I said “I did not understand anything except that this might be the games adults play and the way you both enjoyed it, it seemed to be a very exciting one. Actually the biology class seemed to make sense after that and when I reached college I got to know that it was called sex.” I was watching her all the while that we spoke and she seemed very chilled out and did not get angry a wee bit. She now pointed to the cigarettes lying on the table and told me to light her one. I opened the ultra-milds and lit up one and gave it to her and asked her to suck very slowly and then inhale it a little at a time till she gets used to it. She tried it and as expected coughed a little but got used to it much faster than expected and she finished her entire cig very quickly watching the movie.
Now she turned to me and said “so you have seen me naked and also while having sex with your dad… tell me son don’t you have any urges? What do you do about it? Don’t you masturbate?” I replied saying “yes mom I have seen you naked and in action enough times… yes I also masturbate almost every day but I also have like-minded women with whom I sl**p around to satisfy myself.” She seemed shocked to hear the last part of my answer and almost screamed ” you mean you go to pros?” I calmly told her “no mom I don’t go to pros. There are women around who are into a no-strings-attached relationship where the only reason to have a partner is to have sex to satisfy each other.” She was quite shocked to hear this and asked “are these women married?” I said “yes they are married/ separated/ divorced/ widowed.” She replied very excitedly “WOW, I never knew something like this could ever be possible…”
Now the ice between us was broken and there were no barriers left so I was now much more bolder and eased out in my conversation with her. Suddenly on screen some action began to take place and she said “ok wait something interesting happening here again”, and she turned to the TV. The same lady was having another round with the same guy again outside her marriage and I looked at mom and her one hand was already inside her nightie fondling her breast and the other busy with her pussy very openly. Her nightie was up around her waist and I could see her bare pussy with her stroking it with the carrot half way in. I again had a massive erection which I was finding it very hard to hide/ manage. Watching the lovemaking on screen and my own mother masturbating sitting right next to me was too much and my own release was on the edge.
She looked at me suddenly and caught me staring at her body watching her masturbate and smiled asking “are you enjoying the show?” I just nodded yes. Then she looked below at the tent in my pajamas and said “WOW that’s a big one… Don’t you want to take care of that?” I replied saying “yes I desperately want to but can’t do anything right here in front of you.” She just bent a little forward and removed her nightie completely saying “let’s get this out of the way since there is nothing I have that you have not seen already. Don’t be shy because I am your mother, remove all your clothes and let me see what you are hiding there…” with great difficulty I could barely speak and said “I know what you are saying mom but…” she just cut me off and said “do you want me to help you remove your clothes right now?” I almost jumped out of my seat and seeing that she was not ready to listen to anything I slowly removed my t-shirt first and then my pajamas.
My rod was standing erect poking through my undies with a big wet spot on the tip. She exclaimed “you seem to be well endowed just like your dad, now get that last piece of cloth also out of the way before you soil it further and winked at me”. I pulled the last piece of cloth also down and off and while quite embarrassed stood sporting an erect rod. She was smiling at me and looked at my rod and said ‘just like your dad…” I had no idea at this point as to what was coming next so just sat back in my seat silently sipping my drink. She emptied her glass again taking one big gulp and picked up the cig pack lying on the table and tried to light up one but couldn’t do it. Then I showed her how to do it and then she offered me one too asking me to go ahead saying “I did rather have you smoke right here in front of me than smoke outside and hide it”. Getting the green signal I took the packet with the strong ones and lit up one.
While my mother was always my best friend and we hardly had anything hidden between us today whatever happened so far was unimaginable. She was always my fantasy woman right now I could not imagine doing anything with her even though we were both sitting stark naked next to each other. She resumed the movie exactly on the lovemaking scene and now mom was openly fondling herself with her hands. She was squeezing her nipples alternately with her left hand while her right hand was now stroking the carrot in her love hole. I looked at her and she was horny as hell right now and here I was sitting with a raging hard-on with my release just around the corner.
I looked at her and mustering up a lot of courage asked her if I could help her with what she was doing? She looked at me lustfully but did not answer anything, taking her silence as her approval I bent forward and planted a kiss on her nipple. Mom let out a soft moan while I kept kissing and sucking her nipple. I decided to go ahead and now moved closer to her and grabbed both her tits and started slowly squeezing them while alternately sucking and nibbling at her nipples while she continued stroking her pussy with the carrot. I guess this was too much for her and she let out a loud groan and shuddered because another orgasm hit her. Now I got up and spread her legs wider and pulled out the carrot completely and for the first time got a very close look at her bushy pussy glistening with her juices.
I separated her hair and spread her vaginal lips and stuck my mouth to her hole pushing my tongue inside her lapping up her juices. It was fun to be sucking on the same hole from which I came out years ago. She now had my head pressed against her pussy and was enjoying the oral fuck I was giving her with my tongue. I found her engorged clit and licked it with my tongue and took it between my teeth and played enough with it. This was too much for her and she did not last very long and very quickly had another release. I licked whatever liquids that trickled out of her love hole making sure I did not waste even a drop. Now I wiped my face and look up at her, she was smiling from ear to ear and had that satisfied look on her face like a virgin who had just been deflowered.
She asked me to get up and when I did my monster was at her face level dripping pre-cum. She just grabbed it with both her hands started stroking it. Then she brought her face closer to it and licked the head of my penis. Then she continued to lick my entire shaft and took my balls in her mouth and played with them with her tongue. I am clean shaven hence no hair to come in the way. Then she came back to my rod and started sucking it slowly taking it little by little into her mouth. She couldn’t accommodate my entire length but she had more than half going in and out of her mouth. The feeling at this point where your own mother is sucking your dick is just incredible and impossible to describe in words. I didn’t last long because of my pent up release and shot a huge load into her mouth. She was not expecting this and quite some bit fell out onto her breasts.
She swallowed my juice in her mouth and then with her fingers picked up the rest which was on her breasts and ate that too. Then she looked up at me and asked me “how was my performance son?” I replied panting “mom you were great. This is the best I have ever had”. I sat down on the sofa next to her and we both emptied our glasses together. Surprisingly I noticed that after so much to drink she was not d***k yet and just a little slurry in her words. I told her “thanks for a fantastic time mom. I want to do it again and more of it…” she said “son you are free to do it anytime with me but let’s get some rest first”. I was super excited imagining what more was going to happen when she asked me to get her another drink. She said “make it large this time.”
I was very used to surprises by now so just went and poured up two large drinks for both of us and sat with her on the sofa. We said cheers and sipped our drinks together sitting stark naked together. Then I asked her if she ever considered shaving her pubic hair and she said yes she did it regularly when dad was around and not since. I asked her if I could shave it for her right now and she agreed. I immediately went to fetch my shaving kit and I also picked up a miltf series dvd on my way thinking that I would watch it with her since the movie was anyway over now. I spread a towel on the sofa and made her sit on it and spread her legs wide. I also put in the dvd in the player and she asked me which movie it was, I just said “mom you just watched a normal English movie with what is called as soft-core but now I am going to play something real hardcore and you will surely enjoy it.”
She asked if I was playing a blue film and I just told her to wait and watch. I got busy between her legs and before I started with the foam I separated the folds of her pussy and lapped it up with my tongue. She jerked slightly and moaned saying “have some patience son, we have enough time and opportunity ahead”. I replied saying “sorry mom some things can’t wait and your juices are already flowing why waste them”. She just smiled and was lightly running her fingers thru my hair enjoying the oral I was giving her. The movie had started and the title was ‘I just fucked my husband’s best friend’, she read it loud and laughed saying “how I wish this was possible in reality…” I looked up at her and told her “why not mom, who is stopping you? Do you have someone in mind?” she looked surprised and exclaimed “what are you saying? How can you even think of it? How can I do such a thing?”
I was done now with licking her clean and after lathering her complete crotch area liberally with foam I shaved it carefully. I told her that there was nothing wrong in it and doing it with a known person was always a better idea because that way everything can be kept quiet and under the carpet. She was very keenly listening to me while the movie was playing in the background. I was done with the shaving and now her beautiful hairless pussy was in front of me. I dived in and licked it again not forgetting her clitoris and now pushed a finger into her hole. She moaned loudly saying “Oh my god. Stop don’t do it”. I did not listen to her and continued and her juices started leaking again. I now pushed two fingers inside while I continued to lick her clit harder and her moaning was becoming louder.
Now I could feel her pushing my head harder against her crotch. I knew she was enjoying it and even my manhood was hard as a rock and standing erect like Eiffel tower. Now I wanted to fuck her desperately but was not sure if I had her ready for it. She was moaning wild right now and kept saying “don’t stop, don’t stop son” I think her orgasm was building and within the next few seconds she came heavily grinding my face hard against her crotch. I almost suffocated with my face buried in her crotch held tightly with her legs which had closed up around my head in a vice like grip. She was done very soon and immediately relaxed her grip and spread her legs again. I finished cleaning her pussy up with my tongue and stood up again with my manhood standing in attention facing her. I wiped my face and was still standing looking for some signs from her to proceed further.
She leaned forward and now very comfortably took my rod into her mouth and started slurping it like an ice cream candy. This time was even better than the previous one. She went on for some time and looked up at my face smiling, I bent towards her and was about to kiss her on her lips when she turned her face away saying no. I didn’t bother to push more and I held her thighs and made her lie on the sofa and just when I was about to get on top of her she said “son please don’t do this. I know you want to fuck me but please don’t. Whatever we did was fine and let’s leave it at that nothing further than that. I am not sure if I can see you fucking me”. I told her “relax mom. Don’t think too much about it and nothing will happen especially after we have just done everything else” I asked her to get onto all fours and she did and I bent and kissed her pussy again from behind and then positioned my dick at her pussy entrance from behind.
Due to her juices lubrication was no problem and I started pushing into her. She screamed saying “go slow son, treat me like a virgin” I understood and pushed very very slowly into her while I grabbed her tits from behind and was fondling them. I was in no hurry and kept giving her very slow strokes going deeper and deeper with every stroke. I was all the way inside her in no time and she actually felt tight like a virgin. Now I started increasing my pace and mom was enjoying it and moaning loudly all the time. Even on screen there was furious fucking action happening. Since this was my second time I was able to last longer but it was not very long before I shot my load deep inside her because of her tight pussy. I continued with a few more strokes emptying every last drop of my seed in her womb.
We were both exhausted and I got off her and she turned around and we both sank into the sofa sweating and panting. Mom said “this was the best sex I ever had because even your dad never lasted so long or was so good”. I told her “mom you are my fantasy woman and I am very happy to realize my fantasy today”. I was very happy to be able to fuck her even though it took so long but no regrets. Mom said “I am feeling very guilty because of our relationship for what we just did…” I told her “don’t be just look at it as just satisfying your urge and just for pleasure, nothing else…” I saw the time and it was quite late into the night and we decided to get some sl**p. Today I joined her in her bed room and slept with her hugging each other like lovers.

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