Reach Out and Touch Yourself

There are times in every relationship when phone sex is a must. My girlfriend and I can’t always be together because of our jobs. She’s a stewardess and flies into new cities regularly while I work as a regional manager for a national tech company. Sure, I can fly out to see her but that doesn’t happen often enough. Getting dirty over the phone is hugely erotic and brings us even closer despite the distance.
There’s no real set time when we call each other so we have to be ready at any moment. I’m either in our king-sized bed or our plush leather couch when she beckons. She is the same, always ready to get in her warm bed or comfy chair at whatever motel she’s staying at. After being a dipshit and not thinking things through clearly I have Vaseline at all times. I’ve rubbed myself raw on several occasions and ruined the moment because I couldn’t go for a round 2 or 3 if need be. I got too excited and paid the price for the next couple days at least.
I have my lubricant and my baby has her mini-vibrator that always seals the deal. It’s battery powered with four speeds and not much bigger than an adult thumb but it’s made her not only cum but even squirt before so I know firsthand how potent it is. That was the best investment I’ve made and it helped jumpstart our marriage because it brought out a side in Diana that I’d never seen.
This particular night Diana called, I was just wearing a t-shirt and boxers so I’d have easy access to my cock.  Di said she was wearing her button snap pajama top, the one she knows I love so well and the sheer panties she’s bought at Victoria’s Secret. “Hi sweetie. How’s my favorite guy in the world doin?” “I’m doin much better now sexy that I hear your voice and fantasize about how little you have on.”
“Ooooh! Great answer honey! That’s something I know you always do so well. You say the right thing to make me feel sexy and wanted by you.” I could see my cock was already fully hard and ready for serious stroking. Whenever I tell Di my dick is raging and aching for her mouth, she gets extremely wet. Before I met her I’d never known a girlfriend of mine to get this excited over just my speech. I looked forward to every time I’d see her fantastic body.
“Ooooh honey you know how to get my pussy sooo wet! My panties are fucking soaked wishing you were right next to me lying down and running your hands over my entire body. I want to feel your mouth over my hard nipples and nibbling on them to make me want to fuck you even more!”
That was all I needed before I brought out the Vaseline and started slathering it all over my hard prick. “Ohh god baby”, I uttered as I started to stroke myself. “Let me hear it baby”, Di pleaded as I put the phone down to my crotch so she could hear me stroking and how close it sounded to nailing her with her warm juices splashing about inside. “Ohhh fuck hun, is that what I think it is”, I asked Di because I knew exactly that she’d gotten the mini vibe and started to use it on her tender clitty.
“Ohhh my sweetie…I wish you were here to fuck me deep and make me cum”, Di asserted, as I could hear her breathing starting to get ragged. “Baby, I’m undoing my snaps on that pajama top that gets your cock rock hard and ready to drill. I’m reaching inside my top and playing with my nipple. My pussy is starting to get on fire baby. It needs you and wants you!”
“Fuck Diana, I wish I was pounding the fuck outta you like a dirty girl deserves. I wanna pick up the pace and slam you harder you fucking slut!” ”That’s it baby! I’m dirty, dirty girl that needs a spankin on her firm bubble butt. I’d stick my ass out right now because I know you’d get my panties soaked baby! I’ve got two fingers in my pussy baby while the vibe is punishing my clitty baby!” Diana had this whiny tone when she was getting fucked or eaten out and it always drove me fuckin crazy.
“Ohh shit. I feel like I’m going in and out of your smoking hot cunt baby. I’m grabbing your tits too while I’m hammering your snatch baby!” ”Baby I can barely stand it. You’re making me soooo wet I can’t stand it! Listen to this sweetie.” Diana had put three fingers into her slit and was bumping her palm against her clit to show how wet she was and nearly ready to blow.
“Ohhh fuck baby my cock is aching for you! I’m so fucking hard I wanna shoot my fucking load deep inside you!” “Yessss! Shoot your big fucking load deep inside me. I wanna feel your hot cum inside my wet fucking pussy. Don’t make me wait too much longer baby. Cum. Please? Pretty please?” Whenever Diana started whining like that it brought things up a notch to the point where she wasn’t gonna last much longer. Every time the goal was to cum together. We executed this to perfection only once before.
“Baby I’m licking my fingers and rubbing my nipples like your tongue would be all over them. My clit is blazing hot baby. My pussy is scalding baby! I need you…I want you…I need to feel you inside fucking me like I want it baby!”  “Baby I want you so fucking bad! I can’t take it too much longer. Your pussy makes my cock so wet. Baby, I don’t know what to do you turn me on sooo fucking much! Ooooohhh fu…oohhhhhh shit….ohhhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh gawddddd”
I knew by these sounds Diana was ready to unleash an immense cum. I was also there and hearing this got that familiar pull in my groin. I was holding back for as long as I could. Then, in less than 10 seconds, a mutual, “OHHHH GAWWWDDD I’’MMMM FUCKINGGGGG CUMMMMMMINGGGGG”, rang through the rooms we were in. My cock exploded and shot a wad all the way to the middle of my stomach I was so stoked. Cream then leaked out and soaked my fingers and hands with a complete jizz bath. Just hearing Diana in complete ecstasy made me cum that much more.
I was disappointed I wasn’t with my babe but at least we could share this together. “Ohhh fuck baby, my body was quaking and shaking and wouldn’t stop! I had one big cum after another. I felt like I was exploding strong everywhere! My fingers couldn’t replace your beautiful dick but I did what I could honey. Thank you baby!” “Thank you too baby!”
I am so glad that we are so open and comfortable to be able to share these moments with each other, where we can let go and experience the heights of pleasure. All I know is…I can’t wait til’ she gets home!