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Hi this is Rocky again with mine other real story, hope u like this too. Contact me [email protected]. I had this guy with me in my college, His name was Jimmy, and He was really a innocent guy. He was slim, not so good looking but an ordinary guy. We Became good friends n started to visit each other’s place.

He never talked much with the girls, which looked lil strange to me as at this age all boys try their lucks at least once. One day, when I visited his place, he was alone watching TV. He told me that his parents had when to his uncle’s place n will return at night. After sometime, he told me “I have to take a bath now, and will be back in 15 mins, till then u watch TV or any movie u wants to…”. He had many vcds and DVD’s with him. So I thought of watching some movie, While going through his collections, I was one blank cover, which had a DVD inside in it which had no labels, I thought of checking what was in it. So I put the DVD in the player n went and sat on the sofa, I was shocked to see that it was a Blue Film!!!!

Coming back to my senses, I saw that the Man was talking on phone with someone n then he told that person to come over to his place for some fun. I thought in my mind at that time. “Salla, Bohot sidha-sadha batna hai, BP ki DVD rakhta hai?” Then that man it the movie took his cock out n started shaking, to make it hard, that man really had a big n thick cock. Just then I saw Jimmy near the door of the room, and I paused the movie, and asked him “Kyu be , Bohot sidha-sadha batna hai, aur Bp dekhta hai ?”, He then replied to me something that made me think. Jimmy said ” Kya tumne ye movie full dekhi?? Ya nahi? Pehle dekh lo fir kehna ??” saying so he came near to me and sat besides me, he was in towel only at that time, I didn’t mind as both r boys only naa. So I continued that movie, The man went to open the door and another man, entered and they closed the door, then he too got undressed and just made the 1st man to lay on bed and started sucking his dick, I was really shocked, cos that was a Gay movie !!!! Still I na shocked situation, I felt something wet on my dick. When I looked down it was jimmy sucking my dick, I wanted to push him away but couldn’t as he was sucking it so nice, that I just laid back to sofa n enjoyed it. Then he stood and sat on my penis with his back towards me, and started to go up and down my dick, Wow He was so good at it, That I forgot that he was a boy, and this was a gay sex going on. I just hugged him and licking his back body, like a dog.

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After sometime fucking in that position, I lifted him n made him sit in the place where I was sitting and I stood there. I adjust him in a position such that his ass was in air n his ass-hole was visible to me. Then I licked his ass hole first, n then moved towards his penis. Uhhhhhh wow, I was going mad at that time, and then after some more licking n sucking, I inserted my Dick into his ass and fucking him hardly. At the same time I was giving him a hand-job. He told me that, “Rocky, mera paani bas nikalne Wala hai.”, So I told him,”Mera bhi bas abhi Nikalega”, So I took my dick out n placed in on his dick, then we both cummed together, all his cumm fell on his stomach , mine too. He told me that he wanted to eat those all, and asked me to split them all in his mouth. So I licked all of them, which had a mixture of mine n his cum now, and spat in his mouth. He was a whore, he ate all of them n also licked some from my dick too.

Then we went to the bathroom, n cleaned ourselves. In the bathroom too we licked n sucked each other. Then we went to his room n slept there nude till we heard the door-bell. We got dressed quickly, then he ran to open the door and I ran and switched on the TV, as if we were watching Movie on TV. His Parents were happy to see me. Then after sometime I left to my house, jimmy accompanied me till the gate where he just rubbed his hand on my dick, and I responded by rubbing his ass, which his mother saw thought the window, but jimmy didn’t saw this but I saw this and also saw that his mother had a naughty smile after watching this. I left his house with a naughty doubt too!!!!

After this night, me n jimmy used to have sex daily in his house as his Mom n Dad used work. So all u pretty ladies out there can mail me for a hot sex n even if any cute gay/bisexuals. I’m bi-sexual so any one can have a chance with me, just remember I won’t allow u to fuck my sackbut everything else is allowed like a bj, hand-job n all…..Contact me at [email protected]