Secret Sex with Friends Husband

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This is anupama back again with another episode of my sexual adventures. First of all, let me thank you for the overwhelming responses and suggestions for my previous stories which provided me much encouragement to write further about my sexual life. For those who haven’t read my previous stories, I am anupama, 32 years old unmarried lady, basically from Kerala now settled in USA and working here. I am medium built, white coloured with figures of 34D-28-36. I don’t believe in marriage, because I had sex with many guys and I don’t want to cheat anyone. Coming to my story, this happened when I was working in Bangalore. I was 25 years old then, working in a Multi-National Company. I got transferred here from Mumbai. I arranged an admission in a working women’s hostel. Everything was going well and I was enjoying my busy city life. I always have a strong urge to have sex often, maybe I am very horny. But I was missing sex for some weeks and the only way to satisfy my lust was masturbation. It was a Sunday; I went out for some shopping in the morning at 9 am. I finished my shopping by 10 am and was waiting for the bus to return to hostel. As I came out of the shopping mall, suddenly it started raining heavily. It was not rainy season, so I haven’t took an umbrella with me. Within seconds, I became drenched in water. I cursed my luck and ran to the bus stop. As I was fully soaked in water, my blouse n skirt was visible through the sari which I was wearing. Also, my cleavage and navel was also visible. The bus stop was crowded and I saw that the guys around me are watching my sexy figure. I saw many of them having a hard on and trying to conceal it. Though I was feeling cold and shivering, I enjoyed their gazes. Suddenly a car slowed down the bus stop and I heard someone calling my name. I looked in the car and was surprised to see Anjali, my college mate in the car. She asked me why I am here, and I told her the reason. She asked me to get in the car. I got in and sat on the back seat. It was a long time since we met; we were talking about this and that. She introduced me to Rajesh, her husband. He was a handsome guy, with good physique and a clean shaved face. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He pretended to be concentrating in driving, but I realized that he is looking at me through the mirror in front of him. We reached her house and she gave me a towel to get myself dry and gave me one of her housecoat to wear. She took my wet dresses to wash. She told me that she have an appointment with one of her client, she will be leaving home now and will be back on evening. She insisted me to stay till then, and asked Rajesh to give me company until she returns. Rajesh readily agreed and I saw that he is more than happy to give me ‘company.’ Anjali gave tea and snacks to both of us; we had a little more chit-chat. After a while, she was ready to go and said bye to us. Rajesh went with her till the door; they had a short smooch there. He locked the door and came back. We sat on the sofa and started talking about general stuff and watching TV. We were sitting really close to each other; occasionally he brushed my boobs and thighs as if it was unknowingly. I got his intentions very clear; but pretended I was unaware. I noticed he is having a bulge in his pants, it made me excited. I really wanted to have him because I haven’t had a good fuck for some days. Suddenly, he hugged me tight and kissed on my lips. I was expecting that, but was stunned for a moment in his sudden reaction. I pushed him away in false anger and shouted at him and said that I am leaving; and I will definitely tell this to Anjali. He said sorry to me and begged for pardon and stayed away from me, looking downwards. I felt pity on him. Moreover, I wanted to enjoy with him. I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned his face towards me, looking deep into his eyes. I smiled and winked at him. He got the green signal from my lusty smile, and hugged me even tighter. We were into a deep smooch, swirling our tongues inside. He cupped my boobs with both palms and I was sure that my hard, erect nipples will be poking his palms. I caressed his erect cock over his pants and was trying to remove his shirt. He removed his shirt and threw it away. I ran my hands over his hairy chest; he was squeezing my boobs and bums. I had no bra and panty underneath. He tried to remove my housecoat and I told him that we will remove it later; we have plenty of time left. We kissed again, I removed his pants also as I was eager to see his manhood. I saw his dick, erect and throbbing inside his undies. I caressed his manhood for a while, and from his facial expressions I knew he enjoyed it. I slowly knelt down in front of him, running my hand down from his chest. I pulled the elastic of his jockey down; he raised his hip to remove it. I was more than happy seeing his cock, more than 8 inches and thick enough. I kissed his dick immediately, rolling its foreskin back. I swirled my tongue over the tip, he let out a moan. I slowly ran my palm over his shaft and shagged it. It was hard like an iron rod. I licked his pre-cum and began to give a good blowjob to him. He was caressing my hair and asked me to do it hard. I sucked him really hard, taking his cock deep down my throat. It was very hard and I was almost choking. I sucked his balls and he was lying back, enjoying me act. After a while of sucking, I came back to the sofa and sat near him. He opened my housecoat and kept it aside. He was shocked to see my nude body. He was enjoying my perfect sized boobs, flat tummy and cleanly shaved pussy, which was dripping wet. He pinched my nipples and sucked on them. His index finger slipped into my slippery canal and was moving to and fro. I moaned softly. He inserted one more finger and began stroking my pussy faster. I was in heaven. He made me sit on the edge of the sofa and knelt in front of me. He parted my thighs and kissed my pussy. He made his face parallel to my pussy and kissed my pussy lips like he is kissing my lips. I responded well by thrusting my hip to his face. He held my ass cheeks with both hands and dragged my pussy more to his face and his tongue was darting in and out of my juicy cunt. I was caressing his hair and crushing my boobs with the other hand. He sucked faster and faster; I was twitching and moaning. After about 15 minutes, my body shook and I came like a fountain in his mouth. He held me close by holding my bums and drank my pussy juice fully. He licked my pussy clean and we hugged and kissed again. I felt the salty taste of my cum. He was holding me very tight and my boobs were crushing on his chest. He began to stroke my pussy again with his two fingers. I was caressing his hard dick. He kissed me once again and whispered in my ears “darling, let’s go to the bedroom; I want to fuck your pussy now.” I was very excited hearing this. He carried me in his arms to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he dragged me closer to him to the edge of the cot. He positioned his cock tip at the entrance of my love hole and rubbed his dick on my swollen clit and I moaned loudly. He came down and sealed my lips with his to suppress my moan. Slowly his huge shaft slid into my wet dripping pussy. It was painful initially; slowly my pussy accommodated his monster. After it was fully inside my wet slit he stood motionless for a moment and I was feeling his throbbing dick inside my pussy. He also felt the warmth of my cunt. Slowly he began moving in and out. It was enormous pleasure and I was on a high. “Slowly, Raj… Its paining…” I murmured. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t hurt you…” He kissed me. He increased the pace and I was moaning like anything. The sensation was supreme when his cock hit deep inside my cunt. He was crushing my boobs and I locked my legs around his hips to get a better grip. We were sweating and were saying all dirty words to each other. He took his dick out for a while and shoved it back in full force. I screamed in pain and pleasure. He repeated this many times and I had my first orgasm. A stream of my pussy juice gushed out and he suddenly brought his face to my pussy; his face was drenched in my cum. “How was that, honey?” Raj asked. I was exhausted; but I smiled in appreciation. Raj kissed me and pushed his cock inside again. He slowly thrust it inside and moved to and fro. I caught his shoulders and pulled him over me and came on top. I sat on his belly and positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy again and slowly lowered my hip. Slowly my pussy swallowed his shaft again. I began riding him slowly and picked up speed. The sound of our hips colliding each other was filling the room. I had my second orgasm soon, this time even harder. I came like a fountain; spasm after spasm and was moaning like anything. We lay on the bed, hugging each other, kissing and he was fondling my boobs. He told me to get on all fours and entered my pussy again in doggy style. He caught hold of my boobs and was fucking faster. I was enjoying every moment of it. His thrusts became more vigorous and he was slapping my ass cheeks in between. My ass became red with his slaps. He fucked me more and more faster for about 20 minutes. “Sweetie, I am about to cum… Shall I come inside?” He asked. “Cum inside, Raj… I want you to fill my pussy with your hot juice…” I grunted. “What about pregnancy, dear? Are you safe?” “I will take pills dear… Now shut up and fuck harder” He increased his speed again and within a minute, with a loud groan he emptied his balls deep inside my pussy. I also had my third orgasm the same time and I felt his hot cum filling my cunt and it overflowing through my thighs. We were fully exhausted after that wild fucking; we hugged each other and kissed. He took me to the bathroom and we cleaned each other. We came back to the bed nude. We slept for an hour in each other’s arms and I was very happy. We had two more sessions before evening. We dressed up and acted like normal when Anjali came back. I went back to hostel. I and Raj continued our relation for 6 months and he took me for a ‘Honeymoon Trip’ to Goa when Anjali went for a foreign assignment. We enjoyed very much. After 6 months, I got transferred to Delhi and after that I had never met him. Friends, I have lot more of my sex experiences to tell you. I will narrate it to you in due course. Hope you all liked my story. Kindly drop your comments to me which will be a great encouragement to write more.