Two in One Night

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This is a true experience of mine. Am 19 and waiting to join college this year.ok this incident occured last year,i was staying home(cos i decided to repeat for entrance).I am a good looking guy,but i wasnt really sure about that. This incident happened last july, my aunt was coming from UK.shes got a home here and likes to stay there. After my tutions that day i was told by my parents that i should go to her home as everyone will be there after collecting her from airport.I was disappointed with that idea at the beginning.But when i went there that night no one was there except a young girl who i must say was very beautiful.Infact it was her body structure that was more impressive.I asked her who she was and where was everybody else,and she told me that she was the maid arranged by my mother for my aunt and that she was told to wait there. I called home and they said there is a delay and they havent gone to the airport and told me to stay there as they will all be coming there after they pick her.all i could do was wait.i watched TV and the maid ,her name was Maya was watching also. After sometime it began raining and heavily,my mum phoned then saying that due to bad weather the flight has been shortened to cochin,and she has called and said she will be coming here by taxi.she told me to have my dinner as it will be past midnight.I was irritated but i had no way to get back home in this rain.i told maya to have her dinner.this was when it struck to me that i was all alone with a beautiful young woman.I asked her whereabouts,she was older than me 22yrs,but appeared to me 18.after dinner i continued watching TV and told her to sleep as she might have to wake up at night to work. I switched off the lights and was watching night there was Kamasutra on Zee cinema.i never seen that before,i watched that and was getting really erotic.I was using my sofa as bed and i removed my pants and caressing my tool increasing my desire.then after sometime i discharged,i went to the bathroom to clean myself,and when i was returning i realised that maya was lying in the room near the TV room.i thought she might have seen me masturbating and i crawled to where she was lying.she was sleeping,but interestingly she was wearing a nightie and it was over her knee and her legs widespread.i really got turned on again.i gently raised her nightie and tried to touch her cunt,i did and i was surprised,she was not wearing any panty,and it was very very hairy and a feeling i have never ever experienced.but i saw her move like a shiver, i thought she would awake.but she remained and she raised one leg making her cunt more accessible.but i did not dare to touch her and awaken her.i went back and continued watching kamasutra,but the image of maya was in my thoughts.i removed my pant and underwear and remained like that and caressing my rod.after sometime i turned back for no reason maybe i heard something,but what i saw stunned me.Maya was sitting on the floor behind my sofa legs widespread with a perfect view on what i am doing and the TV.i cud see the dense forest from the light from the TV.i have never seen anything like that even in porn sites.both of us were stunned,we didnt move.but when i saw she did nothing to cover herself i gathered courage and went near her,still half naked.the most amazing thing happened next,as i went near her she got hold of my rod and gave a kiss.woowww.I never had sex before and here I am with someone only too willing. I remained standing and then she continued to swallow my was mind blowing.but i wanted to feel her more.i removed my dress and lay near her on the floor.she took off her nightie.she had nice firm boobs no bra and the nipples were very large.i grabbed both those melons with my hands and we had a nice mouth kiss.both of us were inexperienced in this but it was stunning.i was squeezing her boobs and our tounges were fighting each other.i now lied down and she was on her knees,her pussy over my face,her bushy hair was all over me and i cud feel that it was little wet.then she sat like sitting on an indian toilet,i moved her hair and i cud see the lips parting and a small projection,the clitoris.i bit it and i was pulling her hard she was literally screaming .it was a difficult possition,so we tried a 69 position.i was fingering her pussy,i cud easily put 2 fingers and she was shaking wildly.i was getting wild as well.she removed my upper skin and was giving a tongue service.i cudnt hold on any longer i cumed in her mouth and face.she laughed saying it was bcos u r doing it first time.i lay there tired,but she continued,she began fingering herself wildly.then she again came to me and lay on my chest and started biting my nipples.i protested cos i have never masturbated twice in succession,but she wudnt leave,she lay me on my back and sat on my now hard cock.she began moving up and down,i was feeeling mad and shudders of current passing thru me.i never felt this way when i masturbated.i got her ass cheeks and made her sit n the doggy style,this time i was moving wildly,she was sreaming aahhh,oooooooooo,faster,harder etc.then we both cummed together i lay exhausted and she over my chest Oh am still feeling erotic thinking of that,i had a real surprise