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Hai friends, I am Mac with some hot experience to share with you all. Last month I went to my native village as their was my cousins marriage. I stayed there for 10 days and enjoyed almost 10 days with two girls in which one was a virgin. One girl name is rani and other girl is her babhai meena. Meena is around 23 year, married and has a child of one year. Rani is around 20 and she is the sister of meenas’ husband.

It all happened like this. They are the neighbor of my uncle’s house in that village. They don’t have proper bathroom or toilet facilities. All they used to do is going to their farm and do everything there. In the farm they have motor and a well which is used to pour water to the farm.

I used to hide in some bushes and see the girls peeing in the farm.

On my first day, by around 12 Noon I went to my uncle’s farm with my camera and next to my uncles farm is rani. During that time there won’t be anyone in the farm as all the harvests are over. There in my uncle’s farm there is room to stores the farm materials and a bed and fans etc. There was a window in the room which is covered with transparent glasses through which the rani’s farm and the well and the tank were clearly visible.

Then I was lying on the bed, suddenly I saw rani there came to the tank and started to remove her dresses. She was in her half-saree traditional dress for the young girls. She removed her half saree and then her blouse and then her petticoat. She was completely naked I saw all her private parts. She is around 4.8ft tall and neither thin nor fat. She has a nice and beautiful pair of boobs and lot of hairs under her arm pits and her pussy I could see her pussy as I was 500 – 600 mts away from her. Then she got inside the tank and started bathing keeping her dresses in one corner.

I slowly went near the well and took all her clothes the clothes which she was wearing and which she has brought to wear and safely kept them in my room. Then once again I came back she was enjoying the chillness of water as it was very hot outside. Then I removed all my dresses and went near the tank without making any noise. My cock are in 90 degree and ready to fire (It was around 6 inches in length 2 inches in diameter). Then I went near the tank she was lying peacefully closing her eyes inside the water. I said (can I join with u).

She opened her and saw me their nude. She was shocked, and started to run from the tank crossing her hands around her chest. I said (your pussy is visible rani). Ran and saw her dress missing and started crying sitting in the floor and crossing her legs and hands and hiding her private parts then I took my camera and took some photos. I commented (see here rani I want to take photo). She was crying, mujhe chuodo mere kapade do. (leave me please, give my dresses). I said (I don’t have your dresses). She replied “Please…” I kept my hand on her head and started taking her hairs in my hands. She just pushed my hands and said chhodo mujhe (please leave me). I ordered “I wanna fuck u”. She replied (you won’t rape me no?). She said thik hai.

My first order was “sir uthao” (raise your head). She raised and I ordered “mera lund dekho” (see my cock). She saw and she was still crying I asked her to stand up. Once again she lowered and head and started crying and forced her to standup. She crossed her hands around her chest. I said “tymhari chut acchi hai” (your pussy is visible). Then I ordered her not to cry and said “apane haath hato main tumhe poora nanga dekhana chahta hun” (remove your hands I want to see you fully nude). She did and said “mere kapade do” (give my dress). I said “mere saath aao” (follow me). She was not coming along with me and I caught her by shoulder and forced her to come along with me. And took her to my room and then I locked the room. Made her to lie on the bed and told her “tumhare kapade chahiye to main jo kahunga wo karo” (if you need you dress do what I say, first stop your crying). She stopped and then I order her to get up. I asked “mera lund pakado” (take my cock in your hands) she did that.

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She did that I was in heaven. Then I gripped her and started kissing her violently in the neck and I was squeezing her boobs with my hands she started crying I caught her head and started kissing her. For about ten minutes I was kissing initially she was not responding after sometime stopped her crying knowing that any way I going to fuck her. She also started kissing me. Then I started licking her nipples for sometime. Then I asked to lie on the bed she did I touched her pussy she gave a light moan. Then I climbed on top of her in 69 position. And gave her a kiss on her pussy. I then inserted my tongue inside her pussy lip. It seems that she was a virgin. I started licking her pussy. She was moaning then after some time she came. I drank her cum. And there where a lot of cum on my face and on my lips. Then I slowly inserted my cock inside her mouth. Which she refused to take first then forced her to take that. And asked (fuck my cock). She re fused.

Then I said “chooso randi”, (suck you dirty slut). She then took it in her mouth. Then I once again started licking her pussy I cleaned her every drop of cum them after nearly 10 minutes she came once again. In the mean time she was busy with licking me. Then got up and once again climbed on top of her kissing on lips. All our privates parts where touching each other. I squeezed her both the boobs with my hands. Then I kissed her inserting our tongues in each others mouth, I was squeezing her breast and my cock was at its full length. Tip of my cock touching her pussy lips.

Then she cleaned her cum on my face. Then I said, “rani ab main tumhe chodunga”). Saying this I was rubbing my cock on her pussy. She just closed her eyes and nodded her head. I became very happy and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. My full cock went inside with less resistance as her pussy was fully wet and her pussy lips was very big. I was wondering how it could be because she was not married and was from a very good family and she is also very reserved. The I started moving up and down. She started moaning and said “mac jorse karo” (kumar do it fast).

So I increased my speed and she started squeezing my buttock. Whenever I feel like cumming I used to stop and then continue. I fucked her for nearly 20 minutes. In which she came 10 times. At last I felt that after this I can’t hold I informed her I am going to cum, shall I take my cock out. She replied ” (cum inside my pussy. I started moving faster at the end we both came together and we both were totally exhausted. I spelt on top of her without removing my cock. My cock was shrinked after than. After about fifteen min she said). So I gave a kiss on her mouth she responded. Then she said it time for her to go. I said lets have bath then you go to you home. So we both went to the tank once again talking all our clothes. After confirming that no one is there to see us.

Then we both entered inside the water and started fondling each other and kissing each other. I told her that I am going to fuck her inside the water she refused that idea and replied we will have it tomorrow then I asked her whether she is virgin or not ” . She replied “(you have fucked me I am not a virgin. I said before fucking you. She said yes I am virgin before that why. Because “(your pussy is very big. She started laughing and said My self and Bhabie are lesbians I said “really”. She said My bhabie used to insert carrot, into my pussy).

I said that’s great your bhabie has milk in her breast. She replied ” yes a lot daily I used to drink a lot She replied no who it is possible you have fucked me) I replied (ur bhabie is also a girl). She replied ” (no she won’t do that) She got convinced and got out of the tank. I followed her I said I will dress u. Which she accepted first I fondled her and gave her deep kiss on her lip then I started removing the water drops on her body using the towel. Then after that I first dressed her with petticoat after kissing her pussy.

Then her white bra and then her blouse and then her half saree. She was completely dressed and I was naked. She said shall I dress you. I replied (no suck my cock and go) She lowered her body and took my cock in her hands and took it into her mouth and started sucking I was moaning after about 10 min of sucking I came inside her mouth and she cleaned all my cum and said bye bye to me I grabbed her and gave a deep kiss on her lips She gave a smile and went off. Any ladies can contact me on [email protected].