Train journey – 1

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Rajeev had another hard day at his office. He was sad and gloomy as he drove towards his house. The weather was cloudy and it threatened to rain. It was quite dark even though the sun was still out. He looked up at the sky and noticed that clouds did seem to have a silver lining. For the first time in the day he relaxed. His boss was going away for nearly a month due to medical reasons and he had time to relax.

Things had started getting worse at the office once hiss boss, Mr. Rawat, had his health deteriorating. High blood pressure and diabetes had caused him many ailments. Once anger had him so strongly gripped that his blood pressure had even cost him an eye. He had only one good eye left. He just couldn’t bear to see the others prosper and enjoy good health anymore. He was slowly becoming a misanthropist.

However, his love for life itself was still there. He wanted to live. So, he had decided to get some treatment abroad. He had to board a train from New Delhi and commute to Bangalore and then to the International Airport in Mumbai from where he’d take his flight with his son who lived in Bangalore. He had got all the reservations done earlier in the month by his subordinate.

Thinking about his reservations, he remembered Rajeev who had got the tickets done. He mused how well the bastard looked in spite of his growing age and how well shaped had he kept himself up by exercising and playing squash. He himself could not participate in strenuous activities as his blood pressure did not allow him. He used to take out his anger on Rajeev by picking on him all the time.

By now he had reached the train station in his chauffeur driven Mercedes. Reaching the platform, he found the train already there. After he got his luggage kept in the coach of the 2 tier AC compartment (although he never traveled first class but still gave Rajeev, who knew of the fact fully well, a severe scolding when the tickets had arrived that the opinion of the boss wasn’t asked) he scanned the list of names to know about the other people whom he’d be traveling with. All of them were old men in their forties except for a Ms. Surabhi S., aged 24. “Interesting” Dinesh Rawat said to himself.

He went to his chamber and started settling down. The train slowly started to leave the station and gain its pace as it began the long 30+ hour’s journey. Strangely, his chamber was still empty besides himself. There were 3 vacant berths still there. Just then the curtain that separated the chamber from the gallery parted and in walked a tall, beautiful brunette. A sweet fragrance emerging from her perfume wafted inside the chamber. She stepped inside pulling her wheeled suitcase with a bag on top of it. She looked in the chamber and said, “Hello, I believe this is my chamber. Where is berth 34 please?” Rawat looked around and pointed to the upper berth on the other side. She flashed him a bright smile and thanked him.

Rawat was genuinely happy to see such a pretty young thing in his front. The wonderful smile she had just flashed him gave him a lot of comfort. She walked in and stood right in front of him and then turned around and bent to get her luggage under the lower berth. As she bent and crouched her strawberry pink top pushed up and a lot of smooth creamy skin of her back came into view. Rawat bent slightly forward and he stared at the white lowers of his new travel companion. He could slightly see the black waistline of her panties as he stared inside from his seat. Soon she stood up and was putting a mineral water bottle in the holder provided in the train with her back still towards Rawat. Rawat was just mesmerized by her beauty as he gazed her from heel to head. With the three-fourths that she was wearing he could see her nice soft calf muscles. They were tight, soft, fair and so touchable. If only he could lean forward and touch them!

As he looked up, those calves slowly turned into thighs and he couldn’t help notice that how much those lowers hugged her legs. The thighs shaped into nice firm buttocks as his gaze went higher. Her pants were so tight on them that he wondered why he couldn’t make out the panty line. She looked like a real strawberry-vanilla ice cream treat with icing of smooth creamy skin everywhere. It was for two nights that he was going to enjoy this treat.

She turned around and it was then that he noticed that how low her pants were. They revealed the nice belly button which had a glittering silver ring in it. Rawat couldn’t decide whether he like the flat-stomach more or the pierced navel. She started to sit down and her breasts came into the fixed view of Rawat during her descent. She was bent forward and he could see a bit of cleavage as her the fabric of her top hung away from her chest. Finally she was completely seated and Rawat was face to face with her.

She took off her purse from her shoulder and took out the comb. Taking the clip out of her long shiny black hair she swung them forward and put them over her shoulder to comb them. She put the hair clip between her teeth and started to smoothen out her shiny black locks. When finished with the task she put the clip back into her hair after tying them into a bun. Then she took out a small mirror and lipstick and started to fix her makeup. Dark maroon shade of the lipstick on her fair skin was a big turn-on for Mr. Rawat who started feeling a stir in his pants.

She finally spoke, “Hello, I’m Surabhi. I’ll be going all the way till Bangalore. When do you get off?” Rawat replied, “True to your name the compartment is quite fragrant now. I’m Dinesh and am also going all the way till Bangalore.” He was surprised that he had mentioned just his first name to the girl like a college boy. She chuckled thanked him for the compliment and said that at least she had some interesting company all the way with her.

Soon she settled down in her seat and took out a women’s magazine. She started to get comfortable reading it. The compartment was quite empty and their chamber had just the two of them separated by the rest of the world courtesy a curtain which blocked the view from the passage. Mr. Rawat started getting bored and he himself took out a novel and pretended to read while continuously gazing at the girl from above or side of the book. She seemed rather engrossed in her magazine and soon started sinking in her seat while reading.

Dinesh Rawat watched in a daze as her hand moved and the long slender fingers dropped down to her feet. He watched intently as the brightly red painted nails reached a strap in the sandals and pushed the strap over the heel down. Same was done with the other sandal. She put the sandals against each other and took out her left foot and then right. Slowly the feet left the white strapped sandals and rose until they were level with his berth. Then she kept her feet besides him, first the right foot and then the left above it crossed at the ankles.

Rawat’s heart started beating faster as he saw those pretty feet planted on the berth right next to him. He wanted to touch the rosy and pink sole of the feet which appeared so soft and tender. The silver glow of the nail polish on her toes was catching his attraction too. He just wished to run a finger on the underside of her feet. From her big toe to the heel and back up moving all the way up to the ankle and play with the trendy black anklet which there in just the left leg while moving the palm of his hand on the calf of her right leg.

Soon he felt that the urge was too much. He was searching for ways by which he could bend and kiss those pretty rosy feet. He casually placed his arm in front of the feet only at just a small distance away from them. He had thought that while changing his position during the reading he will slowly brush his hand against the feet so that it will all look like an innocent accident. He contemplated the sentences that he’d speak and prepared himself for the different responses. He started moving his arm up slowly and surely towards the target. “BLANKETS”, a voice boomed into the chamber as the attendant came inside.

Dinesh Rawat watched in silence as the feet only centimeters away from his palm started retreating back into their earlier home. They were gone and he had missed the opportunity. He gruffly took the blanket, pillow and stuff from the attendant after she had taken her stuff. The attendant informed them that the other two gentlemen were supposed to board from New Delhi itself and seemed to have not got on the train at all. This piece of information made Rawat happy again. He had no one but himself to enjoy this feast for the eyes.

Rawat quickly arranged the stuff on his berth and waited for Surabhi to do the arranging. He waited for sometime but she seemed in no hurry to do the arranging. When he could take it no more, he prompted, “Why don’t you arrange your stuff on the berth and get it over with so that you don’t have to worry at the time when you’re really sleepy”. Surabhi thanked him for his suggestion and stood up. She pulled out a bed sheet and threw it on her berth. She stepped out of her sandals one by one and placed her feet on the lower berths. Rawat started getting happy as he realized that there was a nice treat waiting for him.

She was smoothening out the bed sheet on her berth by turning and twisting and this was making her clothes getting pulled. She was revealing more and more skin. When done with the bed sheet, she said “Dinesh, would you please be a sweetheart and hand me the other bed sheet?” Dinesh was only too happy to oblige and his mood was even more elated by the fact that she called him with just his first name. He stood up, handed her the sheet and stood real close to her. While she was busy arranging the bed sheet, he was busy studying her voluptuous breasts, flat stomach and the pierced navel. Her pants had slid really low and even more turning and twisting now revealed the waistband of her panties.

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It was a huge turn-on for him. The waistband was real thin so he guessed that she must be wearing thong panties. No wonder he couldn’t make out the panty line earlier when she was bending. He had seen such things only on television but seeing it in real life they proved to be causing stiffness in his pants. Finally, she asked for the blanket and pillow which Rawat promptly handed over to her. He stood besides her inhaling her lovely perfume which seemed to be intoxicating him with lust every minute. She got down after placing the blanket over the second sheet keeping the pillow. Then she reached her purse and pulled out some chocolates. She popped one into her mouth and then licked and slightly sucked her fingers. Then she offered him one. Rawat was about to tell her about diabetes and say no when he found himself opening his mouth and just waiting.

He thought about his blood sugar level and then comforted himself with the thought of the insulin injections in his bag. Surabhi pushed the chocolate into his waiting mouth with a pleasing smile on her face. He did not let the opportunity go and slowly sucked the finger while she was pulling it out. He did it in a way so that she’d think it happened because he got into tasting his chocolate earlier than necessary. She commented, “You are really nice looking and definitely still very young in your mind. That is so cool!” He smiled and tried to give her a cool look.

Both of them were yet again settled in the lower berths opposite each other. One of them was actually busy with the magazine while the other just pretending. Time passed but this time the feet did not join him back on the berth. He just kept on cursing the attendant. Soon she appeared to be really sleepy. She headed to her berth on the top and snuggled inside the blanket. Rawat felt sad as he could no longer see the hot body which was now wrapped inside the blanket.

His vision shifted to the magazine that she had been reading previously. He sat on the berth where she had been sitting and flipped through the magazine. He opened the page which she had been reading. He recognized it by the colorful advertisement which was on the next page. While reading she had folded the magazine in such a way that the page was visible to him. He was surprised to see that that page contained feedback from the people in which they had mentioned their sexual encounters. He read through the articles and started feeling horny.

There were stories stating how a beggar disguised as a holy man had entered a house and first tricked and then a forced a woman in having sex so that her worries would end. Another said how a doctor had fooled a woman in showing him her breasts as he examined them. She had just gone there for some small treatment and he had told her about the risks of breast cancer. He fooled her and kept fondling the soft globes of her breasts and playing with the nipples till they were sore. Later he even took a big amount of money as the fee. The stories just went on. He felt that his cock was quite erect and wondered what kind of a girl was Surabhi. Was she excited by reading all this too? He lay down on the same berth for a while.

Soon he saw a strap of black cloth dangling from the berth above him. The light of the chamber was already switched off and he had been reading by the small lamp that was provided. Now it was off too. There was only a little light in the chamber coming from the gallery. He concentrated his gaze on the cloth and noticed the little hooks. There was no mistaking as he had seen this stuff before. It was a bra strap! Was she undressing? Rawat stood up coyly and stretched himself pretending as if just waking up from a sleep. Now he stood up and stared into her berth. His heartbeat grew faster as he saw a bare back.

Surabhi had turned sideways in her berth. The blanket and bed sheet had got pushed below. There was no top on her body and her hairs were still tied up in a bun. Her bra strap was open and dangling below. In the soft bluish light that was present in the chamber due to the shade of the curtains her bare back glowed softly. He just stood there for sometime enjoying the sight. He was thinking about his next step when there was a rustle at the curtains. In came a uniformed man and said “Tickets please”. Mr. Rawat, who had been quick enough to sit down on his berth stood up and flicked on the light. The noise had caused Surabhi to stir and now she was lying on her back with the blanket easily covering her up.

As Rawat fished out the ticket and handed it over, Surabhi reached her purse and got hers. She handed it over while lying down itself. The tickets were checked and the ticket inspector left the chamber. Dinesh Rawat noticed the top bundled near Surabhi’s head and resolved to pull it down when she was asleep. It wasn’t all that cold as the air conditioner wasn’t on full blast. The atmosphere was just pleasant. He lay down upon his blanket itself after switching off the light and waited. He wondered whether the ticket inspector might have seen his hard-on. It had died very rapidly once the light was turned off. Too hell with it he finally thought.

He busied his mind with thoughts of his now deceased wife. She was never a good lay. But without her, he had not experienced any sex for a real long time. He mind drifted to the office and he remembered how he used to keep finding ways to touch his secretary all the time. The added bonuses to her salary had kept her mouth shut but she wasn’t beautiful. She was hard working and efficient. It was her wife who had appointed her thinking that she wouldn’t attract her husband. Rawat’s mind kept circling on these thoughts. He was also very excited by the events of the night. He just waited for the right moment when all would be quiet late in the night.

Thud! Something sounded in the chamber. Rawat startled and woke from his sleep. He couldn’t believe that he had fallen asleep amidst such circumstances. He thanked his luck that it was still night and in fact the perfect time to do something. He looked at the floor and found the girl’s purse on the floor. “So that’s what created the noise,” he said to himself. He put it on the stand between the two lower berths and himself lay under Surabhi’s berth. The top was dangling just a little from the gap between the window and the berth. He slowly started pulling and soon he had the girl’s cover to her top body in his hands. He chuckled to himself at the thought of her waking up and getting down nearly naked! If only he could get his hands on the bra too. He shoved the top beneath his berth so that it would seem that the jerks of the train had caused it to reach there.

Rawat got inside his blanket and started wondering about how he’d get the bra. It wasn’t cold and he started feeling hot inside the blanket. He pushed it aside and just stayed inside the bed sheet. He kept looking at the fair maiden who was blissfully asleep on the berth diagonally opposite to him. Soon he got courage and got up. He stood near her legs in case he’d have to make a quick exit and slowly pulled down the blanket. He took nearly ten minutes in pulling the blanket from above her neck to around her chest. There was the sheet inside covering her hot young body from just below the shoulders but he did not want to mess with it for the fear of waking her up.

He felt his heart race with excitement and he slowly settled back in his own berth knowing fully well that too much excitement was real bad for him. He kept thinking of his next move when suddenly he got an idea. He remembered of the blades in his shaving bag. He thought of cutting the bra and taking them off. Then he thought what’ll happen if she woke up. Moreover what will he do with the bra? He finally decided that it wasn’t his problem. The bra may have slipped off in the night! Then it could have fallen on the ground and got thrown outside the chamber.

He took a lot of time in quietly fishing out the shaving bag and taking the blade out. By now it was nearly morning and he hoped that no one should wake up soon. Finally he got up and got to work. Surabhi was lying sideways facing him and both the straps were visible over her shoulders. Just below the shoulders was the sheet covering her breasts. The straps were loose due to her position. He slowly moved his hand towards the strap and nicked the strap. It took a lot of nicks before the strap finally got cut into two. It had taken real long and he could hear a bit of activity in the compartment. He needed to work faster and still could not risk getting caught. He remembered his trimming scissors and quickly got them out. With one quick motion he had cut the strap and the bra was loose.

Calculating the continuous changes in her positions he felt sure that she sooner or later make the bra fall away and with some luck, which seemed to be totally on his side, he’d see some nice breasts. However, he could not risk leaving the cut up bra on her body. When she had turned was on her back once again, it so happened that a strap was dangling down from the berth. Rawat got back beneath her and started pulling the strap. Surabhi once again turned in her sleep and turned towards Rawat’s berth. During this turn the Rawat managed to pull off the bra. He felt his heart against his chest and kept lying there for a while. He quickly shot out of the compartment with the cut up bra bundled in his fist. There were people already around brushing their teeth and the toilets were not free. He opened a door and threw the black rag outside. He had a lot of trouble returning. His face was red with excitement and he just could not manage to keep his erection down. Fortunately, there were not too many people to notice him and the curtains of most chambers were still drawn. He got back and lay down in his berth. Surabhi was still sleeping but she had pulled the sheet up to her ears. The blanket was pushed around her stomach. He just fantasized about the pretty hot body inside the cover.