Unexpected Erotic Journey

I was returning home after a long break. The train was mostly empty. I found a seat and sat down. Surprisingly the seats on both sides were occupied by small boys of about 10 years of age. A lady, sitting opposite to me was a boy’s mother. She was slim and fair with her hair tied neatly in a bun. She wore a thin cotton sari. Not much fun !, I thought. I was getting ready to sleep. I stretched one leg to the other berth and folded the other and started to drowse. The cool night air flowed in through the window. Suddenly I felt a warm touch on my foot. I woke up to find that the lady was lying down. Her saree was drawn to one side, revealing her belly. Her belly was touching my foot. God! females aren’t what you think they are, I thought. She had a decent appearance and I never thought she was horny. Anyway this was a invitation for me to enjoy! I continued to keep my foot there and pretended to sleep. Most of the boys were sleeping. The one by the window was peering into the night. Surely he was too young to understand. I pressed my foot gently on her naked belly. She had a nice well formed waist. Her belly button stood out against her fair belly. I could roughly make out the shape of her blouse through her thin saree. Her white bra stood out against her thin blouse. I rubbed my foot gently on her belly. She lay still pretending to sleep. I moved my toe finger around her belly button. Her skin was smooth and tight. I reached the bottom most part of her belly. She had a nice angular face and long slender neck. Her saree had fallen to one side slightly. I found myself looking down the opening of her blouse. The bottom of her blouse showed through her saree. I moved my toe upwards towards her boobs. She placed her hand across her boobs. Was it that she didn’t like her boobs touched? , I thought. Then I decided to rub her hands instead. I moved my toe over her fingers and squeezed them gently against the berth. She moved her fingers slightly keeping her hand there. I moved my toes over her hands thoroughly, pressing her fingers against the berth. Slowly she moved her hands away. I continued to move towards her boobs. My toe was under her saree now. I pressed down on her boobs. Her stiff bra touched my toes first. I continued to press down. My toes touched a soft mound of flesh. She had more boobs than I thought. I was beginning to get an erection. I slowly massaged her boobs with my toe. Her boobs were getting firmer. I could feel her nipples stiffen within her bra. My toe was deep under her saree. Her nipples were growing steadier as I applied firmer pressure on her boobs. I felt the hooks on her blouse with my toes. This made me more erotic. Her boobs were now round and fleshy and her nipples were steady. I pressed directly on her nipple against her boobs. She moved a bit over to my side, pressing her boobs against my toes. I kept rubbing her nipples with my toe finger. I moved over to her other boobs. She turned further over to my side. Her round hanging boobs were waiting to be touched. Her nipple was steady already. With the movement of the train, her boobs pounded against my toe. I had a full erection by now. I felt her bra with my toe finger. I pulled down her bra slightly. Her nipple had come outside her bra. Now there was only a thin blouse between her nipple and my toe. Her nipple was fully erect and stood out against her blouse. I rubbed her almost naked nipples with my toe fingers. It seemed to poke into my toe. I pulled down her bra further. I massaged her nipple area thoroughly. I could feel my organ throb within my pants. I looked around. The boys were sleeping. I placed my foot on her arm. I groped around for the hooks on her blouse. I moved my foot further upwards. My foot was buried under her saree. I was afraid if someone would come along. But no one came. My toe reached the opening of her blouse. 
With my toe finger I gently pressed her cleavage. It was a heavenly feeling. She was almost lying on her stomach, leaving enough space for my toe. I moved my toe finger against her naked cleavage. Her skin was very soft and smooth. I rubbed my toe finger against her cleavage for sometime. Her body was stiff as she enjoyed the movement. I moved back to her belly. Her saree was tied low on her waist. With my toe finger I massaged the bottom most portion of her belly. Her skin was warm by now. I slowly moved over to her crotch. I placed my toe on her crotch for sometime. The movement of the train periodically pressed my toe on her crotch. With my toe finger I gently rubbed her crotch which seemed like a fleshy mound. I moved over to her upper thighs. Her thighs were firm and fleshy. Her inner thighs were soft to touch. I rubbed her crotch area with my toes. I placed my toe finger on the bottom portion of her crotch near her vagina. I inserted my toe fingers between her thighs, rubbing her vagina. She held my toe tightly between her thighs. I moved my toe finger in and out of her crotch rubbing her opening. It was an erotic feeling as my toe was covered by her warm fleshy thighs and crotch. I continued the rhythmic movement for sometime. After sometime she released her pressure on my toe. She got up slowly. I kept my legs aside. She went to the bathroom. I finally lay on the berth. She came back after a long time. She had adjusted her dress and tied up her hair. I knew she was going to get down. I folded my legs, exposing my crotch to her. She looked at my crotch for a brief moment and then at my face. I caught her eye. She arched her body forward holding the berth above with her hands. She adjusted her saree to expose her waist to me. I watched her slim shapely body and the sides of her boobs. Her white bra stood out against her thin blouse. She looked at me now and then. I returned her gaze with a faint smile. Slowly she woke up her son. While picking up her luggage she pressed her buttocks against my legs a few times. The train was slowing down. She got down at the next station. I was beginning to understand the difference between looks and true nature. Her conservative looks totally denied her erotic side. What I saw was not what I got. It was a truly erotic experience I could remember for sometime.