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One day after tuition classes I cam back home. My classes got over early, so I returned home. I always had keys of my home. I opened the door, but seem empty. So, I started walking towards my room. As I walked towards my room, I heard some moaning sound; I walked towards the direction of the sound. It was coming from my parent’s room. I thought for a while, “Is mom and daddy having fun?” I was feeling curious to see, and their door was also open slightly. I peeped from the door and was shocked to look at it. My mom and our neighbor’s boy, who is of 23 ages, were having fun. Let me describe my mom, Shweta. Even at the age of 38 she is slim and has maintained her body well. She has structure of 36-32-36. Her boob’s size is 36 c. The boy, rakesh, with whom she was having fun has 9″ long and 3″ thick dick. I had never experienced it, but heard my mom telling him that she has never had such a huge dick.

My mom was still in saree, as she generally wears saree. Rakesh was half nude with his pants and underwear down. Mom was holding his dick and giving it soft kisses, “rakesh I had never did blow job.” rakesh, caressing her hair, “no worry, I will teach you. Kiss it baby, it’s your tool, lick it from top to bottom and then take in mouth like you lick and suck lollipop.” Mom lick it from top to bottom and then took it in mouth, it was entering in her mouth fully. She sucked once and gets it out, “rakesh, it feels bad.” Rakesh, “caressing her hair, suck it more and you will feel good, do it for me.” Mom again took it in mouth and now she got in rhythm, rakesh was moaning, “aaaahhhhhhhh yyessssssssss there you go suck it more take it more inner yyessss” Mom was now sucking it faster and had now take it full 9″ in her mouth, the cock was touching her throat. Rakesh was pressing her head more on his cock, “yyesssss baby you are a good cock sucker yyesssssssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm” And he was going to shoot cum, he held her face tight and pressed it more on his dick and shoot cum in her throat. She took her mouth and started coughing, but rakesh didn’t wanted her to throw her cum out, he immediately kissed her and closed her mouth with his. They kissed passionately, hard, sucking each others lips, tongue.

Rakesh now was rolling around mom and taking her saree off, took her blouse, bra, chaniya and panty and there she was nude in front of rakesh. She was covering her boobs with her hand, sat on bed, covering her pussy, with folding legs. Rakesh, “shweta, what are you doing?” Mom, “I am feeling shy” rakesh got near her and unfolded her hands and looked at her boobs and pussy, “wow your boobs are great and you had shaved your pussy as exactly I said.” I was surprised to hear and thinking from how long they are having sexual relationships. He laid her on bed and spread her legs wide; mom asked “what are you doing”. Rakesh, “I am fuck you orally.” mom with innocence, “how?” rakesh, “fingered you, lick your pussy and suck it with tongue, this will make you wet and easy way for me.” He smiled. He got in between her legs and inserted one fingered in it and she let out a mom, “aaahhh” he inserted two more fingers and started fingered fucking her, she has caught pillows tight and was enjoying pleasure of fingered fuck, “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm yyyesssssssssss rakkkesssshh yyessssssssss deeepppeeerrrr oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He took out his fingered and put his tongue in her pussy and started tongue fucking her and she was pressing his head in her pussy. He was fucking her faster and as she orgasm, held him tight and all her juices splashed on his face. He smiled came on top of her and kissed her. She licked her own juice and kissed him. Rakesh, “now you are ready to take my tool.”

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He got on top of her and positioned his 9″ long and 3″ thick dick at her entrance. She was rolling her fingers on his chest. As he pushed his dick in her she felt pain, “aaahh shweta you are still tight after 18 years of marriage. Didn’t your hubby fuck you harder?” He smiled. She smiled, “he don’t have huge dick like you. He has just 6″ long and 2.5″ thick.” Rakesh smiled, “no problem, I will widen it.” He pushed further and she let out moan, “aaaahhhhhhh slowly rakesh it hurts.” He pushed further and further and finally it got in her fully. She has long pussy to take full 9″ cock in her. They remain still there for a minute and rakesh started pumping slowly, mom also pushing her hips towards him, raising it to get him full inside and touch the g-point. He increased his pace and mom too raising her hips, “aaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yyyessssssssssssss yyyyessssssssssssssssss rrrraaakkkessshhhh fuckkk me harder ffaster yyyessssssssssssssssss” Rakesh now in full speed, “yyyyyyyessssssss baby take it full yyyessssssssssssssss ooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” He fucked her in this position for few minutes and then took his cock out without shooting cum. He laid on bed and positioned mom on his dick and get her riding. Mom started jumping on his dick, he was caressing her boobs, pinching her nipples and held her from waist pressing her towards him to get him more inside, both were moaning hard, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yyyessssssssssssssss fuck it hard yyessssssssssssss oooooohhhhhhh yyyessssssssssssssssssssssssss.” Mom was riding him hard, he too raising his hips faster fucking from bottom.

They stopped. Now mom got out from his dick, he stood and positioned mom in doggy style. Rakesh, “shweta today I am gonna teach how to do sex in various styles and in different holes.” She positioned his dick at her ass entrance, mom, “no rakesh, my ass will be even tighter.” Rakesh, caressing her boobs from behind, “soon it will be smooth” and pushed his dick in her ass and she let out moan with pain, “aaaaaaahhhhhhh rakeshh please stoppp.” But he didn’t stop and continued pushing and finally got in her fully. He remain still, mom was feeling much pain, he was caressing her boobs, pressing it, pinching he nipples to reduce her pain. As pain reduced, he started ramming his cock from back, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh rakeshhhhhhhhhhh oooohhhhhh yyyessssssssssssssssss fuckkkkkkk meee harderrrrrrrr yyyessssss I am your toyyy yyyessssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkk mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” He was ramming her harder, faster. Then again got his dick out and from positioned in her pussy and fucked her from behind for few minutes. Rakesh, “shweta, I am gonna cum, where should I do?” Mom in pleasure of fuck, “yes, fills your love in my love.” As she shoot cum in her pussy, held her tight from behind, wrapping his hand around her waist, pressing her boobs, released all his cum, till last drop in her pussy. He got his cock out of her pussy, mom laid on bed and he laid beside her, both breathing heavy, smiling and caressing each other. And their eyes closed in deep sleep, wrapping each other, laying nude on bed.