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Hello, Indian Sex Stories dot net readers. This is my first sex story on Indian Sex Stories. I have been reading a lot of stories on Indian Sex Stories and finally decided to share my first sexual experience.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rohit (changed name). I am 21 years old.I stay in Mumbai. I am 5’8″, I have a very good physique. The story revolves around how I fucked my Mami during my summer vacation. This is the first part of the story and in the second part, I will share how I had a threesome with my Mami and cousin sister.

As mentioned I stay in Mumbai for my studies. I went to Ratnagiri at my Nani’s house during my summer vacations. All my cousin’s had already come. I went late as I had my exams. Now let me introduce the main character in the story “My Mami”. She is a perfect blend of hotness and cuteness. She is 38 yet she looks very young. She has only one child. Her skin is very soft and silky, she takes very good care of her skin. She has a 34-28-36 figure.

I had never experienced sex before and I always wanted to have sex and Mami was the ideal solution for me. I always used to think that my Mami is also attracted towards me as she used to always touch me in the wrong way, but I never had the confidence to respond her. The day arrived when I finally lost my ‘Virginity’. It was Sunday and my mama decided to go out for a dinner. It was around 6 pm everyone was ready to go out. First, they would visit a park so that kids could play and after that, we were going to have dinner.

I didn’t want to visit the park so I decided to stay back and join them for dinner. To my good luck, Mami was also staying back as she had to complete some house chores. All left at around 6:15 pm, I am Mami was alone in the house. My mama had a G+ 2 bungalow. Mami’s room was on the first floor. She completed her daily house chores by 6:30 pm and went up to get ready. I was watching TV on the ground floor, she informed me that she is going up to get ready and will be back in 10 mins.

To my surprise, she asked me what color saree should I wear today. I was shocked as my Mami never asked me such a question. I thought this is a golden opportunity to open up, I said, ” wear a red saree you look very hot in it.” She blushed and went up to get ready. I was watching TV downstairs. It was 6:45 pm and Mami hadn’t shown up. I decided to check myself how much more time does she needs. I went upstairs, the door wasn’t locked. I opened the door and saw Mami in a red towel partially wet.

Her assets were completely visible. I wanted to close the door at that moment and go out, but don’t know what happened and I entered the room and locked the door. That requires a hell lot of confidence! I asked, “Mami how much more time?”. She said, “just 5 mins more”. I said okay and was about to exit the room and heard a voice from behind, “don’t go downstairs wait here I will get ready quickly”. I sat on the couch and started to use my mobile.

Mami started applying Vaseline on her thighs. I was secretly looking at her. She had placed her legs on the bed and so her whitish thighs were visible. She caught me looking at her but didn’t say anything and gave a naughty smile. She was done applying Vaseline and went into the dressing room to dress up. She closed the door of the dressing room.

I was waiting outside and heard a voice from inside, ” Rohit, can you please come and help me with my blouse.” I was on top of the world. She didn’t lock the dressing room, I went inside and saw her facing the mirror in a petticoat and wearing a pink colored bra. She asked me to hook her blouse as it was difficult for her to hook the blouse because of her big boobs.

We both were of the same height so I tried to get closer to her. I went so close to her that my dick was touching her ass. I could feel the heat of her ass. I was like if I don’t do anything now I always remain a virgin so I decided to make a move. I unhooked her bra in one go, for which she didn’t respond. I had got the ‘Green Signal’.

I slowly moved her hairs from her neck and slowing started kissing and licking her neck. She was also enjoying it and moaning. I made her turn in one go. We both looked into each other’s eyes and we both started kissing each other passionately.

It was my first kiss. I pushed her towards the wall and I was literally biting her lips. While kissing I removed her bra and blouse. I started slowly massaging her boobs while kissing. It was the first and the best experience of my life.

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I took her to the bed and removed her petticoat. She was lying naked in front of me. I always liked dominating and teasing. I asked her whether she was ready for it. She agreed as she had never experienced it. I had already thought of many things and all were flowing in my head.

I raised the temperature to 16°c so that she could feel cold. I said she will be my slave for the next half hour and address me as master. She readily agreed. I was still wearing all clothes, so I ordered her to remove all my clothes but in a seductive way. I asked her to dance and remove my clothes will dancing, and trust me guys she did it very beautiful.

Now we both were naked and I received a call from my mama. We both got very tensed. I picked up the call and he said, ” we will get late as the kids are still playing in the park. You leave by 7:45 pm.” So now we had more 40 mins to play with each other.

I ordered her, to suck my dick. She was an expert in sucking. I then hold her neck and gagged her inside my dick and closed her nose with another hand. She was suffering to come out but I didn’t let her do so.I came inside her mouth. Finally, after she started choking I released her.

She spits the mixture of cum and the saliva on my dick and slowly started massaging it. It was a great feeling, my dick was completely wet and asked her to clean it with her bra. She obeyed and cleaned it with her bra. I gagged the bra inside her mouth. I then tied her hands to the bed.

I didn’t want to fuck her till she came twice or thrice. She came twice during the session alone. I slowly started fingering her pussy but didn’t do it much as I wanted to tease her. I blindfold her eyes and sprinkled some cold water near her navel and even turned on the fan. She was shivering in pleasure.

As she was blindfolded I ran down quickly and brought some ice. I rubbed the ice on her pussy, she was moaning in pleasure. I started kissing and licking her thighs. I removed the bra from her mouth so that I could hear her pleasure sounds.

She was moaning heavily as I was rubbing ice. I then left the ice on her navel to melt. She was shivering heavily her nipples very hard enough. She was rubbing her legs and she was about to cum. I wanted to do much more things but we were short of time.

I quickly positioned my dick near the opening but just moved it along her pussy. I was trying to tease her. She asked me to do it quickly as she couldn’t control anymore. I slowly inserted my dick inside and lost my virginity.

I kept it inside and started kissing her. I slowly started moving it she was responding perfectly to my stroke movement. I increased the speed, she was screaming in pain. We had 10-15 min of the fucking session before we both were completely exhausted.

In 1 hour of lovemaking session, I made her cum thrice and gave her 3-4 love bites which she now has to hide. I asked her to get ready quickly as were late. She wore the red saree which I suggested and we were all good to go.

She locked the door and I started the Activa. She sat behind me holding me very tightly.Her soft boobs were touching me and making my dick to rise. I had already cum twice so my dick was paining as it was rising.

We reached the hotel and they all had already arrived and reserved the seats. We both were seating exactly opposite to each other. It was again a good chance to seduce her. I removed my sandals and started playing with her feet. She was getting very uncomfortable as I was doing it. I was raising her saree with my legs. She removed her mobile from her purse and messaged me not to do it. I replied, ” Yes, I will stop doing it but you have to remove your underwear and give it to me now.”

Mami:- how can I do it now?

Me:- go to the washroom remove your underwear and give it to me. ( kind of fifty shades of grey scene)

Mami went to the washroom. I also left after 2 min and was waiting outside Women’s washroom. She came out and gave me the panty and said. ” You are very naughty, I now want your underwear”. I took the pink colored panty and went inside and quickly removed my underwear and gave her. Now we both have each other’s underwear.

We both went and finished our dinner. I will continue the sex story in the second part. Hope you like it, if yes then give it a big fat thumbs up.

Any Women/ girl want to have some real fun in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai contact me on [email protected] I have a lot of domination and teasing tricks which I want to apply. I promise to keep your Identity a secret.

Any feedback or suggestions are also welcomed.

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