Black Beauty Usha

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I am a big fan of this site and like to read all the stories posted here. I hope to share some of my experiences with you here on this site about myself, my name is Ramkumar, from Mumbai, aged 36, married and have an active sex life with my wife as well as with any female whenever I get a chance. 
My first story on this site is about my first sex experience and I was 18 years that time and had been to my native village for the summer vacations. My grandparents had settled there after my grandfather retired, a few years back during the vacations all my uncles and aunts, cousins etc used to gather here and we generally had a jolly good time playing games and going out on picnics etc. This particular vacation I had reached a few days before everyone else even my parents had not come.
I had traveled alone from Mumbai when I reached home it was around 8 in the morning and my Ajoba (grandfather) had gone out to the market. Aaji was alone at the time and she welcomed me with a huge, beaming smile, showed me my room and told me to quickly bathe and come for breakfast. My aaji was a wonderful lady, very sweet natured and loving. She would have been around 60 years I think, short and very fair, with greying hair. 
I remembered how she used to bathe me during my childhood, her soft hands scrubbing my back, my ears etc till I glowed with her rubbing. Anyway, I unpacked and went into the bathroom with a towel and quickly began to bathe. There was a small window that overlooked the backyard which was a wild vegetable garden as I was bathing me and I saw a woman in the garden tending to the vegetable patch. She was dressed like a peasant servant, just in a sari covering her lower body and a blouse over her breasts, no pallu. 
She went behind some bushes and lifted up her sari and sat down to piss. I couldn’t see her clearly but my tool responded by standing half erect. I wondered who she was and stood at the window waiting to catch a glimpse of her and but she soon finished her peeing and moved off from there till I could see her go behind our house. I had to content myself with a slow, leisurely session of masturbation imagining her unseen pussy. Some time later, after I had changed my clothes I came down to the kitchen to spend time chit-chatting with Aaji. 
To my pleasant surprise I saw the mystery pisser in the kitchen, she was working in our house, Aaji told me that she was our servant, would be doing the sweeping, scrubbing, washing our clothes etc. Her name was Usha, she was around 30 years of age, dark complexion, almost coal black you could say, with a not so beautiful face but lovely sparkling white eyes and sparkling white teeth which she showed with a ready smile and long, thick black hair that came down to her waist she was slim with pert firm breasts a slim waist and wide, flaring hips.
I guess she might have been 36 – 26 to 36 perhaps.  She was married; I could see that from the mangalsutra around her neck. Aaji told me to give her the clothes that I had removed for washing. I went back to the bathroom and Usha followed me, her anklets tinkling as she walked. I handed the clothes – a pair of jeans and my T shirt. She asked me for my underwear and I felt embarrassed and told her “No, I will wash it myself”. 
She laughed at my discomfiture, pinched my cheek gently and said “Don’t be stupid, it is my job to wash all your clothes. You’re the master here, you shouldn’t work!” She could see my underwear hanging on the hook behind me and pushing past me went in to retrieve it. As she moved her body brushed against mine, a good full body contact that seemed deliberate. I felt a jolt of lightning pass through me though I was not sure whether this was intentional and my penis began to stir again.
Usha stood inside the bathroom, my underwear in her one hand, the other holding my jeans and T shirt. She looked at me and asked is there anything else you want? I stammered what else? N-no, that’s it, you can go. She laughed softly and said you’re sure? You don’t want anything else? You’re satisfied just by hiding behind windows and seeing women peeing? And winked at me too stunned to react I just stood gaping at her. 
She then walked out, slowly, rubbing herself against me yet again, this time also clearly stopping for a second to feel my half erect cock with her palms, giving me a gentle rub. She whispered, I saw you next time, I will show you more nicely” and off she went. Numb with shock and anticipated pleasure I followed her like a devoted dog all the way back to the kitchen and through to the outhouse behind where the clothes were being hand washed. 
Aaji asked me why I am following her to which I hastily cooked up a response saying Aaji, the jeans are a very expensive pair, I want to make sure that the lady doesn’t spoil it” and so saying I sat at the steps of the kitchen. Usha had, by now, soaked all the clothes in water and, tucking her saree up to her waist she sat down to apply soap. Her saree pallu was tucked between her breasts and I could see her black mounds bulge out through the cleavage. Yummy looking, I thought, my mouth watering. 
Catching me looking at her, Usha unhooked the top two buttons of her blouse, giving me a very liberal view of her assets. Her saree was riding up almost to her thighs and I could see her shapely legs too enjoying the sights that she was displaying I entered into a non verbal dialogue with her, making eye contact. I rubbed my cock to make her understand how excited I was. She in turn gestured to me to open my legs wide and I was wearing a pair of loose Bermudas, no underwear so when I spread my legs open.
I guess she could see my fully erect manhood standing at attention, hard as a rod. She stuck her tongue out and licked her own lips, making an unmistakable action of sucking and just seeing her do that my cock twitched and throbbed I peered back into the kitchen to see what Aaji was doing – she was busy cooking and oblivious to the sex storm happening right under her nose. I looked back at Usha and put my hand inside my shorts and gave myself a squeeze. Then I removed my hand and pointing at her breasts gave an imaginary squeeze of her boobs. 
She laughed silently, gleaming teeth revealing their pearly whites. Usha now lifted her saree even further and spread her legs inviting me to peer down into her V shaped opening – but it was too dark and I couldn’t see beyond the black flesh of her thighs. I shook my head to show that I could not see much. She understood. Glancing around to see if there were any prying eyes she stood up and in a flash lifted her saree and petticoat all the way up past her waist.
Wow! I almost fainted to see her bare pussy – no panties! And a thick forest of curly, black hair that covered her chooth. Standing there like that for just 2 or 3 seconds she grinned wickedly at me and then let her saree fall. My face, too, fell but she smiled at me and gestured wait. I was eager to see what would come next but meanwhile Aaji called me in saying that my breakfast was ready. So, with the excitement postponed I came to the breakfast table. 
Aaji and I sat together for breakfast and we spent time chatting about this and that, general stuff. Aaji wanted to hear about my studies, my parents, general gossip etc and also was keen on telling me all the news and developments in the village. Without seeming to be too inquisitive I gathered that Usha was working with us as a full time servant, that her husband was working as a truck driver and would come only irregularly, that she had no children etc as we were talking Usha entered the room, having finished washing the clothes. 
She began to serve Aaji and me, often accidentally brushing against my body while doing so, the doorbell rang and Usha went to attend the call, came back and said that the neighbour had come in search of Aaji and the moment Aaji left the room Usha came and stood right next to me, pressing her thighs to mine. I reached for her saree hem, lifted it up to her thighs as my hand disappeared inside her V, pressing my face at the same time to her breasts. 
My fingers reached her jungle, rubbing the coarse thick patch of hair and I gave her a quick squeeze. For her part, Usha placed her hand above my erect cock from over the shorts and gave me a good feel. I was totally, like, turned on and would have pulled her to my lap right there and then but Usha moved away saying “Aaji is coming back”. Sure enough, s few seconds later Aaji came in to find Usha at the stove stirring the vessel and me, finishing my breakfast. 
Sitting in front of me, resuming her breakfast Aaji announced that the neighbour who had come calling just now wanted Aaji to come to their house for a couple of hours for a pooja. Aaji told Usha to take care of the remaining work and advised me to rest for a while after my night-long bus journey behind her, Usha turned and looked at me, rolled her eyes mischievously and grinned revealing a set of pearly white teeth delighted at this turn of events I grumbled dramatically Kya Aaji.
I have come to spend time with you and you don’t even have time to sit and talk with me! Aaji just laughed well naturedly, tousled my hair and said don’t worry, Usha will take care of you for some time. I will be back soon a little while later Aaji left the house, instructing me to lock the door from inside and warning Usha not to make too much noise while working because the poor boy needs to rest within seconds I was at Usha’s side, grabbing her body and trying to kiss her mouth. 
Usha slid her hand into my Bermudas and gripped my cock shaft gently and gave me a full, open mouthed kiss. The taste of her tongue was marvelous, a mixture of paan sweetness mingled with the natural taste of her tongue our mouths worked furiously and I was trying to reach her breasts, unhook her blouse but she squirmed away and said “Now you leave me alone, let me finish washing these vessels. You go and lie down in the bedroom, I will come quickly.
Temporarily disappointed I turned away and went to lie down. My cock was erect, throbbing and stiff with desire. I lay down, removing my T-shirt and slowly playing with myself, my hand inside my Bermudas waiting impatiently for Usha, my fertile imagination playing out scenes of passionate love making. Some fifteen minutes may have passed when Usha came in to my room and literally fell on me like a ferocious tigress. Lying on top of me she took my lips in her mouth and gave me a wet, wild and passionate kiss. 
My tongue was inside her mouth now and getting sucked in a sweet and hungry way while she spread her thighs on either side of my hips and pressed her cunt over my hardening rod. I could feel Usha mover her hips up and down, sliding over my cock – the heat from her genitals was immense, like an oven. I reached down and lifted her saree and petticoat up, my hands caressed the back of her black thighs till I reached her exposed buns. 
My palms grasped her buttocks and squeezed her cheeks, fingers exploring the vertical crack till I reached in between and probed her open exposed holes, both her arse hole as well as her cunt hole. She was not yet wet but I could feel the slight moistness that I was to get familiar with over the next few days. My other hand was at her melon sized breasts. I was squeezing her breasts and trying to unhook the blouse. Usha helped me for otherwise I would have torn the hooks off in my hurry. 
Her black boobs sprang free, hitting my face while I opened my mouth to kiss them. Usha’s was a pure, toally coal black colour, and I found it so amazingly exciting. I kissed her breasts, hungrily sucked at her nipples. Usha, meanwhile, had managed to remove her blouse and it now was lying on the floor. Her armpits were very hairy, and the smell of her sweat was like an aphrodisiac. I felt compelled to open her arms and bury my face deep inside that hairy fragrance while I was busy smelling her and moving my face around there Usha was kissing my face
My forehead, my ears and she sucked my ear-lobes. I felt a jolt of electric current pass through my entire body when my earlobe went inside her mouth, a most delightful, tingling feeling by now I was licking and tasting her armpit and sliding my mouth and tongue all the way down the flesh from her armpit to her nipple and back again. Usha too, moving all the while, had removed my Bermudas which now joined her blouse on the floor beside the bed. 
I was totally naked now, my cock erect and standing up ready to fight in one swooping motion Usha raised her hips, pulled her saree and petticoat way up bunched around her waist and lowered her thickly forested cunt onto my tool. No hands to hold, no hands to guide it inside, my cock just seemed to instinctively know where exactly to enter.
This was my very first fuck, mind you. A virgin lady whose knowledge of sex came from reading and watching porn books and movies and from imaginative sessions of masturbation. With all that theoretical awareness of sex and fucking I was still totally unprepared for the truly fantastic sensations that rippled through my as I felt my cock tunneling through her hairy chooth. Let me try and remember and recapture the feel of it.
First was the feeling of something hairy, like sandpaper, rubbing against the tip of my cock. Then, as my cock head touched her open crack, I think I felt the wetness of her distended clit on my glans – it was a feeling like never before, an explosion of pleasure that made me involuntarily say  aaaahh! Then a delightful parting of her labia, the slow swallowing of my rod as it embarked on a pleasure trip down a warm, wet tunnel each millimeter seemed like a journey soaked in pleasure I felt this is heaven.
I wanted to push up and reach the end of that tunnel, wanted to thrust my hips up into her chooth but I guess Usha knew what I was about to do and she whispered don’t. Let Me do it. Slowly it is better this way” and she was right. My cock was buried only half way inside her chooth, I could feel the cool air from the fan on my shaft and my balls and at this stage Usha did something (only very few women have actually done thins with me, later too) 
She seemed to squeeze my cock within the walls of her lovely cunt! That feeling was sensational and my eyes opened wide in surprise. Seeing which Ushal laughed a low sensual laughter that stayed inside her throat like a small, gentle rumble. She asked me how that was and even before I could reply she did it again and again. Wow! Honestly, I’ve been so damn lucky that my first fuck was with someone who knew the power of that!
I’ve always believed this – just as our tongue has taste-buds which enable the tongue to experience different flavors such as salt, sweet, etc, I believe the cock is also possessed of such sexual taste buds. My cock was experiencing different shades, different flavors of pleasure while inside her love tunnel. Usha now plunged her hips all the way down and I left out a whoosh of breath as all the air was expelled from my lungs even before I could react Usha now reached up, raising her chest above me. 
Her breasts hung like a pair of melons above my mouth. She placed both her hands on my shoulders, her legs and thighs straddling my hips and Usha began to fuck. Up and down up down smoothly she rode my cock while I continued to experience the most wonderful sensations. I could peer down and see, below my waist, my cock sliding in and out of her hairy cunt. It looked good. It felt good. It was Heaven and I wanted it to last. 
I could feel the tension building up inside me, a clear sign that my cock was about to explode, shooting my cum up into her and I didn’t want to cumm, not just yet. I whispered, hoarsely, Usha, I think I’m going to cum, do something what happened next was unbelievable. Barely had I said those words that I felt a stinging slap on my cheek. Usha had taken her right hand off my leftshoulder and given me a tight slap. 
The shock was so sudden, so complete that I felt my cock suddenly lose all its hardness. My eyes watered in pain and I looked at her with distress. In no time Usha was lying on top of me, kissing my cheeks, licking the pain away, her tongue working inside my ears and making me squirm again as sensations of pleasure shot though me again. My semi flaccid cock began to harden again. All the while Usha was whispering sweet words of consolation into my ears.
My darling, my darling, I’m so sorry, but it worked, no? See you haven’t cum yet, see your cock, my darling cock is getting hard again. Feel it grow? I can feel your lund filling my chooth again. You have such a nice, long, smooth and hard lund sny woman will be lucky to get your lavda inside her chooth” Hearing her dirty words I forgot the pain of that slap and we begain fucking again.
Usha, still riding me from on top (many many years later, many many women later, this is still my favourite position woman on top) I now began kneading her breasts, kissing the nipples, sucking the flesh. We kissed, too, exchanging saliva. Usha continued to squeeze her cunt walls now and then, each time making me gasp with even more pleasure. 
She also began to rotate her hips round and round at times, giving a new variety to the up and down thrust. And, some time later, as I felt that I was about to shoot my load up her chooth I told her. She laughed and said don’t worry, I’m almost ready too, I won’t slap you now. Let it go!” and with one long series of shudders I emptied my semen up her hole. 
She continued thrusting up and down, sucking the last drops from my cock up into her chooth-hole before collapsing on top of me. Sweating, gasping and heaving for breath, we remained like that for some time. Finally she got up, off me, wiped me clean with a towel and said that’s enough for now be prepared for more tonight and left me. Satisfied, tired but eager for the night please write in with your feedback to me.