Bus Fortune – II

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Hi to all iss readers, thanks for kind appreciation and feedback on my last story of bus

Now I proceed with my story. One day after our incident in Victoria memorial hall’s garden, we started to meet very frequently. She used to wait for me in bbd bag bus stand and then we both used to go to Victoria memorial or rabindra sadan , or dhakuria lake in evening hrs, these are the best place to make love especially in kolkata . I always used to do oral sex with her as there is no other option left for us in public places.

These went on for approx a month or so. One day I got a call from her side. She told me that her hubby is going out for business tour for one week , listening to this I was in seventh heaven, now my dream is turning out in reality. She told me that she’ll call me at perfect time.

Next day at about 3:00 pm I got a message from her side, she told me that she’ll be waiting for me in our usual place at 5:00 pm. At about 5:00 pm I went to that place and we moved to her house I ranged my mother and told that I’ll be in my frnds house for the night and will come on next day evening after office. She took me to her home, it was not a home it was a palace in behala. She opened the lock and we entered in her house. I lost my control and I grabbed her from behind and put my hands round her below her arm pits and squeezed her boobs from her saaree top. She moaned and said” aaaaaaahhhhhh dadaaoo daadaaooo eto lafaa laafi kiser amader kache puro ek hafta aache” tumi ei ek hafta amake chudte paaro, jekhan theke iccha joto iccha, ja khushi , but ektu dadao ektu fresh hoye aasi.”

I kissed her on her lips and let her free and she went to bath room and I was waiting for her in her living room. After 15 min she came out , I was shocked to c her in her night gown she was wearing a sleeveless satin night lingerie which is in three pieces . She asked me to fresh up I went to her bath room took a bath , I saw her bra and panty was lying there in bath room , I picked her panty and smelled that , the smell of her vaginal sweat was mind blowing and making me crazy , I started masturbating there and unloaded my excitement there in her bath room. When I got out, she was ready with dinner we ate and finished up quickly I can’t concentrate on food coz she was sitting right in front of me , her cleavage and smooth fair skin was inviting me all the time. After we finished our dinner we washed our hands and I just can’t controlled my temptation and grabbed her and took her to her bed room and with in a sec I undressed her lingerie’s upper piece which was like a gown. She was now in her satin transparent bra and panty and I was in my underwear. I put my lips on her lips. She starts breathing heavily and I was tasting her juicy lips. And with my both hands I was pressing her melons.

Her breathing was becoming hot and hot with every seconds of time.

Then we parted and I removed her bra and started to suck her boobs , she was moaning heavily and shouting “aaaaahhhhhhhhaaa aaaaaaaaaa kehye phalo aaj tumi amake eto chudo je aar kono asha baaki na theke jay, onek din por keu erom kore amar mai gulo choosche , aaaaahhh jore jore aaaaaaaarooooo aaaaahhhhuuuuuufffffff kete phalo plssssssssssssss aaarooooo joreee aaaaahhhhh.. I was becoming furious by these words, in the mean time I removed her panty also, and started to kiss her belly button she was still moaning loudly. And when I kissed her cunt she said moaning ‘aah eto din to lukiye lukiye chat te aaj khule puro dome chato amar bohu din er shouke je keu amar ros baar korug erom kore, chaato plssssssss” I inserted my tongue in her vagina which was wet previously , as soon as I inserted she gave a jerk and moaned loudly aaaaaaaahhhhh kiiii arrrrrrrraaaaaaaaammmmmmm koro koro aaro chato plsssss aaj kheye phalo , chindee daao aaj ei gud take, amar bor saala aaj obdi erom such dit epaare ni kono dino aaaaahhhhhh uuuuufuuuuufffffffffffff, tumi kothay chile eto din kano dekha hoye niiiii amar aagun ta onek aageii nibe jeto tumi kete pahelo aajjjjjjj amar gud keeeeeeee oooooooooooohhhhhhhhuuuuuuffffffff. And with in five min she unloaded huge amount of orgasm in my mouth. I drank every drop coming out of her pussy. I asked her , kamon laglo jaan, she replied ero msukh ami biyer teen bochor eo paayi niiii, tumi aaj theke amake chudbe , amar bor to khali du teen min thake aar maal phele ghumiye pode.

I aske her to suck my cock , she said , ei sob bolte hoye naaki jangia t akhule nijer 7” dorshan to korao, aaj obdi khali ondhokaar e choose chi aaj puro aalo te tomar lauda ta choosbo. She took out my lenis and put the whole prick in her mouth and started sucking it and with in few min I was also cummed in her mouth she dranked few drops and split out rest. Then we kissed each other and grabbed each other and again kissed on each others lips and now I asked her to lay down she laid on her back and I put a pillow behind her ass and slowly inserted my cock in her vagina, she screamed and said aaaaahhhh dhoir edhire erom jore dhokale to morrrrreeeeeee jaaaaaaaaboooooo jaaaaannnnnn. Tomar amar bore r bara theke dugun size o dhokale kichu mone hoto naa aaj jante paarlaam beth akaake boleeeeeee, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I slowly increased the speed and by this time she was jumping with joy, then I laid my self on my back and asked her to sit on me, it was first time exp of this kind she sat on my prick and slowly started to move up and down, now by this time I was shouting aaahhhhhahhhhhhhhh ooooh ohooo it was really painful for me. But slowly slowly everything was normal and we enjoyed in that positions also. After few min ie approx 20 min or so we both cummed together with an extraordinary amount of cum and orgasm which we never had before. It was about 1:00 am night we lay in each other arms naked and after half an hour we had our second round , thus in that night we fucked three times . I left for my office in the morning and applied for a four days leave and then we enjoyed the whole week fucking, sucking and outing ie we went to darjeeling and enjoyed there she was telling me that it was just like her second honey moon. Still we enjoy when ever we get time mostly oral in famous parks of kolkata and full in absence of her husband. Now she’s expecting my baby in her tummy. You can say i’ll be a “kunwara baap” and her hubby would be official baap.

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