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Hi friends,

I consider myself indeed very lucky that I got a chance to have an affair with her who till that time had never got involved with any other man than her husband. It was me, who impressed her more because she during the course of my wife’s treatment she had been able to make out that my wife had received a very satisfying and fulfilling kind of sex.

I used to visit her in her clinic very often along with my wife. She would counsel both of us about various things but she used to deliberately cut short her talk while approaching the real subject – intercourse. She would make an eye contact with me then look away. I just kept my head nodding and acting as an avid listener. I kept smiling in my mind and waited for the right moment, the right time, the time when only we two are there and, and, …… Just fanaticizing about her. Her beautiful face, long hair with curly ends and a glorious figure remained permanently etched in my mind.

Fortunately, the day arrived soon. I received a phone call while I was still in my office from Sarita. She asked me to come to her clinic while returning home. She had to give some medicines and advice for my wife. I said ok. I reached her clinic at the appointed time. We were already very friendly as we exchanged the customary hellos. After advising she asked me a question, “Mr. d, how you keep your wife happy?”

I was surprised but then I thought this is the time. As a matter-of-factly I said, “I don’t know really. May be my organ is long enough to satisfy her.”

“O really?” she asked, “let me see.”

Without hesitation I stood up from my seat, unzipped my fly and took out my penis which was not fully erect.

“hmmmm.” she put up her fingers on her lips. “Not so big as you think.”

“It is now up to you to bring life into it.” I challenged her. “You are a doctor.”

She smiled and knew what I was meaning. “I am a woman too.”

She came forward from behind her desk and took a step closer to me trying to hold my penis. I stepped backwards. “Yes sarita, you are really a woman first,” I said, “very beautiful and sexy…. You have to bring it to life without touching it.”

She understood my challenge. She smiled sexily as I praised her and called her name. She took a step backwards and arched her arms upwards as if to relieve herself of some ache due to a day’s work. Her chest flung out revealing her tits. She bent her arms to free her hair from the pins. Soon her hair had opened and fell on her back. My dick now started to twitch. Seeing this she put up a winning smile on her face. She was making her hair fall loose by slowly shaking her head. At the same time the pallu of her silk saree started to slide across her chest revealing a cream colored silk blouse underneath. Soon the pallu had fallen and her tits were visible from her low cut blouse and probably buttoned up at the back side. Her fair skin between her blouse and petticoat was shining and waiting to be eaten up.

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She moved her hands over her tits feeling the silk. Then she turned her back towards me and started trying to unbutton her blouse. Till that time, I could not wait any longer. I rushed towards her and embraced her in my arms from behind. “Oh sarita, you win.” I murmured in her ear. I pressed my dick against her firm ass.

She turned her face as I kissed her slowly on her lips and continued sucking her lips while holding her waist between the edge of her blouse and petticoat. I gently caressed her breasts bringing my arms up over her blouse and could feel her nipples become erect through her soft bra and blouse. We simply stood there together for a long time softly stroking her body from behind as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Then I undid the buttons of her blouse and unhooked her bra from behind but did not remove them. I slowly turned her to face me and again I started kissing her juicy lips. I moved my hands inside her blouse to feel her warm tits. “Ah lovely, ” I murmured. She too heaved a sigh of pleasure. I kept kissing her lips and kneading her breasts. Then I slowly lifted her open blouse over her tits. What a sight it was! I quickly closed my mouth over her erect nipple while still holding and caressing her other breast. She meanwhile caught hold of my dick which was now in its full form. She could not hold it with both her hands which made her comment,”yes, very long indeed. Put it in me, my darling.”

“Yes, but wait I want to…”

“No,” she cut short, “just put it in me.”

Then I lifted her saree along with her petticoat which made a bundle around her waist. Her creamy thighs now uncovered were a sight to behold. But she was growing more and more restless. Her pink panty was soaking wet. I ran my fingers around the edge of her panty to pull it down. Our conditions were now totally out of control. I just held my dick with my hand and placed it at her cunt’s entrance. A gentle push and my dick went inside her. With my dick inside her vagina, I could see her relax and then I resumed devouring her breasts. The more I sucked her breasts the more my dick went inside her cunt. I could feel my dick stroking her inner depths. Then I could feel my climax building up and as I was about to cum she too shuddered and held me tightly in her arms. Her breasts crushed against my chest. Our mouths joined together with our tongues.

This was our first fuck. She wanted it this way. She told me later. Fully clothed and yet we became one. Without uttering any word, she knew this has brought us closer and for days to come we can have a more lasting sessions. Both of us knew very well that this is only the beginning. The best is yet to come.

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