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Hi, dear all,

I am married person. My name is Jeet. About 20 years passed to our marriage by now. This thing happened about 5 years back. My wife Jaya is also very good looking as well as very good assets owner. Her vital stats are 36”C, 30”, and 38”. She is very good on bed. She responds me till I am getting exhausted.

Here I start the story for you. Four years back my cousin sister’s marriage was fixed and we got invitation. Being a position I was holding I could not get leave for this marriage. I asked my wife that she must attend this marriage along with our kids. My wife asked her married younger sister Ashwini who is staying with us to look after me in her absence. She had 2 kids. By profession she is a teacher. Her hubby Ashok is working with a medium size company for last 3 years as a storekeeper. She accepted the task. My wife booked tickets and went to Bombay to attend the marriage. That day was Friday. On Saturday I asked Ashok to give me company to have some drinks. He accepted the invitation. He told his wife that he is giving me company for drinks so both of us would be late for dinner.

We have started our drinks session. After having couple of drinks, Ashok asked the permission to discuss his personal matter with me. I had permitted him to do so. Then he told me that their sexual intercourse is not satisfying him and his wife. He wants my suggestion because my wife and I are about 16 years married life. I got shocked when he had told me this. I asked him that he must have to fuck his wife in different positions. Then he asked me what all those positions are? I have asked him in which position he fucks his wife? He told me that his wife prefers to get fucked in missionary style. He also prefers the same. They had not tried any other style since their marriage. He asked me that I should help them to solve this problem. Actually from bottom of my heart I was also wants something different. I told him that first we should have to finish our drinks and have dinner together.

We had finished our drinks and went for dinner. That was about 9:30 P.M. His kids were not there, so I asked Ashwini, where are the kids? She told me they have slept. During dinner I have asked Ashok that he should permits me to ask few questions to his wife in person. He permitted me. After the dinner both of us went on terrace and told Ashwini to join us there. She finished her work and came. By that time it was 10:30. I asked Ashok to excuse us for the question session. He told his wife that she should answer each and every question I would ask her about their sexual life. Ashwini told him that he should not have disclosed this matter to me that is their problem. Then he told his wife that I am their elder so I can help them to solve this problem without disturbing their life. Then she accepted the things. He told me that he was feeling sleepy and pushed off. I asked Ashwinin to explain me about her views on their sexual life. She told me that she is unable to get a full penetration during their intercourse. Sizes of her hubby’s cock are about 7” long and about 2” in diameter, even then she could not enjoy. She told me another thing that they are doing intercourse hardly once in a week. All of a sudden she asked me that how many times I fuck my wife? I got stunned for a minute or so, and then I asked her why she is asking me question? She told me that she wants to know the facts. I told her that we are enjoying every alternate day other than the period time. Once again she put a question to me that can I fuck her in front of her hubby? I kept mum for sometime and then I asked her question how she would get permission from her hubby? She told me that, that is her job and she left. I also went to our bedroom.

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From the core of my heart I also wants to get a chance to fuck her hard. I was dreaming this since they came to stay with us. I was literally sleepless. After about an hour I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door. To my surprise I found Ashwini was standing on the door in her nightgown. She told me that she had managed to get permission from her hubby to get fucked by me in front of him. I told her that in their bedroom their kids are sleeping. Better they should have to come to our bedroom. She got convinced and went back to bring her hubby to our bedroom. That was the day till today I am fucking my sister in law. Now we have added my wife also in this group, but let me finish the first experience.

Both of them came to our bedroom. I asked them to sit and rethink on their decision. Ashok told that if his wife is getting satisfied with this then he is ready. Ashwini told with this act he may get an instant hard on and he may fuck her hard. Then I asked Ashwini to sit between both of us. I asked Ashok to help me whenever I would ask.

I put my hand on Ashwini’s shoulder and another on her lap. I have started rubbing her thigh gently and touched my fingers on her nipple. Slowly I have started playing with her nipple. Within no time she started moaning. I asked Ashok to do the same like me. He also joins us in a play. Both of us started playing with her nipples and rubbing her thighs. After some time I asked Ashwini to remove her gown in front of us but slowly. While undressing she must have to play with her boobs and nipples too. She accepted the condition. She had only panty under the gown. She followed my instructions. After some time she was standing in front of us in panty only. I asked her to strip her hubby and then me. She followed my instructions. Then I asked her hubby to remove her panty too. He also followed the instructions. I put one chair near our bed and asked Ashok to sit on it and asked Ashwini to take his half hard cock in her mouth and start sucking. She has started sucking Ashok’s cock. I am getting the view of her pussy. She has a very nice pussy having few pubic hairs. I asked Ashok to fondle her boobs. I put my finger in her pussy and started tickling her clit. She started moaning while she has a cock in her mouth. This was going on for few minutes. Then Ashok and I changed the positions. I asked Ashwini to start sucking my cock and Ashok start fingering her pussy. After few minutes I asked Ashok to fuck her in doggy style and I had started fucking her mouth. She was moaning heavily. Within next 10 to 15 minutes both of us cum in her pussy and mouth. She sucked and licked my cock clean due to which my cock started erecting. Then I asked Ashok to give her cock to lick and suck. She took his cock in mouth and I was on her back. I hold her boobs tight in my hands and pushed my cock in pussy. Ashok also started fucking her mouth. Another half an hour we are fucking her in both the ways. Then we ejaculated in her pussy and mouth.

In these 2 sessions she had cum about 4 times. She was completely exhausted. This was our first 3some. Now if any girl, lady or woman wants to get a 3some may write me at [email protected] am ready to fulfill their will and wish.