Friend’s Mom

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Hi friends I am trying there my experience and I hope you will like my first attempt as I am writing this first experience of my life, and if I get good response from you I will share few more. I was just 18 years old in those days and was reading in high school. I had a very nice friend whose name was Sharma He was my best friend in all class and we sat on one disk in class. I belonged from very high and rich family though his family wasnot poor. I often visit Shahid home and when I went to his home I usually gave some gift to his mother that were often sari or shilwar qamiz. His mother was an average common housewife. She was forty plus. She was not beautiful woman, but was a busty woman. She was not fleshy but was enough fat. Her complexion was black browns.

She had very big wide fleshy ass and had very big boobs. She always wears shilwar qamiz. She didn’t care of her cloths and body. She had very careless about her dress and uses always very thin cotton cloths. She usually didn’t wear bra and due to this her breast were always swinging. Which made me crazy. As I have told she has a wide big ass. When I seen her in this way I was started to fuck her, and gradually its became my fantasy to fuck her specially her wide ass. Once I went Sharma home and this time I had not any gift for her, so I tried to give her cash money and said her, aunty I have not bring a gift for you so please accept it as a gift but she refused to take it. When I insist very much she became soft to take it but she said me I will take it if you promise me that you will not tell too Shahid or any one. I became very happy because I wanted to make with her relation like this. I said her ok I promise you that I will not tell to any one. 
She took the money, and when she was taking it her hand touched she and me smiled. I asked her if I mention to some one what is wrong? She said me no it is not proper way of a gift, if some come to know then they will think that why I taking money from you. I started to give her cash instead of gift and she was too happy with this. She now treats me more nicely. I gave her this for more then three months and with intentionally I stopped I this. I want to see her reaction. She was now very restless when I was there and she expected me to give her money, but I was ignoring this and I always try to chat her. One day when I went to their home aunty was in kitchen and I asked from Shahid that where is aunty and Shahid told me that she is in kitchen. So I went to kitchen to meet her. She became pleased to see me and asked me that why I come to meet them after long time. I talked her for some time and then she said me that she wants to discuss me some problem. I said her I am always ready for it. She said me now go to meet Shahid and I will send him after some time to market if he asked you to give company to him, you should avoid it. So I went to meet Shahid and we went to his room and sat to PC and started it. 
After half an hour Shabnum called Shahid and asked him to go to market to bring some thing I don’t know what she asked him. And Shahid said me that he is going to market and that I should stay there waiting. He went to the market and Shabnum came to Shahid room as I was there. She sat with me and said me that she wants to say some thing to me if I promise with her that I will not tell to any even Shahid. I replied her don’t worry Shabnum aunty, I promise you. 
Then she said with little hesitation that she needs some money if I could help her she will be very obliged and that she will be return it very soon. I asked her how much? She said me I need four thousand but I will not insist if you cannot arrange then you should give me that you afford. I sad her no aunty this is not big amount I can afford it but this time I have not money. I asked her that tell me when you need I will give it. She said that if you can do it tomorrow morning, because Shahid and his father will be not there and I want to keep them unaware. So I promised her that I will come here at 10 o’clock, and if there is some problem then she call me by phone thus I will not come. 
When she was talking with me she was busy to tickling her breast very cleverly showing me that she was doing this intentionally. I was staring her breast and she asked me what am I looking. I replied her in very embarrassed that nothing After that she talked me little and she asked me that have I any girl friend and I told her that no I have no any girl friend. She asked why? You are young and smart and you should have girl friend. I laugh and said her that I am basically a shy person and I cannot talk to any female. She asked me that why as I am not looking female? I said no why not you are looking very very female. She laughed and said me that she will arrange a girl friend for me but don’t tell Shahid. After some time she said me that she should go now that Shahid is expected soon. I became wonder that why she keep all these so secret from Shahid and all. Anyhow she went out and after some time Shahid came back. He excused me lot as I waited for him. I was there for tow hour and then I came back. 
Next morning near 9.30 Shabnum aunty rang me and asked me that am I coming? I said her yes, any problem she told me no there is no any problem and that she is waiting for me. I went to her home exactly 10 o, clock. She received me warmly and asked to sit. We both sat in lounge. I took my purse and dragged money and asked her to aunty your money. She became very pleased and took the money from me. I asked her that if there is no any other order for me then let me go. She asked me in angrily that why I show so hurry. And she asked to stay for a while if you have so great emergency. She laughed and said we have to discuses about your girl friend and lot of more. She was sat with me on the same sofa. She was looking very happy, she come very close to me and asked me tell me truth, you have really not any girl friend? I told her aunty I am telling you truth that I have no any girl friend. Why? She once again asked me. I told her that I have told you that I am shying. 
She suddenly asked me are you like girl friend or woman friend? I asked her what do you mean by this, is there deference between woman and girl? She caught my chain and said you are really kid. She said that there is a lot deference between girl and woman. Look me I am a woman as I am aged, and she pointed her neighbor girl her name yyy and said that she is girl. She asked me now tell me you like her or my age? I told her that I will not tell lie I like you. She became very happy and said that she knew it. 
Then she asked me which part of my body you like? I didn’t reply and became calm. She repeated her question and I told her that I could not tell this. She laughed and said that she knew, and with this she took my hand and put it in her breast and said that you like these. Am I right? I did say any world but I didn’t try to remove my hand from her breast as her hand was also on my hand and was trying to press it on her boob. She said me I knew that you like these as I have noted so many times when you were staring them. She asked me rub it if it give you pleasures. I rubbed it and she wrapped her hand on my head. Then she asked me weather I would like to see them. I said her it will be my luck if I see these as I have great wish to see them. She raised her qamiz up and there were her huge teats before me. She asked me look them and fell full your fantasy. 
She asked me to put my hand on them and even I can kiss and lick them. I was astonished to see her tit. They were very huge and she had big black nipples, which excited me very much. I put my mouth on her one breast and kiss it very passionately. I kiss it, licked it and at last I took it in my mouth all and started it suck. She was moaning slowly and I was sucking it. Then I changed it and started her other tit. When I sucked these and her nipples became too hard. I was massaging her tummy and her navel. She had very big tummy, and deep navel. 
She asked me are you happy now? I told her no my fantasy is not only these but I also want to see your buttock. She laughed only see buttock or some thing other. She asked tell me your all fantasy, this is an opportunity for me. Now I moved my hand to her pussy oh what a big her cunt was. I told her I want also see it. She asked me only seeing or some thing more? I said no only seeing. She laughed and said who had bandaged you. Try yourself to see it. I untied her shilwar knot and slide her shilwar little down toward her thighs, she spread her thighs and I saw her cunt. He cunt was too big and just was like a fat mouse. I put my hand on her cunt and started rubbing it