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This is my first post. about 7yrs back, I was traveling by train from Hyderabad to Vijay Wada, I work and job involved touring.

I got into the sleeper coach and sat on my birth, it was a late night train. I noticed that a family had got in a lady, an old woman and two kids, I had observed the lady, both our eyes met for a moment then we continued our ways, and mine was a side lower berth. her husband had come to drop her so she moved to the side seat behind me, I could not see her then. Once the train started, she said bye to her hub and moved back to her seat, her was the inner lower berth. She sat there, I happen to look at her, she also looked at me, it went on for abt 15minutes.then the kids and older woman went to sleep, one kid on middle berth, the other middle berth occupied by the older lady. Rani ( her changed name) took the berth fm where I could see her, the kid on the opp berth. rest of the family slept, we continued glancing at each other for sometime, she tried to go to sleep, my hopes were dashed. but soon observed that she was not able to sleep and kept looking at me, now I started openly looking at boobs (hidden) her face especially at her lips, it went on for sometime. then the kid on the lower berth started crying, she got up and put her to sleep and shifted the kid to the berth where she was sitting and move to the berth that was nearer to me.

she acted as if going to sleep, and stretched her hand into the aisle between the side berths and inner ones, I could touch her hand if I also lied down and extended. I was scared initially, then I also stretched out and acting as if asleep I stretched my hand and touched her hand, she jerked it back but did not say anything, I continued acting. after sometime I again saw her hand near mine, she was supposed to be asleep. she had a kerchief in her hand, I don’t know if she purposely let it fall or it was accident, the kerchief fell. I picked the kerchief and held it in my hands. after abt 10minutes she woke up and started searching for her kerchief, I showed it to her , she asked for it but I did not.

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I got up and went near the bath (it was night 1 at this time) indicating her to come behind me. I went and stood near the door, for 5minutes she did not come, again my hopes dashed, was about to get back, when I saw her come slowly and quietly. She stood abt 4feet far and stretched her hand for the kerchief. I hinted her to come near, she took a few seconds and came two steps near. again stretched her hand, I extended my hand with the kerchief, instead of giving it to her, I held her hand and pulled softly against me. she jerked herself and moved near reluctantly. then I gathered all my courage and put my hand with the kerchief into her jacket, left the kerchief there and continued my hand there, she tried to pull back, I held on, then she came nearer. Fine I knew what to do then, I started kissing her, forgetting that we could be caught off guard, I don’t think she cared either, kept kissing for 5minutes, we were lucky no one came.

Then I left her and walked to the bathroom door, she did not move at first, I opened the door and held it, after few seconds, she walked past me into the bathroom. I got in and closed the door, hoping that her kids don’t spoil our fun thank god they did not

once inside, I went straight for her boobs, pulled them out and started licking her nipples, after a few moments of reluctance she joined me and wow how she reacted. it as if she was releasing herself after a long gap, she really started giving her tits into my mouth, we were aware of the time problem and space too. I played with her great tits for sometime, then I lifted her sari, she tried to stop saying she had to go, but I kept at it and she gave in, I put her on the WC and opened her legs and licked her pussy for next 20minutes. it was difficult for me to believe what I was doing. but we had a ball in the bathroom, but since it was dangerous, we stopped with my sucking her cunt and relieving her. the best part was that day we did not talk to each other, nor did we know our names, it was just an experience. I left my mobile number with her.

it was wow, fine I did screw her the 2nd from then day bcos she was also visiting Vijay Wada for few days. that’s is a different story. I am now at Chennai, any ladies interested I don’t mind ( but it has to be discreet).

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