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Latha woke up as she did every night about 2:00 in the morning. She walked over to the little bathroom area and peed. As she headed back to their bed she noticed light under the bedroom door. Had her son left a light on or was he up watching television or playing a video game? She decided to see and perhaps talk to him if he was awake.

She opened the bedroom door and went down the hallway past the dark living room and into the kitchen where she saw her son’s college roommate Kevin laying on the couch watching television. She noticed he was wearing only his boxer shorts; but she didn’t notice that he was masturbating. She walked out into the family room and sat down in the rocking chair across from him. She tucked her left foot under her, which raised her nightgown up her thighs. It revealed more of her attractive legs than she normally would have.

Kevin had stopped stroking himself when she walked into the room and hoped she hadn’t noticed his actions. His cock was out of the fly so he kept his hand there to cover it. Hopefully, it would shrink back into the boxers and she wouldn’t notice it.

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As they talked, he felt like he had gotten away with his audacious actions as his cock was shrinking. He moved his hand away and rested it on the couch by his hip. Then he saw her thighs, exposed even more now because she had begun to rock gently back and forth in the chair. He had admired her legs when she first sat down but had broken his gaze to help his hand-covered member to shrink. Now he noticed that as she rocked the lamp that was next to him shone down between her legs at times and he was transfixed to try and see her pussy. Oh, now his friend’s mother might inadvertently put hers on display.

She had been aware of his gaze when she first sat down but wasn’t sure what had caught his attention. She felt she probably should have worn a robe but it wouldn’t be polite to go get one now as they were talking. She thought that perhaps there was something else that she was unaware of that he was staring at. Besides, his gaze shifted and they continued to talk.

While he was staring at her, he had looked closely at her tits but could not discern much as the nightgown was evidently heavy enough to hide any signs of her nipples. The neck of the nightgown showed just a hint of cleavage, enough to spark his desire to see more. It was evident that she had large round tits; which only helped to fuel his lust.

As he now watched her rock back and forth, with the light shining on her inner thighs from time to time, he felt himself getting harder. Then he looked at her tits and thought he could make out signs of her nipples. Soon his cock was lying out of his boxer’s fly again. Because he was intensely staring at her he was unaware of his cock being visible.

She was now sure that he was thinking of more than their conversation as she saw his cock in plain sight. It intrigued her, as she hadn’t ever seen a mature cock except for her husband’s. She stared at this young man’s cock and it seemed to get even larger as she looked at it.

She was unaware that her nipples were hard, her chest was splotched with red, and her thighs were exposed because of the light. She kept her gaze on his cock, something she hadn’t ever considered – another man’s cock. But here she was wondering what it looked like, how it felt, and even how it tasted. She scooted back in the chair as she became aware of her nipples and pussy responding to her thoughts. As she scooted back her nightgown crept up higher on her thighs and she now exposed her bush to him when the light shone there. She squeezed her arms to her sides to dispel the tingling in her body but that only accentuated her cleavage and pushed her nipples tighter against her nightgown.

All of this affected Kevin tremendously and he became aware that his cock was exposed yet his roommate’s mother didn’t leave or say anything about the situation. As a matter of fact, their conversation had stopped and each was blatantly staring at the other; drinking in the raw lust that each was physically displaying. That further aroused each of them and they began to let lust run its course.

He sat up facing her on the couch with his cock now jutting out. He looked directly into her eyes. Though he lacked experience he thought her eyes said don’t stop. He decided to go with his interpretation, which was to strike while the iron was hot. He stood up and pulled his boxers down and off then began to gently stroke his cock as he had been doing when she first came in the room. He could clearly see her nipples through the nightgown now and that her chest had grown pale crimson.

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She was still squeezing her sides to quell what her body was revealing to her. Her cleavage and thus more of her tits were on display than she had ever been aware of. She could feel her nipples against the fabric of her nightgown and pressed them against it even more to find some relief from these new feelings. She moved her foot from beneath her and put it on the floor but still made no effort to get out of the chair or to leave the room. Nor did she close her legs; she left them as open as before with the hem bunched up at the very top of her thighs. She stared at his naked body, felt something had to give, and almost imperceptibly shook her head. Was this lust she wondered?

He took the three steps that was between them and stood in front of her within arm’s reach and continued to slowly stroke his cock. She looked up at him and looked into his eyes. He returned the gaze and it was obvious something would have to give, but what?

Then very slowly she lowered her eyes down his body and settled back on his cock. She licked her lips and quickly looked up into his eyes again. Without breaking their eye contact she reached out her left hand and held his cock in it. He stopped stroking and left his cock free for her. She put her fingers around the shaft while looking into his eyes and then began to stroke him just as he had been doing. This was the only other cock she had held since she married and it felt wonderful.

She lowered her gaze from his eyes until it rested on his cock and her hand. Up and down, very gently, and sensuously her hand moved on his cock. She licked her lips again and answers to her questions drifted through her thoughts.

What did it look like? His cock looked beautiful, wonderful, and delicious.

How did it feel? From her perspective, his cock felt hot, hard, and big.

But how did it taste? She licked her lips again.

That question was a big one because she never liked the smell of her husband’s penis or the taste. She had never given him a blowjob, ever. She only kissed or licked his penis, at the most once a year, out of marital obligation; but that was never for more than a few seconds. Get it wet and get away from it – that was her motto.

But now, now she wanted to taste this young cock. It smelled so good she wanted to lick it and suck it and make him cum in her mouth. She wanted his cock and his cum in her mouth and down her throat. She leaned towards his cock and opened her mouth. She took just the head in and licked it. He stepped a little closer, as she took him in her mouth, so he’d be able to stuff his entire cock in when the time was right.

Her mouth felt very good on the head of his cock and her tongue licked and toyed with it. She slowly began to take more of him in by moving her head back and forth. She held the base of his cock with her left hand and slowly took more and more of his cock into her mouth. She was sucking him in as she had been stoking him, gently and sensuously. Her right hand began to explore his body, touching his thigh then moving up the back to his butt where she caressed and squeezed each cheek while she ministered to his cock in the front.

She was amazed at herself. She had never had a man’s cock in her mouth like this but she had answered the question of how did it taste. It tasted delicious, warm, hard, and sexy! She wanted him to cum in her mouth so she could taste that too. It had to be as delicious and desirable as his cock; anything from his cock had to be wonderful. She wanted to suck his cock until he couldn’t cum anymore and then hold it in her hand against her face for longer.

He began to pick up the pace by moving his cock back and forth at a faster rate. She got the message and began to bob her head to match him. Since she hadn’t sucked a cock before, she was trying all kinds of things on his. She was licking, and blowing, and sucking, and tonguing, and swallowing. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, to taste the ultimate prize, to complete the sexual pleasures she never experienced before.

He groaned and told her he was close but she kept up the pace to please this young man. She could feel his butt cheeks flex as he tried to hold back his release. This further excited her lust, his muscular butt cheeks flexing in her hand.

She wanted him to cum, to taste him, to experience this raw lust to the end. Then with a wail he shot into her mouth and with both hands pushed her head onto his cock as far as she’d go. He remained motionless while his cum shot and shot and shot into her mouth and throat. To get the last of his cum into her mouth, he bucked his hips and cock into her full mouth. Then he released her head and looked down at her. She had swallowed it all, surprising both of them.

She looked up with lust and licked her lips again at him. He knew he had never seen anyone as sexy as she looked right then. She stood up and they kissed with abandon. Their tongues were dueling and pleasuring one another. While locked in their kissing their hands roamed all over each other’s body touching and exploring everywhere. They were on fire. He hoped this moment would go on and on, leading to more wonderful delights tonight.