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We lived in a two story house with only one bathroom. TV was new and it was a time of innocents. My sister and I had rooms next to each other opposite our parent’s bedroom. The bathroom was at the end of the hall.

Mamta is two years older than me. we call her Mimi. I remember when we were younger we took baths together. I hated it when our parents made us stop, of course I didn’t know why at the time. For as long as I can remember she walked around the house in her panties and bra. I didn’t give it much thought until I started to get a hard-on. I also notice my dad watched her a lot. He too would get a bulge in his pants. Mom didn’t seem to mind or say anything about my sister’s state of undress but I think she got the benefit of dad’s hard-on later in the night. My mom didn’t walk around in her underwear but left the bedroom door open when she undressed so I was use to seeing her tits, black hairy cunt and big butt. Again it didn’t mean much until my dick started swelling when I watched her.

Our family seldom closed the bathroom door so I got glimpses of mom’s and Mimi’s titties, pussy bush and butt from time to time. As any red blooded boy would do, I tried to sneak peeks as often as possible of them getting undressed or in the bathroom. Occasionally, I would notice sis taking a look at my cock while I was peeing. When my parents were out at night I would sneak into their room and hide because her room was across from theirs. I could watch her play with her tits and rub her pussy. Every once in awhile she would catch me and act upset or mad but never told my parents. She didn’t help the situation any, she would rub her 35 c tits against me while I was studying. On one occasion, when returning from a vacation, Mimi whipped out her left boob in front of mom, dad and me to show her tan in contrast to her big alabaster tit. But that is all she did. That is until one night.

I had been out with friends drinking and I was feeling no pain. Mimi must have been 20 at the time, making me 18 (and still a virgin). I got home and had to piss so bad I burst into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants to sit because I didn’t think I could stand up to pee. Sis was standing at the sink, which was right in front of the toilet. As usual she was only wearing her thin panties and her see through bra. I sat there staring at her beautiful butt showing through the thin material. Her butt crack was so inviting I couldn’t resist it. In one movement I leaned forward and pulled her panties down and began kissing and licking her ass cheeks. To my surprise she didn’t resist.

She wiggled her butt back bending forward so my face slide down and my tongue was now licking her long pussy lips. She rubbed her clit as I twirled my tongue in her honey hole. As she increased the rhythm of her rub I licked faster and faster. Mimi’s finger flew in frenzy as she started to moan and apparently was cumming. I was afraid she would wake our parents just across the hall. She moved to the toilet and sat down removing her bra and offering me her tits. I sucked on her big hard nipples as she grabbed my cock. She said she wanted to suck me off. As I stood up she took my cock between her full tits. As my knob rose between her boobs, she kissed the head and began to lick and suck my dick. I couldn’t hold back. In few minutes I shot my cum cream in her mouth and she swallowed. We stood up and kissed. Mimi said this was our secret and we could do it again sometime.

We continued oral sex with each other, and engage in mutual masturbation a well. She let me suck and fuck her tits. I could butt fuck her but she wouldn’t let my prick in her pussy. Remember, I was a virgin and although I didn’t know it at the time, she was also. Oh how I loved to 69, licking her long puffy cunt lips and sucking her clit while she licked and sucked my cock dry. One night. I was feeling really horny and got up to sneak into her room to get a blow job. As I went into the hall I heard sounds coming from my parent’s room. When my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see a soft light in the room. Mom sat on dad’s face while bending forward to suck his big cock.

They were making slurping sounds as they licked and sucked. Then I saw sis. She was kneeling in their doorway watching this great action. With her nightgown pushed up, she was finger fucking herself. I knelt behind her and began to lick her butt crack rimming her asshole. She moaned and reached back grabbing my cock. She pulled the head of my shaft to her pussy lips. As she stroked me, dad was fucking mom doggie style and that was too much for us. I felt her jump as she slid my cock into her cunt. She muffled her scream as (unknown to me) her hymen broke. I covered her mouth as she moaned in pain but continued. We began to fuck in rhythm with our parents. What a rush …… Fucking my sister’s wet, tight pussy while we watched our parents fuck. We kept pace with them and I think we all came at the same time, but of course our parents never knew.

Mimi later told me that she had messed around with guys and masturbated but this was her first real fuck. She said it was very painful at first but less as we continued. She said she was glad the first time was with her little brother. We sucked and fucked whenever or parents were out but loved to screw while watching them. If we wanted to make sure they were going to fuck that night, sis would wear her thinnest panties and parade around dad. Sometimes she would even take off her bra in front of him making sure he got a good look at her tremendous tits. That would mean mom and dad would go to bed earlier than usual.

We both would fantasies about sis fucking daddy and me fucking mom but we never acted on it. There were two reasons we didn’t try: first, we thought they would kill us. Secondly, we were afraid they would figure out we were screwing and make us stop. Sis said she liked the length of dad’s cock but preferred the thickness of mine. Mom had an awesome ass that I would have loved to lick and slide my cock in. Sis did seem to get an extra charge when we would be fucking and hear daddy say, “fuck your daddy, baby” or mom say,” oh fuck me daddy…fuck your little girl’s ass”. I would get extra hot and hard when I heard mom say, ” oh yes, baby-big-boy fuck your mommy, fuck your mommy” or dad say,” that’s it mommy, suck your bad boy’s cock”.

Sis got married three years later, I visited her when I could. I fucked many women since that first time but no woman ever sucked or fucked as well as my sister. She is now sixty and I’m fifty-eight. She still has great tits with just the right sag. I think her nipples got bigger and harder over the years. I loved to watch the way her long cunt lips hung down and engulf my cock when she sat back on me. Her pussy continued to be so tight. Over the years we lived in different states but always made and effort to get together. Sis knew I loved to see her fuck so she talked her husband into video taping them. He thought it was for him but she would send me copies. I could tell she didn’t cum nearly as often with him. On my last visit we had the hottest sex yet, as she got older she fucked like it was going to be her last. Her husband complained to me that they didn’t have sex anymore. Boy if he only knew.

Ps. My big sis always took care of me. One time when we were fucking in her house, her daughter-in-law, dawn, walked in on us. Mimi was upset but dawn immediately said not to worry, she hadn’t seen sis so happy and asked if she could join in. We nodded and she stripped revealing her pert red nipples and her shaved pussy. She joined us on the bed. I told her I had to finish cumming in her mother-in-law and then it would be her turn. I shot my wade and dawn licked my cum from sis’s cunt as I fucked her doggie style. Dawn joined us from time to time and Mimi made her promise if anything happened to her dawn would continue her tradition of fucking me.


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