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It was the last week of March and a Saturday at that. My department was busy with the quarterly closing of our office accounts. Life is normally miserable for us accountants during this time. I had hardly slept for the last 3 days. Had I known that this would be the situation here, I would have never joined the company. I am a relative newcomer here, having joined in January. Though I am at a senior position, my subordinates do not trust me yet. They tend to give me a hard time. I have a long way to go before I can win their confidence. If the carrot doesn’t work, I will try the stick.

The leader of these troublemakers is a woman named Preeti. She is 35 years old and has been working here for the last 10 years. She was tipped to get my position, but the management decided otherwise and I got the job. On the positive side, she has a lovely round face with a dusky complexion. Her tits are not too big or too small, just the right size. Her long silky hair probably flows till her waist. I have never seen it loose, just tied into a well-oiled bun. She has a gorgeous ass. Compared to the rest of her figure, it is kind of big, but her decent height (5’7″) made it look wholesome. You know the kind one would love to grab or maybe grind your cock against. There wasn’t a night when I didn’t jerk off with mental images of Preeti being raped by me.

I heard a knock on my cabin door and before I could respond, the door opened and Preeti walked in. She was wearing a pastel yellow saree and a matching blouse. She was looking absolutely mind-blowing.

“The boss would like to see you immediately”, she said with a twisted smile.

I knew from that smile that there was trouble brewing for me.

“OK. I will go to him right away.”

I stood up to go to my boss’s cabin. She also turned to walk out of my cabin. The outline of her black bra could be seen from behind. Oh God!! If I could just fuck her now! It took a lot of self-control, but I banished these thoughts from my mind. I did not want to enter my boss’s cabin with a tent in my trousers.

Both of us entered his cabin. He started yelling at me as soon as the door shut behind me. The reports from my department were always late; the suppliers were complaining about late payments, the staff was being harassed (I know where that complaint came from!) And so on and so forth. I silently listened to his tirade. It wouldn’t have been professional on my part to lay the blame on my subordinates.

“Don’t worry Sir. I will bring the situation under control” I said trying to calm him down a little, “Give me a week’s time.”

“Just one week. If everything is not normal by then…” my boss left the sentence incomplete, implying my fate.

I walked out and went to my cabin. Preeti had to be taught a lesson and fast! A plan started forming in my mind. I called in Preeti.

“Listen Preeti,” I said as if unaware that she was the one responsible for my problems, “you got to come in tomorrow if we have to get this department back on track. I know it is a Sunday, but if we work for at least 12 hours tomorrow, the load will be considerably lesser next week onwards.”

“I am counting on you Preeti, you having been here for 10 years, is the only one who can help me.”

There was no way she could get out of this. If she said no, then she knew she would get into trouble with my boss. She reluctantly accepted.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and had a bath and shaved. I left the house at 9:00 AM and went to the hardware store to buy a few things that were needed for my plan. The other stuff that I also would need was already in my office. On reaching the office I parked my car and walked towards the elevators. Preeti was already waiting there wearing a white saree with a bright red border and a white blouse. I greeted here and got a strained smile in return. We entered the elevator. As we were traveling upwards, she noticed my rucksack.

“Going somewhere?” she asked.

“No, just a few things I need here today.” I replied.

We reached the 20th floor. Being a Sunday, I had to borrow the key to unlock the office from the Security office yesterday. I unlocked the door and both of us went in. The office looked totally different. It was completely silent. Preeti went to her desk and I went into my cabin. Opening the cupboard I took out my notebook computer and my camcorder. I put the camcorder in my rucksack and picked up the computer bag and walked towards the conference room.

“Preeti, I will call you in as soon as I have setup my computer.” I said as I walked past Preeti.

She nodded in acknowledgement.

I put my laptop on the lectern and hooked up the camcorder. The conference room could seat about 50 people and was soundproof, which is why I chose it in the first place. I tested the video feed from the camera and was satisfied with it. Picking up the phone I dialed Preeti’s extension.

“I am ready Preeti, you can come in now.” and I put the phone down.

She walked in. I looked at her, my eyes roaming all over her body. She was looking hot. As I mentioned before, she was wearing white saree with a red border and a white blouse. I could see the slight bulge of her tummy. Her hair was tied up in a bun as usual. It looked slightly wet; I think she had washed it just before leaving for office. My cock was already stirring in my pant thinking of what I was going to do to this woman. I asked her to sit. She placed the files on the table and sat down.

I walked up to her and stood behind her.

“You have given me a lot of trouble, Preeti. It is payback time!”

Sensing trouble, she immediately stood and faced me.

“I will scream if you as much as touch me”, she said in an arrogant voice, stepping back a little.

I lunged forward and grabbed her in a bear hug. She wriggled hard to get out of my grip.

“Let me go, you bastard! You can’t do this to me!” she screamed, this time with fear in her voice.

I planted kisses on her face, while grinding my cock against her at the same time. I was constantly missing her lips, so I grabbed her hair at the back and held her face steady. I pressed my lips on hers, and enjoyed the taste of her luscious red lips. As I kissed her, I undid her hair and let it fall loose. The flowery aroma of her shampoo filled my nostrils. This drove me crazy with lust, but it was really difficult to enjoy these fine sensuous things since Preeti was struggling to get out of my grasp. I had to do something fast.

I lifted her and went to where my rucksack was. I forced Preeti to lie flat on the floor on her stomach and I straddled her. Rummaging thru my rucksack I found what I was looking for, a bundle of ropes with different lengths. Preeti continued to struggle and scream. Pulling out two pieces of rope, each about 2 feet in length, I tied her wrists, tightening the knot till she screamed in pain. I got off her and dragged her to the conference table. I tied the free ends of the rope to the conference table legs. The pallu of her saree (the part of the saree that is thrown over the shoulder) had fallen aside and I could see the blouse-clad breasts. I grabbed them and started squeezing them hard.

“Let me go you bastard!” she screamed in pain.

I was really enjoying this. The woman who had made my life miserable in the office was finally at my mercy. I could do anything with her. I let go of her breasts and started to undo the blouse buttons. Because I had tied her hands, I could not remove her blouse. I took my Swiss army knife and cut up her bra and threw the pieces aside. I would have like to do the same with her blouse, but I guess she would need something to cover her tits while going home. Her nipples were big and dark. I slowly squeezed her now exposed breasts. My cock hardened further as I did this. I lay down on top of her and planted my lips on hers and gave her a deep kiss. She could do nothing this time. I forced open her lips by my tongue. I could taste her lipstick. I ran my fingers thru her silky hair while I savored the kiss. She struggled to get me off her body. I broke off the kiss and got off her. Grabbing the folds of her saree that were tucked in the waistband of her petticoat (inner skirt), I pulled it out. Gathering the saree I threw it aside. Preeti had started weeping by now. Tears ran down her cheeks.

“So, you fuckin’ bitch, you thought you would get me in trouble and have fun!” I said and laughed loudly.

“Please let me go! I will never ever trouble you again. I will work the way you want me to, but please don’t it to me. My husband will throw me out. Please!!!”

“No way have you whored! Your cunt is gonna get a good banging!”

I undid the knot on her petticoat and pulled it off, exposing her lovely legs. She was wearing red panties. She was still kicking with here legs. I held her right foot, lifted it to my mouth and began to lick it. I ran my tongue first on the sole and then continued licking up her the smooth skin of her legs. I looked up while doing this and saw the mixed emotions on her face. Her eyes were shut. Tears were rolling out of the corners of her eyes. Goose pimples were raised all over her body. One part of her was enjoying the sensation, while the other was still disgusted by the fact that I was forcing myself on her and that she was lying helpless, unable to do anything about it.

My licking mission had now reached her crotch. The musky scent of here cunt reached my nostrils. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled it down all the way to her ankles. Her pubic hair was trimmed neatly and I could see the puffed-up cunt lips in all its glory. I spread them apart and inserted my middle finger in her cunt and moved it around inside. Then, I started to finger-fuck her. I continued doing so for about a minute. Preeti stopped struggling, savoring the momentary pleasure. Her kicking had almost stopped and she was now rubbing her thighs together. The time was now ripe to violate her.

I stood up and removed my shirt and then pulled off my trousers. My cock had formed a tent in my undies. I pulled off my undies and started stroked my cock, spreading the pre cum on it.

“OK Preeti, let’s fuck!”

The sight of me standing naked, stroking my erect my cock made her forget the pleasurable sensations she was undergoing. The reality of her rape struck her. She began kicking hard and straining against the ropes.

“Let me go… Please! Have mercy on me. Don’t do this to me… Please!”

She was crying really hard now. Because of her struggles, her panties slipped off her ankles. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got down atop her and began to fondle her breasts. I kissed her and ran my fingers thru her hair. Moving my hips, I positioned my cock near her cunt. Grabbing it, I shoved it in her. She screamed in pain at the violent intrusion. I started ramming her hard. She kept screaming and crying. With one hand I grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it hard as I fucked her harder. The pressure was building up in my balls. I started humping her faster. I was close to coming… Just a few more strokes… I pumped harder… Ohhhh Goddddd!!! The feeling of cum flowing out my cock was incredible. My cock kept jerking out cum for some time in Preeti’s cunt. As soon as I was finished I collapsed on top of her. I had never cum so much before this. Probably the fact that I was having sweet revenge and raping a woman at the same time made me cum so hard.

Preeti lay motionless under me, except for the movement caused by her continuous sobbing. I got off her and went to get my camcorder. I played back the recorded scene and the footage was terrific. My friends and I would have fun watching it. I took the camcorder back to where Preeti lay. I wanted to record a few close-up shots. The images I was seeing thru the viewfinder were cock stirring. Her legs were still spread apart and my cum was oozing out from her cunt. Her breast had red marks where I had mauled them. Her cheeks were wet with tears. Her long black hair was spread behind her like a halo, with a few strands sticking to her wet cheeks.

“You were great Preeti! What a fuck!”

I returned the camera to its original recording position on the lectern. I came back and untied her hands and asked her to stand up. She lay there looking at me thru the tears. Grabbing her long hair, I pulled her to standing position. She looked at me with hate in her eyes.

“You bastard! You have ruined my life! I will file a complaint with the police and you will rot in prison!” she screamed at me.

“Hey bitch, have you forgotten about the camcorder? If anyone gets a whiff of what happened here, I will make sure that film is circulated amongst our colleagues and you’re relative. I am sure your husband will enjoy seeing it.”

That silenced her.

“Instead of using you mouth for talking, I have thought of a better use for it.”

I pushed her down on her knees, and holding her hair guided her mouth towards my cock. It was soft, but was hardening now. She refused to open her mouth. I stepped back and gave her a hard backhanded slap on her face. She fell back on her back because of the impact.

“Well, you fucking whore, is that enough or you want more?”

She came back and kneeled in front of me. She took my semi-erect cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. It began to harden in her mouth and, because the wetness and her constant sucking, it became as hard as it was when I raped her. I grabbed her long silky hair and held her face steady while I raped her mouth. I was reaching another level of ecstasy. My fantasies were coming true. I had already raped Preeti and now I was getting my cock sucked by that whore.

“Caress my balls while you are sucking, bitch!” I could barely manage a groan.

She began to caress my ball as she blew me. God… I could not take it any longer. I came inside her mouth. She tried to pull her face away, and my cock pooped out, still spurting cum. I kept her face steady by holding her hair and emptied my balls on her face. Using my cock, I spread cum all over her face. I stepped back to admire my handiwork. She used the respite to spit out the cum that was in her mouth. I laughed as I went and got the camcorder and got a few close-up shots of her in that state.

Grabbing her arm, I made her stand up.

“Let’s go and clean up. I want to watch you while you do so.”

I dragged her behind me to the washroom attached to the conference room. Of course, my camcorder was with me. She stood in front of the washbasin and washed her face. It took some time to remove the sticky cum. Collecting water in her palms, she splashed it on her pussy to wash off the cum dripping from there. She then washed her thighs where some of the cum had dripped.

“What do you want now?” she said in a resigned tone. She now refused to look at me because of the humiliation I had caused to her.

“Get dressed now.” I said.

She walked to where her clothes were lying. I followed her with the camera, recording the scene. She pulled on the panties and then put on the under-skirt. Her blouse was still hanging on her shoulders with the buttons open. Her tits were juggling up and down as she put on the clothes. She buttoned up her blouse and stared to drape the saree around her.

“Go and fix your make-up.” I told her as she finished dressing.

She finished fixing her make-up and stood in front of me.

“Smile baby, you are on camera! Now start stripping slowly, and hey, do it with a smile on your face.”

I filmed her stripping off her clothes, for my pleasure. I then asked her to get dressed and we left the office. We went to the basement car park.

“Come, will drop you home.” I told her.

“No! I will go by myself! I do not want you near me now!” she hissed back.

“Listen my beautiful whore; you will do whatever I say. Don’t forget the video!”

That silenced her. We got into my car and drove towards her house. I parked in front of her apartment and as she was getting out I said,

“Hey always remember the video. I will call you when I need a fuck. Bye!”

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