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This is Sam. My desire for sex with women’s is very high. I feel sex is to be experienced in every manner/quarters. Sam (33 Yrs) from Delhi (basically from south). 5.9 Height, 90 Kgs, dark, tall, and a small tummy. Looking out for ladies (who are 30+), who are unsatisfied b’cause of any reason.
This incident happened to me once I was chatting in delhi room of yahoo. I received a message from a lady named Renuka. Unknowingly I had started chatting with her. Later I came to know that she had lost her hubby sometime back. Sensed her as if she misses something in her personal life. Asked her “how she feels about sex”, and I was very right, she was very sexy & romantic.
But missed everything in toto. She was bit too shy on this subject. We had ended our chat on the first day. Some more days had gone, I got her again, as I had added. We both introduced once again to each other. What happened to this day, don’t know she asked me, if I can help her relieve her tension. I asked her “how come”. She asked me if we can meet in person privately.
I was the first person to say a big Yes. She asked for my phone number. I was very much hesitant, hence asked to reveal her number. She revealed, and I asked her that I would call her after an hour. An hour later I had spoken to her. She was very soft spoken, after an initial greet, I slowly asked about the prospective meeting, she started to laugh and laugh.
I know both of us where novice in this matter, hence have to be cautious. Any how, ultimately we shared each other’s number. And I told her that I can be available to her only in Day time. For that she also agreed. And later decide to meet on the next day at an market close to her residence. We met finally.
She was also Just like me little plum, approx 34 36 34 (this was my assessment through my scanning eyes.) Renuka and me then shopped some snacks and cold drinks and left for the residence. For the confidentiality reason she expected me to reach after her. As planned I had reached her home and rang the bell. She greeted me to inside, it was a nice 2 room set, well managed and clean.
I was made to sit on the Hall, we were both mum, but at the same time very happy and excited. She brought the cold drink from the kitchen and gave it to me. After Drinking the same, I felt like urinating hence looked the toilet. She helped me to locate it. I came back, and was feeling very relieved. Later I took hold of her hands, and told her to sit close to me.
Let me describe something about Renuka. She was a middle aged, fair, with a decently dressed (salwar), and thick & long hair. We were just caressing our hands. I said Renuka you are very sweet and kissed her on her forehead. I smooched her all over her face, her earlobes and neck. She was getting excited too. Renuka told me, lets go inside.
All the windows were covered with curtains and a dim light of Zero Vault was on. The room was smelling very erotic with smell and the dim light. We were standing next to the bed and I hold her up and was kissing all over. Started from the forehead started to sense Renuka from top to bottom. From Neck to the bottom when my face reached and crossed, it was awesome.
Renuka’s every curves I was feeling from my face. She was holding my face altogether with her two sweet hands. Dug my head over her breast and the pussy hole over her clothes. She later told me to stand. She told me to undress. I was now only on my underpants, and she started rolling her sweet hands all over me from head to toe. As she reached my undo’s she started to feel and mouth over my Dick.
She took my 5.5 inch long dick to her sweet mouth. I was just feeling her head with my hands, and she was busy with dick. She looked very excited as she got a tool after a long long time. She was ardently playing with her mouth on it, playing with testicles and my long and strong legs. This went on for almost 15-20 minutes. I was in heaven dear readers.
I told her to undress herself. She did the way I said. Her Salwaar Kurta was down by now. And she moved to Bed. And I also reached near to her. Smooched her face and dragged my mouth to her neck and started feeling renuka’s boobs. It was soft and smooth. Nice and firm one indeed. Rolled my hands over her Bra and teased the nipples over her.
My mouth and my hands were very busy feeling her every curves. She was now started to moan a bit. When my mouth rolled over her panty pit, she suddenly wanted to stand forward, but my both hands forced her to go back. Now I was pumping renuka’s breast with my hands strongly and at the same time my mouth & nose was dug in the clit hole.
Just was very much liking my foreplays. Now I requested her to remove her bra and panty. She did, and I groped over her boobs, and started to tongue and tease the nipples. And my hands were onto her clit. First dug one finger and there after continued till my three fingers reached in. I was jerking her and she was in heaven surely. By now she might have come twice atleast.
She told me reach to her head and she bent down. She took hold of my dick and started to tease with tongue. She was using her both hands and her mouth on my sweet dick. My dick was on its full expansion. I was loving all the plays that the renuka was playing. It continued for sometime. There after I told her to sit on me and ride. She did the way I said.
Started very slowly and there after I heard her moan little more loudly and jerking faster. She was oozing and oozing. The ride had gone for 10-12 minutes. And there after she told me she wants to go down and let the riding be done by me. I said a very big OK. I pulled her down and placed her both legs apart and felt her choot with my hands.
Now with a little assistance from my single hand I placed my Dick on the right hole (cunt hole). Pulled my dick back as I felt very much of oozing. I told her to clean her hole with any clothe. She did, and I felt it was ok and much dry. Placed my Dick inside and pumped her in nor fast and nor slow manner altogether. It went for another 10 minutes or so, later I asked her to change her position to doggy style.
She was trying for the first time hence advised her to place her legs in the right manner, and from behind I placed my dick and forced it in. At the same time my both hands were cupping renuka’s breast and caressing it. The force in similar position for 12-14 minutes. And my sperm came out and I placed on to her ass.
Me and Renuka had enjoyed this session very much and there after on the same day tried once again, she gave some money as promised mutually, before bidding farewell, SAM.