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Hi, thanks to all viewers and readers of my first posting “ MY FIRST SEX ENCOUNTER” for their response and evaluation. The story earlier was of the time I used to study in college now I has been married since last 5 years , but this incident happen after approx 2 years of my marriage.

I am working in a big Indian company and due to nature of my job I had to travel a lot. So at the end of day I used to get tired a lot and so when my wife went to a small operation, my mother in law came to take care of her. Though she was approaching 50 she appears to be damn sexy to me, as always we men had natural flair for women older then us as they had more experience in bed, more developed private parts to provoke anyone. She is beautiful but the biggest asset is her ass that almost is bigger then 40 inch. I used to have a sensation whenever I saw her walking in my flat.

Things went normal at the start and so the desire of mine exploring her body kept on increasing, but I was not willing to take any step in rush of blood to have a shameful situation. On holidays I had the opportunity to watch her when she was coming out of bathroom in semi cloths and when she used to spread her undergarments outside, there size cause a rush of adrenaline to flow inside me.

One day my wife to the checkup with one of her close friend and since I had returned from a long trip previous night I was sleeping till late morning .I wake up after getting bed tea from my mother in law. She was wearing nightie that time and the tight fitting of the dress she was wearing make her body much more sexy that moment. I was gazing her like anything that moment, she perhaps noticed that and suddenly she asked- what you are looking at with so much concentration?

I was ashamed with my action and start looking at different direction. She perhaps got the hint of my intentions , she went outside to do household work. I was tense and shameful of my behavior and tried to keep myself busy with watching TV and reading newspapers etc. After taking lunch I was sleeping in afternoon, she came and sat adjacent to me in the corner of bed for watching TV when my hand touch a part of her ass while sleeping, my body suddenly felt the heat of her sexy ass and no doubt my penis start growing in size. She noticed that , but this time she continue be in that position with my hand now in full contact with her ass. I remained in that position for around 30 min and when I saw no objection coming from her side , I start slowly moving my hands on her ass trying to reach the crack of her ass. She then moved a little bit , I stopped my hand movement but then I realize that she had now moved more closer to me and now I had better approach to her ass.

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I now get encouraged seeing her reaction I start to move my fingers in her ass. She made a small moaning sound and then I realized that this “not to miss opportunity” for me. I went more closer to her in bed pretending as I was doing it in sleeping, she did not move still. Now we were in such a position that my face was touching the side of her ass. I start to press my face in the side of her ass she too responded in positive manner by pressing her ass against mine face slowly.

I now opened my eyes and looked at her , was surprised to see that she was looking at me only with a naughty smile on her face now . I got up slowly and we saw each other for a while and without wasting any moments I put my lips on her hot juicy lips, felt the heat of her body that time . I slowly slip my tongue in her mouth and she start sucking my tongue , I ask for her saliva she did that too. We now were kissing and she was more horny then me and I realized that she hadn’t experience the sex since a long time .

Now I had complete opportunity to satisfy my lust for her body, I start to press the soft tender breast from above her blouse, while other hand start working on her ass from above her saree, while we were still kissing. Then I start opening the buttons of the buttons of her blouse and now she was reveling the beautiful melons from inside her pink bra. I put my mouth on one of the breast after sliding the one portion of bra with my hand and start sucking the beautiful nipples that were so tasty . She was now moving her hands on my hairs and I now opened the bra from behind , now she is naked from upside.

After sucking and pressing the melons I remove the saree and she is now in her petticoat (black color), when I slid it up, and was surprised to see the red color panty from inside ,( I was not expecting her to wear bright undergarments). I turned her upside down and I was now from her behind , looked at her big ass and then putt off her panty .I had bare ass that was my dream since morning, lying in front of me . I put my mouth in the big crack of her and was sucking her ass hole with my tongue after few moments. I was just loving the smell of her ass and putting my saliva in her hole and then sucking it. I did it for 8-10 min then moving her in previous position I put my mouth in her juicy cunt while she start rubbing my tool which had become a full erect by now. I sucked her juices from her cunt which was slightly hairy and I in the process had some hairs stuck on my mouth which she removed from her hand afterwards.

She had now become hot like iron with my sucking and she pleaded for an intercourse like child . I slowly inserted my tool in her big cunt and she accommodated it quite easily. I Was now giving her jerks of my life and she was moaning loudly. I also tried to insert from her back but could not do it. Then after toying with each other for long she released her fluids and afterwards I released my cum on her ass. Again suck her cunt and ass hole after few minutes. We then put on clothes and adjust bed etc

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