Smelling Her Virginity

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Hi guys, this is Krishna, after a long time sharing one of my escapades with all you good people. Let’s start with a small intro; I am a post graduate working from home with a multinational. I am not athletic built but fit looking at a height of 5.10 and 65 kgs. Many of my female friends tell me I look handsome but I myself would say I have an innocent face with boyish charms and a skin reflecting the ethnic Indian, with a tanned tone. Enough of me, let’s get to the story.
I occasionally do personality development and soft skills seminar sessions at colleges and universities. Now this story happened on such an occasion. I was invited for a personality development session to address a group of MBA students of a college. I usually arrive an hour earlier for my seminar appointments and so did I do on that day. I parked my car inside the campus and opened the door to get out without looking thru the ORVM and Bam!
I saw a saree clad girl tripping on my one foot out of the door and hitting on the open door and stumbling for a fall. I was still sitting inside the car with only one leg outside and on a reflex tried to stop her from falling by grabbing onto the back of her hip as that’s the only part that’s accessible to me and while doing so I touched her open waist and grabbed on to the flesh to hold her from falling and that’s the first time I’m seeing her face.
She was not a bomb but was really sweet looking with a straight face sharp chin not so bubbly cheeks, long eyebrows and really amazing eyes. She turned and looked at me and was trying to hold onto something to pull herself up. I gave my other hand to her to balance and stand up. She stood up and I also got out of the car and I was so deeply into the admiration of her beauty I forgot to even apologize because it’s actually my fault opening the door without looking out the
ORVM and when I realized what I had to do, she regained her balance and senses and was staring at me in anger. I quickly apologized and she said fine sternly and walked away. I went into the placement cell gathered my material and met the required officials to gather the students for the seminar. It wasn’t a large crowd, only 48 pupils as it was their first batch in MBA.
And I quickly spotted the girl that I met, standing in between the crowd, talking with her friends. The placement director quickly introduced me to the group and gave me the podium. I requested order with the crowd and asked them to take their seats. She sat in the 3rd row right opposite to where I was standing and was adjusting her hair lifting both her arms up. She was wearing a short sleeve blouse and her sweaty armpit with strands of hair edging out of the line of the blouse was in full view.
I have a weakness for female armpits and this one is all sweaty with big patch of sweat on the blouse and hairy. I lost all senses and forgot all I had prepared. Quickly, gathered my senses back and began with the session. It went well with lots of activities and I never missed a chance to peek at her all along. It was over and everyone was disbursed and as it was the last hour of the college everyone started towards the entrance for the bus stop and there went my angel with her friends to the bus stop.
I quickly decided to ditch my car and went to the bus stop. 4 buses came and left with a huge crowd and she got in to the 5th one which is as heavily crowded as the other ones and I got in behind her through the other entrance and as she moved towards the middle of the bus from front I moved in from the back and we met each other at a point and I saw her and said sorry again with a smiling face. This time she smiled and said its ok sir, no problem, what happened to your car?
I said it had a flat tire, maybe because of her curse, with a wicked smile. She also shared the smile and said so sad, anyway my name is and at that moment stretched her right hand which was near me to grab the handle on the bus and the sweet aroma of her underarm sweat hit my nose and I fell so in love with that that I missed her name. Too embarrassed to ask her name again I said my name is Krishna and asked her where she was staying.
She was not looking at me when speaking to my advantage and I utilized that time by feasting on her now open sweaty armpits which was right in front of my eyes. The aroma was intoxicating me. Friends believe me no perfume is as powerful as that of the natural sweat odor. And we men have a natural affinity towards the musky smell of the female sweat and so do the women. It was a hot day and the bus was heavily crowded which made me and her sweat more.
There were beads of sweat on her forehead and lower chin and more sweat was trickling down her neck. I couldn’t stand the sexual urge building in me and she could notice my hard-on on my pants. Finally her stop arrived and she started toward the exit. I too hurriedly raced behind her and got down with her. We said bye to each other and parted and right when I was turning to leave she asked for my phone number and I thanked god for that and gave her my number.
The first thing I did after I reached home was to shag myself to death and I came so hard thinking about her sweaty figure that I passed out in the bathroom for a couple of moments. I was praying god for her to text me and it didn’t happen for a week and I started to forget about it and get into my regular life. And the SMS came on the blessed Saturday with just a “hi, busy?
I naturally asked who it was and she said her name and naturally I didn’t recognize her name because I missed it when she said that to me in bus. Then she said that we met in bus after the seminar and I started chatting. After 4 long hours of continuous chatting she asked me if she can ask me something. I appreciated my luck and said of course she can. She asked me why I wasn’t paying any attention to her talks the other day on the bus.
I said I was paying full attention. To my surprise she asked “to what”. I said of course, your talks. She said I don’t think so. You were very busy heavily inhaling air from my side like you were enjoying the fragrance of a flower. Caught red handed, I had to admit and I told her that I enjoyed her smell. She sent an exclamation smiley back. I asked her what that meant. She said she can realize that I’m teasing her and that she was stinking that day with excessive sweat.
I said I loved that smell and would do anything to smell that again. She didn’t believe and was saying im teasing her again. I sent an mms with 2 two hands posing like promising and added the words I swear I would love to do anything for that aroma. She sent a blushing smiley. Then I asked her if I could ask her something. She said of course.
I asked her what she was planning to wear tomorrow and she said a short tops with jeans as it was a Sunday. Then asked her if she was planning to go anywhere in the morning tomorrow and she said she is going shopping with her friend. I thanked my luck and asked her if I can meet her tomorrow at the mall where she is planning her shopping. She said yes and asked what I wanted. I said I will tell her tomorrow if she promises not to refuse my request. I swore I wouldn’t ask to even touch her. She said ok.
The next day at 3 in the afternoon I met her at the mall after all her shopping was over and she split from her friend saying she would meet her at the hostel in the evening. Just as I expected she was drenched in sweat and there was a huge patch in her underarm. I asked her to come with me to one of the garment shops, picked up a top for her and asked her to try it on. While entering the trial room I told her that I would be in the adjacent trial room and after removing
The top she was wearing she has to pass it on to me in the next room. She became shy and said no. I reminded her of her promise. She shyly accepted and we both went in after 2 mins she threw me her worn out top. It had a wet feel all over and particularly wet in the underarms and neck. Oh my! I stuck it up my nose like a mad dog and started inhaling the beautiful aroma of her femininity.
I kissed the wet patch for more than 5 mins and tried to lick it from the inside of the top, when she called me out with a low voice and asked for her top back. I said she can wear the one that I just bought for her and I would take this one with me as her remembrance. She said that she can’t accept any gift from me at this time and said she will pay for the new one herself. I said if she wants to pay for that she has to let me smell her again without any top. She said impossible.
I said then I will pay for it and she can have it. She said no. After some 10 mins of low voice argument, she said ok for me smelling her personally and asked me to come inside her changing room, with another top. I was jumping in joy, quickly grabbed another top as if to give her to try on and entered her room. She was in the new top and it was a sleeveless one. I asked her to start. She closed her eyes in shyness and raised her right arm.
I said no, you have to get that top off. She said no, all you wanted is to smell me right, this is sleeveless anyway, you can do it. I didn’t want to force her again and ruin the fun. She raised her right arm, it was trickling with sweat and long hairs. I went near her armpit and took a deep breathe inhaling all the musky odor of her feminine sweat and when I exhaled, my breath hit her armpit and she opened her mouth in unison and said ahhh.
I couldn’t control it anymore I opened my mouth and started licking the sweat drooling from her armpit, slowly. She jerked. I then moved up to her hairy pits and kissed it like a mad man licking and eating all the dirty sweat from her hairy pit. She opened her mouth wide to moan, I gave my middle finger in her mouth so such so that she would stop moaning and she did that as if she was trained to do so. I caught her by the hip and raised her both arms and started feasting on
Her pits like a hungry dog licking and eating its food and she started sucking and biting my finger with more vigour. When I could sense that she was in high ecstasy, I touched her waist on the front and moved down to her pussy area over her pant and while sucking her vigourously, I started to insert my hand inside her pant and she didn’t object, just as I thought. I was overjoyed and my hand went straight to her pussy inside her panties which was soaking wet. I will continue the story based on your responses.