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Hello friends! This is Ramlal. I am back with a new story of mine. So all the beautiful ladies and all young blood boys, this story is dedicated to you all.

This is the story of Satish. The real hero. This is about the real incidence that took place with this guy. Here goes the story in the words of Satish.

Hello friends , this is Satish . this is the incidence that took place with me few years back . I live in military area and work as a sweeper. I sweep roads in the morning and evening . And then go to enjoy with my friends in the river side area . there we play cards , smoke weed , take drinks and have adult enjoyment ( gay sex , as some of our friends are gay , and enjoy with prostitutes on certain days ) . and then I use to return home late night where my wife uses to wait for me .

I never go in drunk conditions to home . As my wife will not serve me food if she finds that , and will not eat food herself even . I don’t want to create such conditions in my house . I have one small baby girl . My mother and father live in the village .

This is the daily routine of my day to day life . The military people give me tips and gifts on festivals . Sometimes they also call me and my family at their functions . They are very helpful in nature . The people know me well and their family members too , I have developed nice bonding with them . During the course of my job of about 10 years I have witnessed a lot of incidences in that area . But there is one which I would like to share . This incidence is not very old but a few months back .

There was a house in the corner of the colony and a new family had arrived there . They were newly married couples ( Somesh and Arti) . They too got Familiar with me in few days and called me for dinner on a particular date . I reached there with my family and found that it was a birthday function of their small child . I was given duty to manage the cutleries on the dining table and serve food to guest . My wife was sent to the kitchen to prepare food items .

Somesh was enjoying drinks with his colleagues . He called me upstairs to serve the drinks . One of the colleagues called me up and praised my body . Then he spoke something in Somesh ears . Then I saw somesh preparing an extra peck and called me to have it . I refused somesh but he was insisting . Then I agreed to take that peg. I sat with them and had the peg that was too strong . then he offered me other . till the end I had about 5 pegs . I was heavily drunk . Then Somesh’s friend called me in the room and started touching my thighs . I didn’t refuse and he moved ahead and touched my cock from top of my pants . He also unzipped hid pant and took out his small cock . He then asked me to unzip mine . I unzipped my pants and took out my anaconda snake . He was smiling and told me that he knew that I was a real man . His eyes were shining bright and he bent sown to see my cock .

He then caught hold of my cock and took it in his mouth . He was sucking it like a hungry dog . Till then Somesh came in and smiled to see us . He locked the door and got near us . Somesh too unzipped his pants and took out his cock which was too a small one . I was amazed , as they had huge body, but their cock was small . I got to know that they are gay .

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From that day onwards Somesh became my gay partner . I use to fuck him . He use to suck my cock on regular basis and gave me huge sum of money for that . One fine day somesh was sucking my clck in the guest room and forgot to close the door . Al o a sudden somesh’s wife came and saw us in this condition She got scared and went to her room . Somesh was horrified and went to Arti in his room . I was sitting in guest room and waiting for somesh . After some time somesh came and brought his wife in his arms .

Someh’s wife aarti was a piece of marvel. She was thin, but her buttocks were big enough. Her skin was the golden type and her eyes were big. She was wearing a saree. Her height was normal.
Somesh asked me to come close and show his cock . I was a bit surprised at sonu’s statement but then what exactly somesh said . When my cock was out , his wife was a bit shying from me . But then she smiled and said ,’ such a big cock” . Then she caught hold of it as she was not believing . She bent down and was looking at my cock . I then took it closer to her mouth . She was hesitating a bit but then took the cock in her mouth . It was big enough, but she got the real skills and sucked my cock like a normal one ( this made me believe that she is a regular sucker ) . I was standing still and enjoying it . No I actually wanted to fuck her . after 15 minutes of sucking she got up and was totally high . The somesh took her to bed and removed her saari . He sucked her pussy and then called me . I was watching the most beautiful thing in my life , the beautiful pussy lips of aarti.
Whithout somesh telling anything I bent down to her pussy It was smelling so good . I started licking it . She cooperated me and was moaning in pleasure . Then I got up and placed my cock on the tip of her pussy . Her whole body was shivering .

I guessed her pussy would be too tight for me . I gave her a jerk and inserted my lund. It easily went in as it was completely wet . She creamed loud and somesh placed his hand on the mouth . then I started applying pressure and slowly and gradually it became ok and now she was enjoying the movement . After 20 minutes aarti cummed for the first time . There after somesh was amazed to see this , I again got on aarti and she was enjoying again . I increased the speed of my movement and aarti cumed again after 15 minutes . She was done I thought . But aarti got ready for the third round . Somesh was busy jerking his penis .

Then I applied some oil and got ready, I placed my cock again in her pussy and pushed again. This time arti was feeling pain. I increased my speed and arti co – operated, somesh gave his small cock in arti’s mouth . Now I was about to cum and took out my cock and gave it in aarti mouth after pushing somesh . She engulfed the cock and started giving a blowjob . I cummed in arti mouth and she drank it fully.
Then we all sat and Somesh praised me a lot for my stamina in front of her wife. her wife was smiling and blushing too. Then she ran inside of the house. Somesh told me that he never made her cum. But today she cummed twice. He said thanks to me and gave a hefty amount in return. He told me to come again and we will have fun.
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