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Hi, I’m a regular reader of Indian sex stories and enjoyed the experiences of people. People say,” born with the golden spoon”… somehow this saying goes for me too. I was able to have sex with not one but many females including mom, sis, girl friend, friend’s sis and wife of course. I swapped my wife for sex with my colleague’s wife.

When I was 20 yrs old, I had sex with my mom that too after I caught her having sex with other people. Let me explain this first. My mom is very sexy and she was 35/26/36 when this happened with her. My dad was Marketing executive in Global Marketing Agency, Mumbai that time and was out of Mumbai 25 days in a month. My fathers colleague’s and neighbors used to keep a track of it and wanted to get her. It was rainy season and dad left for Bhopal for 15 days and lights went off. Our neighbors planned to execute their desire. One of then came and asked for candle and as my mom went in side to get one of him, other chap entered our house quietly and hid himself under the bed. Mom gave the candle and he pretended that he left.

At about 1 o’clock he came our and sprayed on her so that she doesn’t get up. Then he gave a ring to the other chat and called him. Me and my sister were out for a week to our home town that time. They removed all her cloths and took snaps in all possible positions with each other. Then they took out handy cam and had sex one by one and shot all the things. After satisfying their years old wish they went off.

They got another idea, next night they came at 10 Pm and said we have come to have coffee. My mom innocently believed them and welcomed them. In between she went to her room to get fresh-n-up they entered the room and hide them selves behind the curtains. As she came out they caught her and wanted to have forceful sex and not just a surrendered one. She was fighting like a wild horse but those two bulls got her under them and fucked her very hard, she was fighting and crying but nothing stopped them. They fucked her whole night one by one and she was helpless.

Next day those two guys were too tired to go they thought she might commit suicide so they showed her old photos in which all three were having sex. They told her it you tell anyone or commit suicide they will put all these in posters and whole family will not be able to show their faces and all have to commit suicide. She got scared and got that ting out of her mind. But they used to come everyday and fuck her, they even started to get other people and screw her.

One day I happen to be at home and sow these things then what, I striped her and screwed her badly and then my uncles and me used to enjoy her in the bed.

My sister was 2 years younger to me and Was beautiful. I got an idea of having sex with her, but how. I actually wanted to rape her. One of my friend offers me his sister for my sis, this was a good deal and best part was our sisters didn’t know about it. I offered my sister and planned a picnic to our farm house which was 300 km from Mumbai and had nothing around it. We stayed their for five days and after first night, we were not getting any chance to fuck them. I told my friend that lets do something today.

I closed water supply to all taps except my bathroom. In the morning my sis went to get milk and breakfast, I decided to fuck my friend’s sis. She didn’t find water anywhere so she came to my bathroom. My bathroom used to get locked from inside but I knew the trick to open it from outside. First I enjoyed watching her naked then I quietly opened the door and dragged her on the bed. I too was naked and just inserted my hot rod into her…she screamed, being a virgin and I enjoyed it. I fucked her both side and later even she also started enjoying at the same time my sis entered the room and started shouting, my friend came from behind and forced her on the floor and tore her cloths and fucked her nice and proper oops it was cool. Then sharing with other friend’s sis became normal thing.

My girl friends mostly surrendered to me so nothing interesting in it. My wife is very pretty and very honest to me. My boss gave me an offer, let me have sex with your wife your promotion will be taken care off. I tried asking her just as a joke and she was just too ferocious. They I planned one night, that after having sex with her, when she is naked I will quietly go out and send my boss in and once he inserts his dick everything will be normal.

On the fateful day, after two rounds I went in the next room where my boss was waiting and told his to go quietly and first insert the dick then let her jump. He did the same entered the room and first inserted his big dick and started pumping, same time she opened her eyes and started screaming, my boss then muffed a cloth in her mouth and screwed her very hard and he did this about four times and after that I entered the room and removed the cloth and to my shock she enjoyed this wild sex and what else after that my boss was regular at our place.

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