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Well this is story I read in Nancy Friday one of greatest sexy magazine I have read I liked this story very much so decided to share with N8story readers well my name is Sonia not an real story but I think u will all like it

HI my name is peter we r only 2childrens to my parents me n my younger sis we both were very close in childhood my fantasy about her started at age of 17 I used to read few porn magazines with few incest stories her age at that time was 15 she was developing at that time but still she had very nice round soft ass which swayed sexily while she walked… I used to admire it and masturbate on it. I gathered bit of courage and used to touch her when she used to be sleep and even press her small tits to my knowledge she used to be awake and enjoy while pretending to be asleep… It carried on for few months before I came to know my sis would be going to live in hostel my dreams of fucking her shattered as I know I would rarely able to get her now..

Even by now I started to go to colleague and I had dated few girls some of her friends… well one of her friend which I didn’t liked particularly but she was entered in me her family was also close to us even as I was sex starved I took chance and fucked her she got pregnant that made every one in my family including my sis very upset

And I had to marry her to keep my families respect intact but I never liked her it was sheer compromise after 1yr of my marriage my sis also found one b/f with whom she got married I never liked my bro in law because I never found him match to my sis but I had to respect him he was working in mnc so he got transferred to some diff country for about 3yrs.

Every thing was wonderful in my life I had 2kids both sons both of them wonderful and brilliant my job was going well mom n dads health was fine every thing was wonderful expect my wife she had stopped liking sex after birth of my second child I had virtually force her to get sex once in week that too she used to lay do nothing even I was getting bored of her I started to visit call gals to satisfy me. one day my phone rang I picked it up I was my sis on other side she gave us news that her husband got transferred back to our town and they r coming back every on e in our house was thrilled

I didn’t knew why but I got hard on hearing that she is coming… I don’t know why that night I fucked my wife very hard just thinking of my sis sexy voice…..

After few days they came straight to our town I saw my sis I was astonished she looked sexier than ever nice boobs n heavy ass she had one kid and she was wearing tight skirt which showed shape of her heavy ass and as she walked it wiggled vigorously… I instantly got hard on… few days went by they got a house nearby ours.

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We decided to keep a small party for them so that we celebrate… One thing I forgot to tell u when my sis was back I noted a bit change in her behavior she used to talk we me more and used move very sexily shaking her ass when I was around and even sometimes she used to brush it with me I thought that might my imagination nothing more..

We kept a small party for them only few of our friends n relatives were around my sis came I was astonished to see her she had wore same tight skirt and nice silky light blue colored shirt she was looking damn sexy…party started it was some nice 60song going on record I was sitting with my kids suddenly my sis came to me asked for dance (I knew her husband doesn’t like dancing) I agreed as I don’t wanted to break her heart we started dancing slowly as the song was moving my one hand was on her waist other was on her shoulders I could not stand heat of her I started to get hard on I dancing taking care of not to touch her suddenly as we were dancing my cock touched her crotch

I got afraid as my cock was rock hard and she might get angry but to my surprise she touched her crotch again on my hard cock and repeated it again I was surprised… we were dancing she pressed her boobs on my chest I was really hard I could feel her hot breath my hand on her waist slipped down to cup her nice soft round ass…

She moaned a bit I kissed her on forehead she replied me with nice warm kiss on my lips… I was more than happy but same time I knew soon song will stop so will my dreams, suddenly she came close to me and whispered in my ears DAN… DAN… DAN… In kids room she left I was thrilled to this I saw that my wife was busy with guests and her husband was busy with my mom n dad so I followed her to room it was far form the main hall as we entered I locked the room and without uttering any word we started kissing each other I started opening buttons of her I was surprised to find she was not wearing any bra I quickly got those mangoes in my mouth and started to suck them hard I unzipped her skirt and pulled down her skirt n panties in on blow

She pulled my cock out and started to suck me

I took her to one kids bed and mounted her she guided my hard n throbbing cock in her wet n moist pusssyy I started slowly to pump her as for fucking first time to my sis I don’t wanted to heart her slowly but grandly tempo of our fucking rose and after few thrusts I came in her.. We got up kissed each other picked our clothes and came out in part my wife came asked where u both had been I replied we went to see full moon nothing much.