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Hai readers, My name is akash from Bangalore. I’m a software student and am currently doing an engineering degree in the disciple of Computer science & Engineering.

The story I’m going to tell is about 2 years before. I finished my II semester B.E. and went to my native place with my parents. I had a good friend circle in my village, but all of them went to their respective fields to supervise. I felt very much bored in the village as I couldn’t find friends. A boy of 16 in neighboring house became my friend for the time being. We used to spend time whole day either playing cricket r playing chess.

One day while I was batting I hit the ball hard and it went into the adjacent field which is parallel to somebody’s house. Manju told me that I should bring the ball. So I went into the adjacent house interiors. While on the way I saw a chocolate color lady bathing in a coconut fiber based bathroom. She was quiet visible as one part of the bathroom was open. I saw her half popped up boobs and a spark went through my body. She also saw me and glared at me and closed the door which was open.

Day after day I couldn’t sleep and I was not able to control myself. Then I finally told manju about the incident. He then suggested me an idea. We went in the backyard of our house. There he told me to talk off my penis. I was so embarrassed. He told that don’t worry as we both are men and told me to follow him as he says. I continued to do what he said. Then he told me to hold my penis, squeeze it back and forth. I just and he said to do that until u so satisfied. I did that and after 2 min a white liquid ejaculated from my penis. I was just out of this world. I was feeling like I had everything. He told me to think about her and do the same thing.

By doing so I became very fond of her. one day my parents and all my family members went to our farm. They asked me to join them but I refused and I was alone in my house watching TV. I closed every door and was watching TV, Suddenly someone knocked the door. When I opened I saw the same lady whom I saw nude. She came to ask milk form one of our cows. I told her that there was nobody in the house. She told me that she wanted the milk urgently for performing some pooja. so I said her that if u wants that u can take milk from our cows and I will inform my grandmother later. But she said that my grandmother will scold her. Then I told her to take the milk and I will not tell anybody. We had a cow house attached to our house on the backside. I closed the door and she went to the cow house and selected one of the cows. She then tied her saree tightly to her waist and began to take milk from the cows. While doing so Her boobs were popping out of her blouse and was doing up and down movement.

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I couldn’t control myself and began to take my penis about and masturbate. She saw that and was shocked primarily. I was very much embarrassed. She glared at me and gave a cute smile. Then she went to the door of the cow’s house and closed it. She then came to me and said ‘” see boy u r from a very good respected family, u never do this in front of anybody in ur life again “. She then told me I will help u in attaining that. She then holds my hand and up my hand on her boobs and told me to press them I did. She told me to do the same thing what she tells. She then took me to the grass yard where the grasses are kept in the house itself. She then laid down. She told me to take off my pant and shirt. I did that. Then she told me to take off her saree, blouse and petty coat. I did that. And she hold her legs high and told me to insert my penis in the hole which was visible, I did it and as I inserted my penis in she began to moan and I began to fuck her back n forth. And I did it continuously and kissed her boobs, lips and began to press her boobs, biting her boobs. She was just moaning in pain. I felt I was just enjoying the universe. And after some time something passed of my body and It seemed like the white liquid has gone through her. After that I was exhausted and she told me to wear my clothes and she did wear hers.

It was a great enjoyable ride I had ever been in and I will never forget that episode in my life, and I’m proud that I fucked such a lady that she had a chocolaty color cute body, well shaped 36 sized boobs, 38 sized waist and 37 sized hips and she was just 23 and she was such a wild nasty babe that I never forget in my life. All these sizes I knew after having sex with her in the second episode.

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