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Ann awoke and quietly slipped out of bed. She looked at Brad lying on his back totally oblivious to her movements exhausted from last night’s incredible sex no doubt. He was definitely a gift to her and she wanted to please him for all that he had given to her. Tall and slender with short dark hair. He slept in the nude and she couldn’t help but stare at his soft member, curled over looking snug. The muscles in his body were well defined especially his strong arms. Brad was such a good lover always making sure that Ann was pleased before allowing himself to get off. His willingness to try anything with her turned her on.

Today, it was Ann’s turn to please Brad. She tiptoed down to the kitchen to gather some provisions. He was still sleeping when she returned setting her supplies on the bedside table.

Their bed was always prepared with ropes tied to each post. They shared a very experimental sex life. They knew each other’s limits of what was acceptable or not. They both shared the openness to try new things and for this morning, Ann was going to introduce something new. She gently wrapped his wrists with the rope tying them in place. She only had to move his arm a little and was able to do so without disturbing his slumber. She moved to his ankles and tied them as well, moving the blankets just a little bit to reach him.

Ann crawled in bed and snuggled up beside Brad. She softly kissed him on his lips as her hand moved over his chest, grazing over his breasts. His nipples hardened under her gentle touch. She used her tongue to lick lightly over his lips causing him to stir.

His eyes fluttered open sleepily. ‘What? What’s this?’ Brad hazily asked trying to touch her and noticing right away he was tied up and couldn’t move.

‘Good morning lover.’ Ann whispered with a sly smile on her face. ‘I brought you breakfast in bed to thank you for all you do for me.’ Ann reached over to the table and picked up a grape. She brought it over to Brad’s mouth. He opened his mouth and accepted the tiny morsel.

‘How do you expect me to eat if I am tied up?’ Brad asked stretching his head forward against his tethered arms. Ann moved to her knees on the side of him and adjusted his pillows bringing his head up to a more comfortable position.

Ann giggled a little and answered saying, ‘Well, Brad, this is a very special breakfast in bed for you. I will take care of getting the food to you. She reached over and brought a piece of cantaloupe to his dry mouth.

Brad decided he was going to like this right away. His lover in the nude, kneeling next to him feeding him delicious fruit, what could be better, he thought to himself. Little did he know that this was just the beginning?

Ann brushed her long dark hair to the side and looked directly into Brad’s eyes with such deep desire. Brad just stared back getting lost in her deep brown dreamy eyes. ‘Brad, my love, you are in for a very special treat this morning. I hope you enjoy all that I have planned for you.’ She said in a soft sexy voice.

First, Ann took some more melon and began rubbing it all over her breasts. Brad could see the juice starting to drip down over her flesh. Round and round she pressed the fruit against herself paying special attention to her nipples. Brad continued to watch in amazement. He could see her brown nipples starting to come to life and harden. Ann held the fruit to her lips and slowly took a bite relishing its taste. The other part she offered to Brad to consume.

Ann smiled as she reached over for a couple of strawberries. Brad loved strawberries and she knew it. Brad instinctively opened his mouth and was surprised when instead; Ann put them between her soft, tender breasts and squeezed them in between to hold them there. A big smile crept across Brad’s face as he was starting to understand what was being planned.

Ann straddled over Brad’s body with a leg bent on either side of him keeping the fruit in place between her breasts. ‘Are you ready for more breakfast?’ She asked him in a teasing voice.

Brad could feel his cock begin to twitch and awaken. He lay there tied and helpless. His eyes were looking at her perky dark nipples with strawberries being squeezed by her curvy tits. ‘Yes, I’m ready.’ He answered excitedly.

Ann bent forward offering Brad his breakfast in breast. His willing mouth was open and eager. He brought his tongue to one nipple licking and flicking its tip, sucking so hungrily. He was able to taste the faintness of melon. Moving to the other without stopping. He was tonguing and sucking his way up towards his goal.

Ann’s dark areolas were rock solid and his slightest touches sent incredible sensations through her body. Brad stretched his tongue searching and probing for the fruit. Ann watched Brad at his work and could feel herself getting moist in the depths of her cunt. She loosened her hold on her tits allowing Brad the pleasures of finding the fruit. He was able to bury his face in the middle of her warm tender flesh while enjoying the fine taste of his favorite fruit. The juice wet his throat and Ann heard a moan escape from his mouth as he realized his prize.

Reaching over to the bowl of goodies on the side table, Ann took another strawberry. She placed it between her teeth and brought her mouth down to Brad’s. Brad tenderly took a bite of the fruit as Ann accepted the other half, letting their lips kiss each other. With mouths closed at first to swallow their tasty treat, followed then by a deeper kiss. Using their tongues they explored each other’s mouths fervently. Ann’s hands caressed the sides of Brad’s face and down his chest. Her eyes looked down and saw his cock was standing at attention. She smiled to herself knowing that she had caused this to happen.

‘Are you ready for more breakfast?’ Ann whispered in Brad’s ear kissing him there.

‘Oh, yes!’ Brad answered enthusiastically.

From the bowl, Ann showed Brad a nice juicy piece of watermelon. She took a bite, letting the cool drippings drop unto his chest. Her hand smeared the rest of the fruit over her body. She covered her breasts again keeping her nipples stimulated and down her belly. She continued to rub down towards her cunt that was sitting on her lover’s chest. Using her fingers she rub her clit as she caused it to protrude from its hood. The melon seemingly disappeared except for the wetness over Ann’s body shining in the early morning light. Brad was getting excited. He tried to move his hands to touch her but was unable to move them. He lifted his head but was limited at that as well.

‘Patience my love. There is more to come.’ Ann whispered noticing Brad’s movements. Brad was so turned on. He loved to watch his lover caress herself. Brad could feel the aching in his cock begin to pound even harder.

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Brad didn’t see the next goody that Ann picked from the bowl. She lifted herself off from his chest and her hand went down to her cunt placing something inside. Ann brought her cunt to Brad’s face. He knew what to do.

Sticking his tongue out towards her hole, Ann lowered herself to meet him. Brad dove in smearing his face into Ann’s cunt curling his tongue and moving it in circles inside her. He was unable to reach the treasure she had buried inside. She adjusted the pillow behind his head giving him a better angle to perform. Brad could taste the sweetness of her natural juices mixed with a hint of watermelon and strawberry. He continued to suck her up.

‘Oh Brad, that feels so good. I want you to bite me too.’ Ann said as she gyrated her hips over him. She moved her fingers slowly down her body to her clit. She rubbed and flicked it as he used his tongue. He moved his mouth all around totally consuming every area he could reach. Using his teeth he teased her lips and moved to her clit pushing her hand out of the way. A loud moan escaped her.

Brad looked up and saw her breast bouncing and her head arched back. He knew she was close. He felt her cunt muscles contracting. He plunged his tongue in deeply using his teeth to continue to bring her pleasure with her clit. Another loud groan came from deep within Ann. Her body tensed squeezing around Brad’s face. She came in force, spraying her sweet juice out and all over Brad. It was more than he could handle in his strapped down position. Her cum splashed all over his face. Its force pushed a grape out of her cunt and into Brad’s mouth. He bit into it and could taste a new sensation. Another grape came flying out of her cunt and into his mouth. It was so soft and sweet.

Ann moved her body off from Brad’s chest sliding her wetness over to his waist stopping just short of his rugged cock leaving him laying there with all her dripping cum all over him. She laid down over him and began to lick his neck and cheeks cleaning up her own sticky taste that she had sprayed over him. She joined lips with Brad and consummated the experience in its entirety. Her mouth was wildly licking and sucking every spot of her wetness from his skin. Kissing his ear she whispered, ‘Oh Brad, you were wonderful. Have you enjoyed your breakfast?’

‘Baby, this is incredible. I love it, but my cock is hungry too. When are you going to feed it?’ Brad said feeling the pulsing in his shaft reminding him of his own desires.

‘Well honey, I have a very special treat to take care of that.’ She announced with revived energy.

Ann’s arm reached over to the table and grabbed a can of whipped cream. She sat herself up again and scooted down between his spread legs. Ann’s mouth revealed a sly smile as she asked, ‘Are you ready?’

Brad couldn’t believe all the thought that Ann had put into this special morning experience. This was something so new and exciting for them to treasure. ‘Hell yes baby. Give it to me. I want you so bad right now. I can’t wait much longer.’ He responded quickly.

Ann shook the can and aimed it at his huge cock. She sprayed it starting at the base of his cock and all the way up his entire 8-inch member. She held it in her hand upright and added a dollop to the tip. Setting the can down, Ann brought her mouth down to lightly lick the cream away from the top. She opened her mouth and cupped it around the tip. Breathing in she sucked off the silky smooth cream.

Brad was able to see almost everything. He watched wishing he could move and thrust his cock deep within his lover. He did manage to pull his hips up to meet her ravenous mouth. Brad realized that being tied up he had lost power over her, but somehow, gained it by not being able to respond as he normally would.

Ann’s tongue was licking down one side of Brad’s hardness and up the other side lapping up all the cream and letting it smear on her face. Descending on his length to his balls she glided her mouth. She looked up into Brad’s brown eyes staring at her. With her hand holding his cock, and her tongue ravishing it all over, she smiled at him showing him her satisfaction in pleasing him.

After all the cream was gone, Ann shook the can again. This time she pointed it in her mouth and squeezed filling it. After swallowing some she brought her mouth back down to his prepared dick. With her mouth still filled she inhaled his cock. Brad didn’t know what hit him. She bobbed her head so fast and so deep it amazed him. She sucked him all in, his entire shaft with the cream keeping her lips tightly pursed around it. Ann knew what she was doing and she used her knowledge of how Brad liked things done to bring him ultimate pleasure. She turned her head around bringing her face down deeply and back up pushing with her tongue under his cock on his very sensitive vein.

‘Ann that feels so incredible. Don’t stop. I love it. It won’t take me long baby. Keep going.’ Brad managed to say in between his deepening breathes.

Hearing this just made Ann quicken her pace thoroughly taking in every hard inch of Brad’s cock and going up to the rim of his cock over and over. Ann used her hand to massage Brad’s balls gently. She was fucking his mouth with such skill and desire. Her lips never loosening their grip as she worked. Bringing her mouth down completely letting his cock hit the very back of her throat again and again with her every thrust. She slammed her face down with such exquisite force that Brad felt his balls twitching for release.

‘Oh baby, oh girl. I am gonna cum. I am gonna cum baby.’ Brad yelled out as a deep trembling surged through his body and came firing out deep into the depths of Ann’s throat. Spurt after luscious spurt, Ann kept swallowing getting it all in. There was so much that she had to hold some in her mouth until she could swallow more. Ann felt a little drip out of the corner of her mouth and let it drip. After Brad had emptied every last drop of his precious juice, Ann brought her mouth gently up to the top of his sensitive cock making sure not to lose any of his sweetness. She sucked tenderly the tip of his member and gave it a final kiss before releasing it.

Ann crawled over his body and lay there resting her head on his chest. Brad turned his face and kissed her hair. ‘Is there anything else in store for me Ann or will you release me from my tethers?’ Brad asked in a soft voice.

Sitting up on the edge of the bed, Ann bent over and kissed Brad and said ‘good morning lover, let’s shower.’ She stood up and untied Brad’s restraints. They sat together in bed and fed each other the remaining fruit before they headed off to the bathroom to wash each other up.