Waking you

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I walk into your room, and find you asleep, dozing after your busy day, lying face-down on your bed in your T-shirt. I stand there, admiring you. I quietly undress and straddle the backs of your thighs, being careful not to wake you. I rub your back softly, and as I caress you, the back of your T-shirt is pulled slowly up to reveal your lovely backside, delicately framed in those cute panties you wear.

I lean forward and whisper in your ear. No response. I walk backwards on my knees, still straddling you, until I’m astride your feet. I lean down and blow gently on the backs of your calves. I kiss them lightly.

I whisper again. Still nothing. I lick your calves, moving up until I reach your knees. You give a very quiet, but delightful, sigh of contentment. I know the backs of your knees are very ticklish, so I move over them and look down at your gloriously inviting thighs, the skin just crying out to be loved. I lean down to your right thigh, to kiss the flesh beneath me. It gives deliciously under my gentle pressure, and your breathing hesitates for a moment with a sleepy sigh. I wait until my mouth is nice and wet, then give a long slow slippery lick from just above your knee to the fold at the top of your thigh. A trail of wetness shines on you and I move down your leg to cover the same ground again, but this time more slowly. I lick you, working the wet around under my tongue. As I move up your leg, I kiss and lick all across the width of your thigh, and lick the inside, as far as I can reach down in the gap between your legs. I shift over to perform the same act of devotion on your left leg, caressing the back of your right as I lick you.

I move up and lift the back of your T-shirt as far at will reach without disturbing you, and gently kiss the hollow of your back. You stir slightly but do not wake. I lean forward, placing my arms either side of you, and places kisses up your spine through the fabric. With each kiss you whimper gently in your sleep. As my mouth moves further up your back, I move my legs down either side of yours, still being careful not to rouse you from your now very light sleep. Your head is turned to one side and I can see you are smiling.

I reach the top of your shirt and kiss the back of your neck, gently brushing my cock against the backs of your legs. You let out a long breathy whimper and wriggle slightly under me. Licking the side of your neck, I am so aroused now that I feel the pre-cum seeping from the tip of my cock. I shift my weight onto one arm so I can grasp my cock, pointing the head down and massaging the clear slimy fluid around on the backs of your thighs, your smooth skin shiny now with my love.

I centre myself above you again and slide my hips forward until my cock is firmly nuzzling between your thighs. I slide it gently back and forth and you giggle dreamily. You begin to move under me and I climb off you as you turn over onto your back, your breasts jiggling beautifully inside your T-shirt. But you do not wake. Instead, you move your hands slowly over your covered belly and down to your thighs. Your hands move back up your body, under your top, arching your back slightly, trying to free your shirt. I take the hem of the fabric in my hands and ease it up over your breasts. Your hands follow the shirt, caressing your belly and chest as you are exposed to my loving gaze, and you grasp your breasts, sighing dreamily as you knead them softly. I give a little groan of delight, and my cock twitches at the womanly loveliness before me. I grasp my cock hard at the base and slowly draw my hand up my shaft, squeezing tightly all the way. When my hand reaches the head of my cock, it is welcomed by an oozing stream of pre-cum, and I arch my back and moan at the ceiling. I let my slimy juice slip between my hand and my shaft as I stroke myself in slippery happiness, watching as you start to run the tips of your fingers over your nipples. I let go of my cock, lean towards you and gently lick the inside of your thighs. As your legs part in response, I can’t help grasping my cock again to give myself a few more slow firm strokes.

As I flick with my tongue, edging closer to the source of your musky scent, I am exhilarated to see that your panties are already soaked, your beautiful pussy wetly pictured for me. Grasping the sides of your panties, I dare to try to ease them down over your hips. You lift slightly in your wet slumber, bringing your thighs together for a moment, and I slide your panties down and over your legs. As my head moves toward you again, you sense me approaching and your thighs spread wide. I lick at you, easing your pussy lips apart with my tongue and sliding the tip up and down the length of your slit, just inside you. You grind your hips slightly into my face. I roll my tongue around your pussy lips, sucking on them and bringing them into my mouth. As I lick you, I stroke your belly and bring my hand down to your pussy, where I massage around your clit, so hard and swollen, teasing it and making you moan beneath my touch. I lick around your clit, then nibble it softy between my lips as I stroke myself, delighting in the wetness and smell of you.

I slide a single finger into you. I softly pump and wriggle it, then withdraw it, coated in your slippery juices. I lick my finger dry, then place it back inside you, joined by a second finger, then a third, sliding them in and out of your silky wetness. I suck lovingly on your swollen clit as my fingers sweetly explore the depths of your cunt. Feeling your sleepy orgasm building within you, I ease my fingers from your pussy and lick in a single long strong slow stroke from the base of your slit right up to your clit. I continue to lap at your pussy and you moan and writhe beneath me. I finish a long licking stroke and bury my face in you, rolling your clit around under my tongue. In your building passion, you begin to squeeze your nipples tightly between your fingers, yelping softly at the luscious discomfort. As you start to buck under me I draw your clit into my mouth.

You push your hips back and forth, overwhelmed in your sleep by the delicious pressure inside you. You’re about to cum now, and as you continue to tease and squeeze your breasts and pinch and pull at your nipples with one hand, you reach with your other to grab my head and force it harder into you. Between your moans you call my name, and I sigh loudly as I lick you. I am swamped by your pussy now, my face pressed into your sweet pinkness, my tongue lashing as hard as it can against and inside you, drinking you. You shudder as you cum, moaning and yelping out loud, and I feel your pussy convulsing around my tongue. My face is drenched in you, and as you gently subside, I slowly lick you to that safe, calm, satisfied place that you love so much.

When I feel that you are completely relaxed, I move up to lie next to you and I kiss you. After a tender wet kiss, sharing your taste, you move your mouth away from mine, eyes still closed, to gently kiss and lick my soaking face before we cuddle together and I fall asleep beside you holding you in my arms.