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Hello ISS Lovers! How often we fantasize about famous women and end up enjoying just those girls whom we say day in and day out. A sexy sister is better than a centre spread celebrity whom we can only dream about. Hope you enjoy this story highlighting the tricky irony of our life where we lust for someone and end up fucking another.

A brief introduction about me would not hinder the flow what I am going to narrate I suppose.

At 25 years I can’t boast of being anywhere near any handsome heroes of India or outside. But, I have always been fussy about my physique by refraining from harmful things like liquor, smoking and of course sex although I did get a few opportunities to date. I had a challenging job which kept me away from my family literally as I was a night’s journey from them. I do have a few youthful crushes and fantasies and I don’t have any shame in admitting that Sania Mirza is one of those crushes. I never missed to watch her playing and I always prayed that the games should go into the final set. The more she plays; the more she perspires. I always got a hard on watching her nipples protruding through her wet T-shirts. I knew very little about tennis but loved watching her play; watching her young tits jump as she volleyed on the tennis court. I could only sigh as I knew that it is impossible for a humble man like me to get anywhere closer to her in real life. Moreover, I had domestic commitments to fulfill before choosing my fiancé and hence I was content just watching young beautiful women like Sania.

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Far away from where I stay, two souls were looking forward to my support; financial as well as moral. I wasn’t the guy to break the string and run away from my responsibilities. I knew that it would be another two years for Ragini, my only younger sister to get married and pave way to let me choose my mate. The other soul of course, is my mother who was pinning all her hopes on me. I was waiting for the dassera holidays to make a visit to my town; to be with my family for a while after almost three months. I felt like a schoolboy getting excited on the last day of his school as I almost ran to the railway station when the day finally arrived. I was allotted a comfortable upper berth and as the train started moving; I got into my own world of dreams with whom else, Sania Mirza. I had funny dreams throughout the night; once I was among the ball pickers; another had me as the referee. But, in every dream she was very much there and that was what mattered to me.

My train surprisingly reached my town in time around 3 A.M in the morning and I preferred to walk down the quite streets towards my home. As expected my mother was excited to see me at the door as she broke all the conventions by coming forward and giving me a gentle hug. I was feeling tired yet preferred not to sleep as it was well past 3.30 A.M. As my mother proceeded to the kitchen dutifully to prepare my favorite filter coffee, I strode into the bedroom to check Ragini. Although the room was semi dark with just a low voltage bulb glowing, I could see Ragini fast asleep on the bed with her nightie gone ajar. If there is anything like ‘Lust at first sight’, it was exactly that. Her exposed thighs were shining in the dim light and as I got closer, my heart almost failed to watch her cute tits rising up and settling down as she breathed. Dicks see no clocks as I realized that I had a hard on. My God! She really looked something that I haven’t noticed before. Just too hot!

Ragini was just about 5’4″. She had grown well and looked fleshy with stunning curves wherever one would look up to a teenage girl. Her nighties had betrayed her as leaning forward; I could see her cleavage in between her young well shaped tits. Her nipples looked erect as they protruded through the thin cotton cloth. I couldn’t spy my sister any further as my mother soon entered the room with a cup of coffee and switched on the lights.

“She doesn’t get up before seven,” My mother smiled as she stretched the cup of coffee towards me. I cursed myself for getting into my sister’s bedroom in the dark although my mother did not look like having any suspicions. Sipping the coffee, I watched my sister swirl while my mother tried to wake her up.

“Get up! Kalyan is here,” My mother was virtually shaking Ragini who never looked like getting up. Finally, she gently opened her eyes, looked around to see me and flashed her familiar smile. She had wonderful lightning teeth too!

“Good Morning,” Her voice was sleepy but still sounded music in my ears.

“Good Morning,” I reciprocated. “I should have arrived much later, I guess.”

“Don’t bother,” my mother intervened. “Let her wake up early at least today. At least, she can help me in the kitchen after dawn.”

Ragini smiled mockingly at me as if she was chiding at my mother. My eyes began exploring the sexy curves of her nubile young body. I felt embarrassed sitting in front of my mother and sister with a huge bulge in my crotch, that too at so early in the morning. I wished that Ragini also gave me a gentle hug like what my mother did so that I could feel her young tits pressing against my chest. I wanted to shrug of these ideas but they kept coming one after the other as I watched my young sister sitting like an angel on the bed. We continued talking about so many things before sunrise while I had finished having a few more cups of coffee. It was only after the daylight slowly creeping into the room that we decided to halt our gossiping and get prepared for the day ahead.

I spent the next couple of hours talking to my mom about her health, our household matters and about our ever distant relatives. I emptied out my luggage and showed whatever I had brought from the city and by the time I finished off the local newspaper it was almost 7.30 A.M. I took a stroll on the streets and bought a few condoms thinking – just in case needed.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Ragini declared as she stood up as I noticed that her nightie was short revealing her legs considerably. My dick woke up again as I watched her walk towards the bathroom swaying her moderate butt cheeks as if they were dancing.

“I will get some fresh vegetables,” My mother got into her footwear as she spoke to me.” I know you might be fed up with the hotel stuff.”

I smiled at my mother admiring her enthusiasm as she briskly walked out and shutting the door from outside. There was a momentary silence in the room which triggered of a series of thoughts in my mind. I recollected watching Ragini’s nipples poking through her nightie; her cute ass swaying in a nice motion; her young breasts swelling up and down as she slept and the wonderful plateau between those tits.

I wanted more; I rushed to the door and locked it from inside and rushed towards the bathroom. There was a very small ventilator just above the bathroom just to allow some air and light pass through. I managed to locate a wooden stool and climbed on it without making any noise to peek inside. I instantly grew hard in my trousers as I could see Ragini bathing naked showing her back to me. Her long hair came almost up to her butt cheeks covering a substantial portion of her nakedness. But, as she moved around under the showers, I could see her young tits looking in fantastic shape. Her areolas were bigger than normal for age while her nipples looked crispy and hard. She was humming something as she bathed and occasionally her hands reached out to her womanhood which looked splendid with tender hair. I thought for a moment to barge inside the bathroom and give her tits a nice squeeze before wisdom prevailed. I silently got down, restored the stool to its place of origin, undid the door lock and sat quietly in the drawing room as though I have done nothing.

Soon after, I heard the water turn off and I immediately took the newspaper and pretended as if I was reading. But, I could see Ragini rushing into her room with just a towel on which again created ruptures in my mind. Nothing worthwhile happened later as my mother returned with fresh vegetables and the rest of the day was just routine to say the least.

However, the evening was different. My mother, being somewhat religious, had gone for some discourse in the nearby temple leaving me and Ragini at home. My thoughts began rewinding again. Ragini was sitting on the sofa watching some cookery show on the TV as I settled on another single sofa to enable me have enough glances of my sexy sister. Soon, she began toying with the remote and eventually stopped at one of my favorite sports channels. My eyes widened to see a repeat relay of a tennis match involving Sania Mirza.

“I want to play tennis too,” she turned around and said with a smile. “Like Sania Mirza”

“Great!” I admired although I felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Will you help me?” She asked as if she was very serious about playing at the Wimbledon the very next season.

“By all means,” I assured her. “I will get you all the gears you need. If someone is coaching here I will pay him as well.”

“Oh! Thanks,” Her eyes were sparkling with joy hearing my assurance. I thought it was perhaps the right time to commence my game.

“But..,” I pretended as though I was about to disclose some uncomfortable news to her.


“Just gears and coaching will not do,” I spoke looking straight into her eyes. “You need to be physically fit to withstand the rigors of tennis.”

I could see a slight shade of disappointment in her face. She reduced the volume of the TV and came towards me.

“Am I not strong enough?”

“You are!” I reassured. “But, you need to be still stronger. You need to strengthen your muscles a lot. You have to do a lot of workouts.”

“I am not getting even a bit of what you say,” Ragini collapsed on the sofa apparently dejected with my remarks. I smiled to myself and sat next to her.

“Ragini; You need to listen to me patiently,” I slowly let my right arm around her back to rest on her right shoulder.

“See how Sania looks when she plays,” I pointed to the television. Sania was in the midst of a long rally as her tits were jumping like pussy cats as she moved around.

“See how her……I mean… her…those things are jumping….you know…”

I was very much on target as Ragini after watching what I was explaining suddenly blushed and glared at me with embarrassment.

“And see her legs,” I continued. “They aren’t as strong as Navratilova or even Sharapova. That’s why she is unable to win lot of tournaments.”

“I know,” Ragini replied as if she was whispering with her head bowed down delicately.

“If you want to play tennis you need to have a firm physique,” I continued. “Your legs must be stronger; your….your….these things need to be firm.”

“I know,” was all that she said in reply.

“For instance, see your thighs,” I hesitantly stretched my hand towards her thighs and shaking placed my palm on her thighs. She immediately closed her eyes as her body shook mildly immediately after feeling my skin on her shiny thigh.

“It feels very odd,” she stammered as she spoke. I got bolder as I began caressing her thighs up and down till her calf while she kept her eyes closed and was breathing fast.

“In fact, your thighs are very smooth,” I remarked looking at her with abundant lust. Her tits were moving up and down while she took long breath and my dick began ringing the first bell. I threw caution to the wind and cupped her right breast with my left hand.

“Ohhhh!” She shuddered. “Don’t touch me there!”

“Why?” I persisted.

“Something is happening to me,” she simply spoke without opening her eyes.

“What is happening?” I kept asking while my right hand descended to her back and started stroking her hair. My left hand was getting firmer as my thumb felt her nipples hardening.

“You like that?”

“I am scared; isn’t wrong?”

“I asked if you like that,” I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheeks; then my lips brushed her lips after which she moved slightly away from me. I regained her at once and my hands soon found its favorite destination; her young tits.

“I am afraid,” She hissed. “Is it proper?”

“No,” I quipped. “Not if we do here. Let’s move inside the room.”

She kept her eyes partly closed as I took her inside the bed room. I made her lay on the bed after latching the door from inside. She looked perplexed although I could see a shade of excitement in her eyes. I slowly took off my shirt and trousers and got on to the bed inches away from her. I began by hugging her gently, kissing her on the forehead, cheeks, chin and lips. My hands reached under her nightie, clutched her tender globes and gave them a very gentle squeeze as she whimpered. I kept kissing her as I descended from her face, through her neck, between her breasts, over her stomach before finally settling down between her thighs. She almost jumped once she felt my nose rubbing against her panties and her head jerked backwards. I began lifting her nightie slowly while my fingers kept caressing her smooth legs until I reached her waist. My lips brushed her shiny thighs inside and over again and again till I was assured that I had done enough to arouse her. She quickly scooted over next to me and laid her head on my shoulder, also wrapping her leg over my waist and putting undue pressure on my already stirring dick.

I felt the softness of her tits under the thin cotton nightie as I wrapped my arm around her. My dick was enlarging to unimaginable proportions feeling the breath and touch of my sexy sister. My hands descended on the warming flesh of her body and she was curving more to let me feel her flat stomach. My hands went around to clutch her butt cheeks mildly although they felt firm and well shaped. Her hands accidentally fell on my bulge sending a joyous shock all through my body. Her hands repelled immediately but soon returned to rest on my hardened dick and started caressing it all over. I felt elated to have my sister’s young fingers around my dick as I gave her ass a firm squeeze while pulling her closer against me. She suddenly released her grip on my dick and sat up quickly. She pulled down my underwear and began pushing it through my legs until I became naked. She stared at me for a while and smiled as she took off her nighties through her head. I was stunned to see her with just her bra and panties on. My eyes were pinned on her young, well shaped, firm tits hardly contained inside her bra. My hands got inside her bra to feel her perky nipples which felt very hard. As I explored her nipples, she pulled down her panties as well through her legs. Her hands were restored on my dick and her hot breath was falling on my head making it swell. Her first touch with her lips on my dick was electrifying as she enveloped my dick with her young lips.

She started off nervously and soon began sucking the head of my dick with closed eyes while she kept stroking my dick like an expert. Her tongue danced on my dick for a while before she took my cock further inside her mouth. She had learnt the art of sucking in no time as her mouth began to work magic on my dick. I watched her take me in and out of her mouth as she began to deep throat my cock fast and hard, stroking my balls with her hand simultaneously. I soon exploded inside her mouth after which she relieved my dick from her mouth. She wiped a few little drops of come on her chin and smiled at me.

“Good girl!” I admired her before pulling her down to the bed. I got in between her legs to reciprocate her oral treatment. I spread her legs apart and started driving my long tongue inside her tender pussy lips and soon my tongue ventured inside her entire depth. I occasionally withdrew my tongue which sucked her sobbing clit. She laughed first feeling my tongue on virgin pussy for the first time and soon her face went rigid in sexual arousal as I hungrily began pasting my saliva all over her womanhood.

“Anna,” She began moaning in joy as my drained dick regained its vigor and valor. She kept bucking her hips and as I looked up I saw her holding her hard nipples in excitement. I soon decided to give her another taste as I drove a single finger into her pussy and began pushing it in and out gently. Soon, my fingers moved quicker while her groans got louder. She clutched my head and screamed as her pussy juice started flowing. My lips regained its position on her clit as I sucked her clit hard pushing her to the extreme end of orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was long and loud.

“Now, lets have go to the peak,” I mounted on her, pressing my gigantic dick against her virgin pussy. It was then that something struck me- I did not want to make her pregnant anyway. I recouped myself, rushed towards my trouser and pulled out the condom. She watched with her eyes wide opened as I helped myself with the condom. I jumped on her again, spread her legs wide apart, and kissed her pussy once before thrusting my throbbing dick deep inside her pussy.

“Oh” she murmured while I was struggling to let the big head of my hard dick inside her.

“Mine is somewhat big,” I whispered. “Tell me if it hurts.”

“Oh yes” she replied. “I love that. keep doing.”

I was soon successful in sending a few inches of my dick inside her pussy as she kept biting her lower lips. For once, I forgot Sania Mirza as I began to hump up and down letting my dick make its way slowly but surely inside her virgin clit.

“Great” she screamed as my dick soon barged inside her fully enough as her arms held me fiercely. Her legs went up on the air spreading wide enough for me as my dick kept rigging her pussy. I began hammering her little cunt with unimaginable lust by pushed hard feeling my head bang against her virginity. She screamed out of excitement and a bit of agony while I began pumping my young sister excited about taking away her virginity. She was gripping the bed cushion while her tits jumped in the air unable to cope up with the pounding of my dick. With eyes partly closed she kept murmuring words which I never understood although I was enjoying.


She screamed again, this time as she reached her orgasm although I kept rigging her. Soon I came too letting a series of cum loads inside the condom and collapsed on her naked body with my bare chest pressing against her chill tits. We gasped for breath for a while before regaining our senses. I felt as though I have accomplished the impossible.

We smiled at each other and kissed passionately more like lovers.

“I want you to be yourself and not another Sania Mirza.” I smiled.

“If that’s the way my brother likes it,” She winked at me. “Let it be!”

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